ThermaCELL Bug and Pest Control


Nothing will ruin our outside time faster than biting bugs and while I hate resorting to chemicals, this seems to be the only thing that works in severe situations! We have found these little devices to be our #1 best defense against no-see-ums and really bad mosquitoes.  They work on just about every pest and at least we don’t have to douse ourselves in deet.  We have used these for years and absolutely love them!

However, when it’s not too bad, we use an all natural mix of essential oils in water.  We like a mix of lemongrass and rosemary.



  1. Otto

    I assume that it works with ultrasound (correct ?) which we humans can’t hear, but what about your moggies? Do you think they hear it?

  2. Joanna Reisner

    The bugs love my husband and we have found this device to work pretty well. We are full-timers on our RV and we do a lot of outdoor cooking and setting around the fire. We would definitely recommend this product for bug control.

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