WORLD’S BEST CAT LITTER – Multiple Cat Scented


We’ve tried all sorts of litters but we like this one because its all natural, biodegradable and actually works well.



  1. Taressa V

    In an RV. What kind of box and where do you put it???

  2. Chelsea Smith

    We love this cat litter too, but have been using it in our Manhattan apartment. Is it safe to use in an RV toilet?

    • Curious Minion

      I wouldn’t! I don’t think an RV toilet is meant for anything but single-ply toilet paper and things that come out of your body. The bottom of the tank if flat and cat litter might settle and clump on the bottom. Could be very hard to get out and may eventually cause a blockage. (The Wynns had a composting toilet, so maybe some of our viewers with experience using this will comment.)
      Curious Minion

  3. Daniel Kinney

    This is the best Cat Litter ever made. You can flush it right down the toilet it’s bio degradable. It does not harm the planet either. I have a CAT GENIE as well but one of my cats HALO used the WORLDS BEST CAT LITTER and my FUZZY KAT she used the CAT GENIE. She would not allow my HALO to use her CAT GENIE TOILET. So I used to keep his POTTY BOX on the other side of the house in the GUEST BATH. The CAT GENIE was in the laundry room.

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