MEGABOOM Wireless Speaker


We purchased the original MEGABOOM almost 4 years ago and this bad boy has been with us ever since.  20 hours of play-time on one charge, waterproof and some serious bass comes out of this little speaker.

You can connect over 150 of these speakers in what they call #PartyUp…we keep telling ourselves we should buy one or two more so we can have sound inside, outside and on the forward deck.  But, we just carry it around wherever we want music.  We find these portable speakers to be way more useful (and better sound) than the stereo system installed in the sailboat (and of course, no install needed).

*There’s a new version called the MEGABOOM 3 or you can get our exact model refurbished for a lot less.



  1. Ron Mays

    I bought the smaller one called the Roll and it works great. I may buy the Mega speaker and use them together to create a stero sound, plus more volume and base. The Mega is 360 sound with base.The Roll is small with no base. . I have used it on the back deck, but not on the sailboat yet.
    Ron Mays

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