Sony Alpha a6 with 16-50mm Lens



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The past several years I’ve been lugging around a giant dSLR and this year I decided to search out a smaller camera that could produce the same quality video and photography.Β  The a6000 is extremely compact & lightweight, with the advanced accessories and interchangeable lenses I think this little camera is perfect for any traveler.Β  The NFC allows me to tap my phone to the camera and transfer images to share on social media, so no more low res phone photos.Β  I filmed most of our Alaska Bound adventures with this camera…and yes, my neck and back are thankful for its smaller size.



  1. Brandon McDonough

    I love my a6000 for many of the same reasons you outlined in your video. I was excited to see that you were using it for many of your videos. I’m just getting into shooting some video with it but am having critical problems with overheating and it automatically shutting down. I did some research and it seems it’s a common problem with only some crazy hacks able to minimize. However, you seem to have done fine with it and didn’t mention in your video or blog. Could you share if you had any of the same issues and how you resolved? Thanks!

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