weBoost Drive 4G-X Signal Booster


This is the device we use to boost our cell and data signal in the RV and the sailboat.  It’s amazing how many times this booster has taken us from no bars to 3 bars or from no data signal to 3g or 4g.  It’s the difference of being able to work from the comfort of our traveling home or having to go into town and find somewhere with wifi.

The Drive 4G-X is the main device but we needed a few extras to complete our setup and install.  Here is the complete list of our cell and data boosting set up:



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  1. Do you run a wifi booster and 4g booster at the same time on the boat? Did you do anything special regarding outdoor / indoor antenna placement?

  2. Me gusta mucha vuestro web, un contenido practico.

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