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Once upon a time, long before I was a full-time traveler, I was a makeup artist and consultant.  I worked on everything from print ads to TV shows and everything in between.  I also consulted for makeup lines where I helped develop new products and colors.  I left that career behind but my makeup preferences and fave products remain true.


We absorb more than you want to know about through our skin.  This is why using safe, all-natural cosmetics is just as much about my personal health as it is being environmentally friendly.

I have worn Mineralogie Loose Mineral Makeup for well over 15 years.  It’s 100% natural, extremely water-resistant and has a natural SPF of 26!  It works better than any sunscreen I have ever used and keeps my skin looking much more flawless than it really is.

I prefer loose minerals because they stay put, don’t melt off and don’t have an expiration date. Which means I can stock up on a year or more worth of product and not worry about it going bad.
Here is a list of my tried and true makeup faves that I use every day:

  • Loose Mineral Foundation – Soft Beige
  • Loose Mineral Concealer – Ivory
  • Loose Mineral Blush – Tourmaline
  • Loose Brow Powder – Mink
  • Lip Gloss – Shell (natural)
  • Old World Quad Eyeshadow
  • Waterproof Mascara (not all natural)

Make sure to use the discount code WYNNS and get 15% off your order!  


If you didn’t know already, Mary (Jason’s Mom) is the owner and founder of the line.  She is still the hard-working woman making the products today!



Accoording to Mineralogies Website: Our Award Winning loose mineral foundation works for all skin types and provides flawless coverage all day. Made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and available in our classic 9-gram shaker jar, this foundation works as a sunscreen, concealer, foundation and powder all-in-one!

Perfect for the person who is active outdoors. Our foundation actually helps keep the skin cool and dry and won’t streak as your face begins to heat up and perspire. Unlike traditional sunscreen, it is very water resistant and feels so light, you will forget you are wearing anything at all!


  1. eff

    wow, the CEO of minerologie is jason’s mother??? i’ve been testing the waters with them (tbf, they are good products) and get their emails, and imagine my surprise on seeing an email from them talking about their CEO visiting yall

  2. Jodie

    I have been using Mineralogie makeup for about 6 months and I love it. It is the most natural feeling and looking makeup, and it’s great that it provides wonderful sun protection. Thank you for the great recommendation – I appreciate the WYNNS discount code, too!

  3. Amanda

    I just had to try the make up. Honestly, its the best I’ve ever used, my skin looks amazing. You can’t feel it on and lasts all day.

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