weBoost Drive 4G-X Signal Booster


This is how we boost our cell and data signal inside the sailboat (same brand we used in the RV too).

It works by boosting cell signals up to 32x and enhances 4G LTE and 3G signals.  Meaning it can help improve the quality of our calls and the speeds of our data.

It’s amazing how many times this booster has taken us from no bars to 3 bars or from no data signal to 3g or 4g.  It’s the difference of being able to work from the comfort of our traveling home or having to go into town and find somewhere with wifi.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been the only boat in the anchorage able to make calls or get online.  It’s saved our butts in the Bahamas, Panama, Ecuador and now French Polynesia!

Its important to know NOT all boosters are created equal.  Some only boost cell or data, not both.  Some are even illegal to use in certain countries.  Plus, some claim to do the job but will only disappoint.  WeBoost has been our go to for over six years because we’ve found nothing that preforms as well.

The weBoost 4G-X is the main device and comes with a basic outdoor and indoor antenna…but we upgraded both antennas and highly recommend doing so.  Being out on anchor can really put some distance between us and the tower, the more powerful antennas make a world of difference.

Our cell and data boosting set up:



  1. Don

    Do you ever offer discount codes for Weboost?

  2. Jim

    Do you run a wifi booster and 4g booster at the same time on the boat? Did you do anything special regarding outdoor / indoor antenna placement?

    • Nikki Wynn

      You certainly can run both at the same time. But just to clarify, our wifi booster (wifi ranger) and our cell/data booster (this weBoost 4G-X) are doing very different things. The Wifi booster, boosts an onshore wifi signal (from a hotel, restaurant, cafe…).

  3. Eugenia

    Me gusta mucha vuestro web, un contenido practico.

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