MEGABOOM Wireless Speaker


When we’re camping without hook-ups or living out on the hook, the built in stereo pulls too much power to run for a long time, plus there’s no speakers outside.  The UE Megaboom is not cheap but it seriously rocks.  It’s waterproof so we can use it outside, it’s loud enough to hear over our roaring engine, it connects to our phone via Bluetooth or NFC and the lithium battery lasts 20 hours.  The bass is rich and the highs are clear with plenty of sound to rock out, it’s also worth noting two speakers can be paired together for even more sound (or one inside and one outside).



  1. Ron Mays

    I bought the smaller one called the Roll and it works great. I may buy the Mega speaker and use them together to create a stero sound, plus more volume and base. The Mega is 360 sound with base.The Roll is small with no base. . I have used it on the back deck, but not on the sailboat yet.
    Ron Mays

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