Sony Monopod for Action Cameras



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My go-to selfie stick.  I’ve bought other selfie sticks in the past that have fallen apart within a few months of use.  This one I’ve had for a couple of years now and it still works like a champ.  It’s been dunked in the salty freezing waters of Alaska, taken down into glaciers, up into helicopters and thrown into the floor of the dinghy hundreds of times.

It extends easily, it has a nice grip with a good tilting head…what more can you ask for with a selfie stick (eh hem, I mean action “monopod”).

I use it for my Sony RX100iii and my Action Camera.  I’ve even used it in a pinch for my a6000 and it works great with a small lens, but the 18-105mm f4 is a little heavy for it making it difficult to balance in “selfie mode.”

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