Nature’s Head Composting Toilet

If you’re interested in buying our same composting toilet, the best place to purchase is directly from Nature’s Head.  Larry, the owner of Nature’s Head, has offered up a special discount just for our viewers.  If you click the link below he’ll beat the Amazon Price:

Buy From Nature's Head Directly


The main advantage of ordering direct, vs Amazon, is to make sure you get the options you need for your specific installation (i.e. do you need the spider handle? Do you need a solar fan? Do you need spare parts?) Click the link above, select your configuration (we have the Spider handle with extra Liquids Bottle, spare fan and spare seal) and at checkout the discount will be automatically added.
If you’re still in research mode you’ll want to visit our site just before you purchase to click the link above, otherwise the discount may not be automatically applied. If you have questions, the customer support team is extremely helpful and can be reached by email or phone which you’ll find on the Nature’s Head contact page.

A composting toilet was one of the best Wild Camping mods we made to our RV and now our sailboat.  A composting toilet doesn’t use any water, its environmentally friendly and we don’t have to worry about a stinkin’ black tank!

We know it sounds too good to be true…but it’s not! You can see all of our composting toilet info and videos here: Composting Toilets 



  1. Bear Gershcafer

    Just wanted to drop in and say “Thanks!” for the discount on the Nature’s Head!!

    • Curious Minion

      Glad you found it useful and hope it works out for you!
      Curious Minion

  2. Lisa Barnes


    • Curious Minion

      I believe Jason & Nikki buy the coir block because it’s compact & stores better. When you pull it apart it’s the same as the loose stuff. Not sure about the solar vent since they’ve never used one. If you head over the blog there is a “living off the grid” section which has a “composting toilet” tab. You may be able to get additional info there.
      Good luck!
      Curious Minion

  3. Laurence & René

    Hello Nikki, hello Jason, I saw in your video that you have both systems, the composting one and the standard electric flush system one. Which one do you prefer or which one do you use the most today and which one do your guests prefer? Are there different uses, such as on passages, while anchoring, at marina’s and harbour, during storms etc.. Congrats for your videos and advantures, fair winds, kind regards, Laurence & René Sailing

  4. joshua ellner

    is there still a discount code?

  5. Donald Briffa

    just a curiosity; when you finish your #2, do you throw the TP in the composting toilet or do you use a separate bin? Some people tend to use a lot of TP for each dump. Is it an issue at all? and do you use those coffee filters all the time? or can you do without them?
    one last question for Jason please; I have in the past used chemical toilets of the likes of porta potty and I find them terribly uncomfortable and unhygienic. The reason being that I find the bowl to be too low. Its ok for females but with us men, when in the sitting position, the penis (sorry for being so blunt) tends to come in contact with the bottom of the bowl. By the way I am of very average proportions and yet this is a very big problem. Do you experience such an issue with Nature Head? Thank you. I enjoy watching your videos when I have the time. Some of us have to go to work and deal with family life instead of potting about on a boat around the world! I admire your courage for doing what you really want even when lacking the necessary experience to do it at times. Well done guys. I wish you fair winds.

  6. Kim

    What are you using for the composting base during your international travel and how are you finding it?

    • Curious Minion

      Hi Kim. Curious Minion here. I asked Nikki about this and she said they’re still using coconut coir. It’s so light that they can keep a pretty large supply on hand and so far she says they haven’t had any trouble finding it.

  7. Warren Ross

    Hi I am interested in purchasing this toilet? Is there a current coupon code to use?

    • Curious Minion

      Use the link to Nature’s Head in this post and it should apply a discount automatically. If that’s not working then maybe call and ask how to get the GWTW discount.

  8. Tony

    1ST purchase for the new van conversion…You guys have turned us to composting, purchasing Nature’s Head, today!!! Is there a discount code out there, would like for you guys to get the credit

  9. Kirstie

    Hello 🙂 We have just purchased the toilet and installed it but it seems to be holding urine in a puddle and not fully going into the bottle. This means that when you lift up the bowl to pull the urine bottle back, urine falls back into the compost bin. It this normal? Eeepppp

    • Jason Wynn

      A little urine in the solid tank is ok, but a lot might mean your toilet isn’t level and maybe it’s leaning back. If you can’t sort it out call the customer service, they are excellent at troubleshooting any issues you might have with the head.

  10. Patrick Nickell

    I just bought the toilet today! I made sure to take the time to write an email to Nature’s Head and give you both credit for the sale. Your videos have been so invaluable for my wife and I as we begin our journey off-grid. Thank you so much for your extremely helpful videos!

    • Nikki Wynn

      Thanks so much Patrick! So glad the videos were helpful but mostly, I really hope you love the composting as much as we do. Good luck with your install and just remember, if Jason can install it, anyone can. 😉

  11. Jason Wynn

    There was a small glitch with the discount code updating, but now the new code for May-July is working! Happy composting!

  12. Jason Chambliss

    The code from 4/30/17 WY4327 still works however the code WY7602 did not work.

  13. Dennis Moyer

    We attempted to use the WY4327 coupon code and it didn’t work. Is there a certain configuration that works? It say…. “Cart Items do not meet requirements for this coupon code.”

    • Curious Minion

      That looks like the current code. Did you order the same model? The code may not work on a different model.

  14. richard jorgensen

    Like the review and am ready to purchase for our catamaran. What’s the discount code for first quarter 2017?

    • Jason Wynn

      Just call or email Larry, he’ll be able to give you the discount (they haven’t sent me the new code yet).

  15. Kyle

    Any chance there’s an updated coupon code for the new year quarter? I’m excited to get one for my tiny house

  16. Baxter

    Hello! We’re hesitant to proceed due to one question: What if you have to go #1 and #2 at the same time, as many of us can’t help but doing? How do you ensure that you don’t get urine into the composting compartment, thus ruining the compost? Thanks so much for the information!

  17. Mr Hankey

    Cleaning. Me my brother and nephew eat a lot of chili on the boat. Do you use water and tp to clean the bowl or, somethhing else?

    • Jason Wynn

      It’s hard to believe but 99% of the time the waste goes straight down into the bin, no matter how much chili or spicy food you eat. A simple wipe with TP will do the trick.

  18. Janice

    Got a question. Since all of the waste doesn’t have time to compost since it’s used daily, how do you deal with that?

    • Jason Wynn

      It’s not a problem for smell if that’s what you mean. When you open the chamber it smells like potting soil.

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