Water Saving Pumps, Aerators & Accessories

With our awesome watermaker we can turn saltwater into tasty drinking water faster than we can possibly consume it.  BUT, the more water we make the more filters we use and the more we have to run our generator which burns diesel.  So, we do our best to conserve water in whatever way we can.  The devices below are all about wasting less water without losing the luxury of good water pressure.

Water Saving Shower Head – We’ve been using the Oxygenics Shower heads for years in our home and our RV.  In fact, the one we use in our boat is a few years old and taken from our RV.  These shower heads work well with 12v pumps and they help save water and keep pressure by adding oxygen to the stream.  Having a low GPM showerhead also helps save hot water so we can take a longer HOT shower, even with a small hot water tank.  5 Spray Model:   Single Nozzle:

Water Shut Off Valve – Even though our shower head has a water shut off valve built in, it doesn’t work as well as this one.  Also, after our outdoor shower handle broke for the second time in 3 months we decided to add this shut-off valve to our outdoor shower instead of buying another crappy handle from Attwood.  Buy it here:

Faucet Aerator 1.0 GPM – Most faucets come with 2.5-4.0 gallon per minute aerators installed.  These are extremely easy to install (takes about a minute) and can save you 50% or more on your water consumption.  Best of all the water pressure stays the same.  We have them installed in the kitchen/galley and all three bathrooms/heads. These are the ones that have a similar flow as a normal sink, they are not the ones with the piercing multi-flow spray that gets water everywhere.  These work perfectly with our Shurflo water pumps in the RV and the Boat.  Buy them here:

Shurflo Aqua King 4 GPM Fresh Water Pump – This pump pushes a lot of freshwater, yet it doesn’t “surge” water like the less expensive models.  It can be run dry without causing damage which is good when I forget to switch the tanks as one empties.  There’s enough pressure for me (Jason) to do dishes while Nikki takes a shower and the flow is not effected.  What I like most is the pressure is strong enough to wash our boat yet I can trickle the faucet while doing dishes to save water.  This is something I couldn’t do with our old variable flow Jabsco pump.  Buy it here:

Shurflo Blaster II 5.0 GPM Washdown Pump – A powerful saltwater washdown pump helps save freshwater.  We use ours for rinsing the anchor and chain, and sometimes to rinse the decks before soaping (of course we do the final deck rinse with freshwater because the salt eats at the gel coat).  Buy it here:

Stainless Steel Washdown Quick Connect – This is the fitting we have to connect our hose for fresh water wash down of the boat.  Buy it here



  1. Doug C.

    We too are sailboat owners and appreciate great recommendations for useful gear! We ordered (from your links) and use the shut-off valves, aerators, and the multi-spray shower head for our owners head. Muchas Gracias for the recommendations!

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