Wifi Booster Pack


This nifty little device helps us find and connect to WiFi hotspots from long distances.


As we travel with our home, sometimes we luck out and a nearby restaurant, café or hotel has free wifi.  When this happens, we turn on our Wifi Ranger and do a happy dance!
There are lots of wifi boosters out there.  From our research the two most popular are the feature rich Wifi Ranger and the more basic Rouge Wave.  They both are great at boosting wifi signals from long distances, but the Wifi Ranger has additional features that make it the better option for us.

  • Load Balancing – WiFi Ranger can tether to our smartphone and other WiFi sources and simultaneously load balance data for maximum speed and reliability. However, it’s important to remember there is no compensating for slow internet speeds, this device just boosts the signal, not the service itself.  When we’re working with super slow connections, knowing we can combine for a slightly better and stronger connection can be a game changer.
  • Networking – The router allows us to connect all our devices.
  • Bandwidth Management – Keeps tabs on data usage and speeds for each device if desired, allowing for automated parental control and data plan conservation.
  • Extra Security – WPA2 encryption, firewall and SafeSurf feature encrypts all data to help add an extra level of security to unsecured public networks.

We’ve been using the Wifi Ranger since our RV days and it has proved its value even more aboard our sailboat.  While others have to make their way to the marina office to get online, we’re comfortably working from our saloon.  Or…here in French Polynesia it’s not uncommon to have a fancy hotel near our anchorage.  We can pop over for a happy hour, get a 24 hour wifi pass and have 24 hours of decent free wifi on our boat!
The WiFi Ranger is installed on our hardtop for maximum line of sight (not at the top of the mast, then it would be too high and not line of sight) and boosts any accessible WiFi signal from up to 2,500 ft. away (but we say half a mile, because that has been our experience. Any further and the signal drops often or the speeds drop).
The Ranger isn’t something we use often, but we luck out it’s a downloading, uploading, updating party (overnight respectfully).
You can learn more and/or purchase the kit we have on their website: Wifiranger Elite Pack


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  1. SV Avemar

    It looks like this company was bought out or merged with another company and the product line is a little different now. Are you using the same device you had before or have you upgraded or changed wifi booster products? Also, now it seems that both cellular and wifi boosting is available with the same device from this company. Still researching. Thanks for your blog post.

  2. Andre

    Hi Nikki,
    Thanks for your great channel. Look forward to watching your episodes each week.
    Question: I know it depends on the initial strength of the signal on land but what sort of range do you typically get from your WiFiRanger. (500m, 1Km, 2Km) ?

  3. Nico Orellana

    Hi Nikki

    There is a inexpensive way to accomplish this for no more than $120. You could get a Ubiquity m2 or m5, a router, and cables. You can search for signals up to 5 miles and even you can do point-to-point connection between the shore (installing another m2 o m5) inn the shore (eg. a restaurant or friend’s house) and connect to up to 15 miles. It’s pretty amazing, I’ve been using it in my airstream.

    • Nikki Wynn

      Yes, anyone can build their own system. But, not all of us are that tech savy/DIY and it won’t come with the additional features or benefits of a Wifi Ranger or Rouge Wave. The whole point-to-point idea is grand but that is an incredibly rare scenario and not sure how that would work out in reality. The local restaurants and hotels are not going to be keen on every cruiser coming in wanting to install an antenna.

  4. Udy Yosha

    Yes, i have been in touch with them and some texh issues were resolved but not the disfunctionality of this device. Everytime i am near potential hotspots, if i can make it connect (which is a struggle by itself) it manage to somehow fail further connection. Since wfr request it online for support access it is almost imposs Impossible mission. Big disappointment.

  5. Udy

    I have purchased this device a year and half ago following your recommendation and i must say it’s a disappointment. The ability to see and amplify remote signal is more or less equal to my laptop or even certain cellular devices and the software unstable.

    • Nikki Wynn

      Have you tried reaching out to the company to make sure your settings are correct? We are using it on the boat and it is the difference of being able to work from the boat or having to go to shore. It brings up signals we can’t even see on our ipad, iphone, pixel phone or spanking new computers without turning the booster on.

  6. Dan B

    Hey guys, no review here, just a question… What kind of speeds (Mbps, latency, etc…) are you usually able to achieve with this little guy? We are planning on mooring up for a while and would love some Netflix!! Thanks in advance, love the show and keep on sailing!

    • Nikki Wynn

      That is all going to depend on the wifi connection itself. This device simply helps stretch the signal further, it can’t improve the signal. So, if you are at a marina and the signal is great up by the office but super weak out on your boat, flip this guy on and in most cases we can get the same signal we were getting at the marina office. We have had several times where we were at an anchorage and we could pick up open wifi connections that didn’t show up without the device on. so it comes in handy.

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