Dressels Jordan Valley Campground

First RV Crossing into Canada

Saturday 06/09/2012

Today we crossed the border into Canada via Niagara.  I was warned by many other RV’ers to have everything in order so I printed out the following:

  • List of Camera & Computer Equipment with Serial Numbers and Values
  • Veterinarian Papers for 2 cats including Rabies Vaccinations and Up-to-Date Shot records
  • Canadian Auto Insurance Papers (from my USA provider)
  • Schedule of travel plans including RV parks and approximate dates for Canada

canada customs

At the border we were given a little trouble because our on board electronics are valued too high in their opinion for travel bloggers.  A little sweet talk and explanation of our travels and we’re on our way.

We arrived at our campground in a cute town called Jordan.  Our campground leaves a little to be desired, the sites are crammed, the internet doesn’t work at our site, and it’s pricey at nearly $50/night.  The owners and residents are friendly (when I say residents I mean most of the people here look like they live here).  We are looking forward to exploring the Niagara and the surrounding Lake Ontario area tomorrow.

– Jason

Dressels Jordan Valley Campground

Dressels Jordan Valley Campground

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  • Paul Weber

    Several years ago myself and two buddies all 65 plus entered Canada from Washington on our way to Alaska. My motorhome had a Florida tag and we must have looked suspicious. They asked if there was any money in the motorhome and I said yes and told them where it was. They had me get it and remove it from the motorhome. Then they proceeded to open every drawer and closet and dump the contents. They were very thorough not missing anything. This went on for forty five minutes and then they let us go. The motorhome was a wreck. They were very rude and inhospitable. On our return trip there were no problems entering the USA.

  • Jo Crear

    We are taking our cat into the USA for the weekend (USA requires no paperwork) but are concerned about getting her back into Canada without a rabbies certificate (she’s allergic to the shots) – did they ask to see the certificates?

  • Gordon McLachlan

    Any troubles entering Canada towing the Smarty without an auxiliary braking system? Heading there in June with setup similar as yours.

  • animalangel

    Quick question: I’m planning to get an old RV within the next 6 months and update it over the winter so next summer I can head up north. I’d like to go camp for “a couple months” in Alaska and in Canada. So when I get to the border, I won’t have an actual itinerary because I want to just see what I can find and stop where ever I land kind of thing. What do I tell them at the border when they want to know my plans or my time frame? Thanks.

    • we are not experts by any stretch of the imagination, so this is just a stab at answering your question, not a sold answer. I would suggest reading over the customs website for up to date info and possibly calling in to ask the same question. Boarder patrol isn’t going to like your serendipitous answer very much. I would make some sort of loose plan (even if you are not booked at anything). So you can say with some legitimacy…I am going for 2 months, staying at xxx campgrounds and visiting xxx towns. If that plan changes, it changes but you are going to need to give them some sort of itinerary.

      • animalangel

        Ok.. thanks. Well.. that gives me about a year to come up with an itinerary.I am already jotting down places I want to see but I do want to camp in Alaska for a couple months… I’d better get that organized too then. Thank you for your prompt reply!

  • Bruce

    What is the requirement for a yellow card issued by the US auto insurance company?

  • Bert

    It’s too bad you didn’t make it to the Prairie provinces there is a lot to see and do and scenery that varies from flat prairie in Manitoba to the rolling hills and deep river valleys in Saskatchewan and Alberta and the magnificent foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Western Alberta.

  • We are traveling to Canada from Bothell British Columbia, I am traveling with a tow car behind my RV. My question is are their any requirements outside of just a normal tow or do I need a breakaway braking system?

  • Tammy

    My husband and some friends are planning a trip in A motor home to Canada just for maybe a day while we are up in the Buffalo area. Have done this in a car many years ago before 9/11 .I am a bit afraid off trying to come back into the USA now . So I was wondering what to expect. How are you searched, RV, person, questions, ect.?

      • carol

        The California fruit inspection is no joke.
        We grow olives in California & some idiot
        brought a sample olive into the state that had a medfly. It spread rapidly & now we have to spray our trees every other week which costs $350 each time. Not only that,
        if the cannery finds 1 medfly in our fruit, out entire crop is refused. Zero tolerance for medfly.
        We appreciate the California fruit inspection stations.

        • Wayne

          I am from Texas. Years ago we came out of Oregon heading to California in our 5th Wheel. Being young and dumb we had stopped at a roadside stand in Oregon and purchased a couple of small sacks of ripe cherries. Any fresh produce on board was the question. Cherries was my answer. You can put them in this trashcan OR pull to the side and eat them. After eating 90% of those cherries and putting the rest in the trash under the watchful eye of the agent we were on our way. Nice man! However to this day I am not a fan of ripe cherries.

          • Linda

            I had to laugh at this. I remember, many many moons ago when I was a kid, having the same thing happen to us with cherries. You’d think that we wouldn’t have made that mistake since we lived in southern Oregon and should have been familiar with the restrictions. Since there was no way my mom would have wasted fruit, we gorged ourselves! Great memory!

  • Since I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario and am only a few minutes from the border, I guess I take crossing back and forth for granted. I have been crossing for years … in some case 3-4 times a week for shopping, cheaper gas, banking (I maintain a US account in Niagara Falls, NY for my US travels) dining, visiting friends and of course my travels.

    Can’t say that I have ever had much problems crossing either way … but since 9/11 there has been some changes … and since I got my RV seven months ago I notice some different questions that I never had with my vehicles. (the fruits and veggie and even firewood questions)

    How did you wind up in Jordan?? Next time you are in the falls you are welcome to park in my driveway for a few days if you like. I also belong to a group called BOONDOCKERS WELCOME. You should check them out … then again maybe your sponsors might not appreciate people providing free parking for travelling RVers. But it is a great way to save a few $$$ if you are just travelling through for a day or two.

    Enjoy your travels … ever thought of going to Newfoundland?? I am heading there next year for a six month adventure. Should be a blast!! You’ll never meet people like the Newfie’s anywhere else in the world. And talk about getting back to nature. Nothing but nature in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • You guys look like trouble. I dont blame the border control.

  • We must have had better border people. They looked at our passports and wished us a nice visit. It never occurred to me to have a list of stuff going in or out.

  • Too funny. On our first trip into Canada with the RV we figured we had to document everything. We handed the boarder agent a two paged typed list of everything we were bringing into the country. He looked at us like we were crazy. I’m not sure that helped our cause, but we had a surprisingly easier time getting back into the U.S. than into Canada, which was exactly opposite of what we were lead to expect.


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