MAGNUM MAGN-MSH3012M / Hybrid Series Inverter/Charger, MFG# MSH3012M, 3000 Watt-120Volt-60Hz inverter, 12 Volt-125 Amp charger, with load support. Power loads with both AC Power (shore or AC generator) and batteries to run larger loads from smaller genera

3000 Watt MAGNUM Hybrid Inverter/Charger


Hybrid Inverter pulls power from both the Shore Power and the Batteries when needed. This is awesome for driveway surfing, Harvest Hosts, State Park Campgrounds, Thousand Trails, or anywhere you can’t connect to 50a service. It also works for RVs with small generators, such as trailers, with the right setup you can run your A/C units with a tiny 2000 watt Honda Generator!

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  1. I’m putting my tiny home together and I love the system you have as far as solar. Just wondering what kinda lithium battery you have and how many? Also go power has flexible panels that you can walk on. I’m not sure if you can walk on your 160 watt panels?

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