Custom Mattress & Anti Mold Protector


I never thought I would say “we had a custom mattress made for our forward cabin”.  Mostly because I don’t think of mattresses as being custom made. But in a boat, RV or any other oddly shaped sleeping arrangement, it’s what the situation calls for.

Our boat came with an upgraded mattress in the owner’s cabin but the rest were all original.  One of our RV readers reached out right after we purchased the boat.  He said he wanted to gift us a mattress for the new traveling home.  At first I thought…that is a sweet and strange offer.  He went on to explain that he works for Mattress Insider and they make mattresses for RV’s, boats and the such.   Ah ha.  That makes sense.

So, a few conversations later, we accepted the offer (we’re not crazy).   As instructed, we purchased a painter’s plastic drop cloth, cut out the shape of the bed, jotted down the measurements and sent it to the factory in Denver Colorado (this was a little stressful, one measurement mistake and we’d have a new mattress that doesn’t fit!).  A couple of weeks later…we had a spankin’ new custom made mattress.

They also recommended we get the Aire-Flow moisture barrier (which we did) because it is designed to prevent mold and moisture build up under the mattresses.  Makes a lot of sense for a sailboat.  It’s a semi-rigid woven polymer structure that elevates the mattress to help with air circulation.

Here’s the big deal: The mattress is lightweight, much lighter than our tempurpedic and 100% just as comfortable.  This makes a huge difference when we are trying to access the compartments under the bed.  If weight isn’t an issue or you don’t have to lift your mattress often, this won’t be a big advantage to you.

As always, we asked if they would be willing to offer our readers a discount…and they said yes!  Use the discount code WYNN when ordering and you get 10% off!  If you have any issues with the code, you can call in your order and it works that way too.



  1. Mike & Elena

    Ordered the Hypervent Aire-flow for our mattress in our Tiny House loft (same sort of moisture issues as half is above our bathroom and shower). Your discount code does not appear to be working anymore as of Sept 2021. Been a while though since you did this episode. Still had a Labour Day sale on though. Heres to a dry happy mattress!

  2. Drew Morley

    A friend recommended your vlog/u-tube channel. Came here to check out your site and watched the video tour of the boat. Loved it! You all rock. I will be checking out more of your stuff, thanks and good luck.

  3. Allen

    Hi guys, I just came across this and coincidentally was looking for a mattress for my Catalina 400!

    It seems there are 2 mattresses they recommend. Do you know which one you have?

    The two mattresses are:

    The Sedona

    and the Latex Sofa Bed Mattress

    Thanks for the help!

  4. Jacki Hillios

    Hi Nikki

    Now that you have had some time with the mattress, are you still happy with it?



    • Nikki Wynn

      Yes, everyone that has stayed aboard has raved about it. Super comfy, still mold free and everyone is sleeping like babies.

  5. Melody Caldwell

    Jason and Nikki, I sent my template last week! I’m nervous and excited! I hope it fits the v-berth of my Uniflite home. I’m excited for comfort, I’ve been living aboard for 15 months on cushions covered in memory foam. Thank you for the recommendation and discount! If I’m in the market for cameras to mattresses I read your gadget reviews. I appreciate the time you take to share your experiences. Jeremy and the team at mattress insider were patient and helpful through the entire process.


    Guys, congrats on crossing the pacific!. Time flies, its been over a year sice you bought the mattress, how is it holding up?

    • Nikki Wynn

      Excellent! Kate was sleeping on that mattress while on board with us in Ecuador and said it’s the most comfortable bed she has ever slept on. We’ve never had a complaint. 😉

  7. Scott Hilbert

    I’ve already bought a Tuft and Needle Queen mattress for my Trawler which I love. The one issue is that it’s heavy! Luckily I don’t have to move it often as only water tanks and steering lies below. Where can I get this air-flow matting for underneath? Thanks.


    The use of a mattress protector is often recommended to individuals who are known to be susceptible to certain kinds of allergies, especially dust mites.

  9. Carl Denman

    Hey Nikki, Final just got around to ordering a queen side for our boat. Told Jeremy the fellow that was taking my order that the referral was from you guys. Just want to give a heads up so you get your cut. I asked you before if y’all were going to make it back for the Annapolis Boat show in October, we are are for sure going to be there on our boat. Email me if y’all are going to make it, we’ll go sailing or at least sun downers.

    • Jason Wynn

      Thanks Carl! I think we’re heading to FLL for service then south as quickly as possible 🙂

  10. abeer

    need more details for the mattress to order

  11. Bob Starr

    Unfortunately I tried to purchase today and the WYNN discount didn’t work. They said it was expired or not valid. Too bad.

    • Nikki Wynn

      I gave them a shout about this and they were having some issues with their site. All should be fixed but if not, you can also call in your order and receive the discount that way too.

  12. Debbie L

    Thank you for sharing about the new mattress. We were in the market and ended up buying one based up on your referral. Got our 10% off and are so happy! We wrote a blog post about our experience. Here is the link to it, which gives you two credit! Thanks so much!

  13. Debbie L

    Wow, we are so glad you shared about the new mattress. We were in the market for one. Guess what? Mattress Insider is awesome! We now have our new mattress and wrote a post about it, linking back to you two!

  14. Diane Sanderbeck

    Two thumbs up on the video tour, y’all! Loved every minute of it. Thanks so much for sharing your floating home with us. I’m still dreaming of my turn on the water on my own boat. Thank you for the inspiration once again.

  15. kimberly williams

    Hey Nikki! Can you tell me the name of the anti mold barrier you guys use on the cotton mattress please ? The air flow was for a different one.

    Fun seeing your adventures… 🙂

    • Curious Minion

      Mattress Insider is fixing their website. You should be able to find the info there later today.

  16. Mike Baker

    I really liked your tour. My wife and I just purchased a passport 470cc that is 20 years old. The matress in the aft Cabin is extremely nasty. We will need to replace it and this option seems very reasonable. The one question I have is about mold. How well does this matress hold up to mold?

    • Jason Wynn

      The company specializes in RV and Boat mattress applications, so they’ve got it down pretty well. That is why they developed the air flow piece that goes under the mattress.

  17. Randy Ratliff

    Excellent video on SV Curiosity, can you provide a link to the Aire- Flow barrier. Having trouble with searches. Thanks

    • Jason Wynn

      I’ll try to find the info again, it’s a brand new product so it may not be listed yet.

  18. Bob Sholtes

    Thanks for the video. I am interested in the Aire-Flow barrier, but can’t seem to find any product by that name on line via google search. Can you possibly provide a link to the product page?

    I second Carl’s suggestion of making it to the Annapolis show. We’ll have our Seawind 1160 Lite in the show up there, so if you make it up, stop by. Also, if you need a place to stay, we are 30 minutes from Annapolis and have spare rooms.

  19. Carl Denman

    Wasn’t quite sure how to respond to your response and keep it all in order. Yes, I shall be at Annapolis. I have a Formosa 51 that I shall be on, I’m moving it south. I may have friends with me but if there is room y’all are welcome aboard. Or at the least go for a sail.

    • Nikki Wynn

      Thanks Carl! We will see how it all works out but we would love to at least come say hello and see the boat!

  20. Carl Denman

    Nikki, really enjoy your posts and videos. I need a new mattress for my cabin and am going to give Mattress Insider a try. Going go through your link. Wondering if y’all are going to make the Annapolis boat show this year. Really should think about it, it is the place to be, if you are a boater, in October. You can find everything you never knew you needed there.

    Fair winds
    Following seas

    • Nikki Wynn

      Awe, thanks so much Carl! The mattress is really nice and Jason’s mom raved about it while she was here (because she was sleeping on it). She is now thinking about getting one for her apartment. We would love love love to go to the Annapolis boat show and depending on where in the world we are, we may try to find a cheap flight and place to stay. We are in need of some gear and it would be the place to see and touch everything! Will you be there?

  21. Joe

    I am looking into replacing my aft cabin mattress. After looking at the website for the company you used there are several kinds. Spring, cool max 8″ etc. What type did you settle on?

  22. John

    Do you think they can make a mattress for my Airstream?

    • Nikki Wynn

      I bet they can!

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