Tire Pressure Monitoring System


We’ve had the Tire Minder since we purchased our first RV. I distinctly remember reading someone’s recommendation online about a TPMS, it said something like this yes these are expensive, but its way cheaper than losing a tire and dragging a bare rim down the road.  Not only is it good for the tow car it’s saved my butt on the RV tires as well, unknowingly losing air pressure could be disastrous in an RV, especially the front tires.


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  1. Joann Carrion

    Thank you for your videoing was very helpful.
    We don’t own an RV yet and have been doing some due diligence and we still haven’t made up our minds. We actually fear all the issues we’ve heard about so many Motorcoaches that we are uncertain of what to buy. I need a washer/dryer though so I’m kind of limited. Open for suggestions if you have any. Hope you enjoyed your Alaska trip!

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