SJ Cam


At first glance this camera is unbeatable! Bright screen, pleasing color (although a little on the cool side) with lots of built in features and adjustments.

Upon further inspection of the photos at full zoom we found the resolution falls apart. Not sure what causes this but I wouldn’t use this camera for capturing important photographs but the video quality seems good.  The files sizes aren’t as large as our Sony Action Cam so it is a more compressed image. I still think it’s a perfect backup cam and we’ve been using it underwater in the Bahamas and it’s extremely nice to see what we’re capturing because of the screen.

Also, it seems the audio only records in mono 1 channel. This is odd to me. Normally with Adobe Premiere I can add a channel to make it stereo, but I couldn’t with these clips for some reason. Of course, underwater audio doesn’t matter because it all sounds weird, but we do plan on using it above water too.

I’m sure they’ll fix a lot of these issues with their newest version that’s bound to come out anytime now.  Watch this video to get a little side by side comparison.

I didn’t realize the time stamp feature was factory set to “on”. In case you were wondering, yes, you can turn it off.

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  1. Tom Oliver

    Hello Jason/Nikki,
    These cameras are a little dated, since this research and video are from September 2016. Any chance you guys can update the research and testing? I really enjoy your channel. The approach you both take in researching and purchasing your gear is very informative and helpful.


  2. Joyce


    Would you be able to comment on how this camera takes photos? Particularly photos underwater. Are the quality of the photos as good as the video?


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