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It’s the king of action cameras, or at least we think so. We’ve been wow’d over and over by this little camera with its Zeiss optics, built in stabilizer and NFC connectivity. In a rush, I can grab this camera, push the red button and in an instant, the camera turns on and begins recording automatically. Because of the stabilizer the footage is 10x more smooth than my other action cameras. The body is splash proof so I don’t need to put the underwater housing on unless I’m planning to submerge it.

The audio works extremely well when it’s not in the case and the vivid setting needs little to no tweaking in Photoshop or Premiere.  If I only need one action camera I typically reach for my Sony because I prefer the shape and functionality of it.  There are lots of Sony specific accessories but I already have a lot of the GoPro mounts so I purchased a GoPro Hero Mount to ¼ inch adapter and it works great.

Watch this to see some side by side testing:

I made an unfair mistake during the test with the Action Cam: I used a 32gb micro SD card so the footage was not filmed in the highest resolution XVAC-S format. The standard AVC-HD is fine but the higher resolution footage only works on the Sony products with a high speed 64gb+ SD card. That is why the blacks are a little crushed and the whites are a little blown on the fins in the video.

I ended up buying the camera only, but I wish I would have purchased the kit with the screen (it wasn’t in stock at the time I had to order and shipping to the Bahamas wasn’t an affordable option). If you need 4k then make sure you buy the FDR-X3000, it’s basically the same camera but with 4k:

Sony Action Cam AS300 on B&H:    On Amazon (so you can price compare to get the best deal):

If you are interested in the SJ Cam from the video, you can see that here:



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