Wifi Booster Pack


This nifty device grabs wifi signals within a 2-3 mile radius, amplifies them, and broadcasts the signal inside your RV or boat. It provides a secure, private network for all of your wireless devices and the GoAC also has several LAN ports for hardwiring computers and devices.

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  1. Hey guys, no review here, just a question… What kind of speeds (Mbps, latency, etc…) are you usually able to achieve with this little guy? We are planning on mooring up for a while and would love some Netflix!! Thanks in advance, love the show and keep on sailing!

    • That is all going to depend on the wifi connection itself. This device simply helps stretch the signal further, it can’t improve the signal. So, if you are at a marina and the signal is great up by the office but super weak out on your boat, flip this guy on and in most cases we can get the same signal we were getting at the marina office. We have had several times where we were at an anchorage and we could pick up open wifi connections that didn’t show up without the device on. so it comes in handy.

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