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RV Resources

There’s a lot to learn about RV’s, the RV lifestyle, RV programs and all the helpful apps that exist.  We’ve created this page as an ongoing source of all of our favorite RV related resources.

This isn’t a popularity contest article, things are not listed in any particular order and if we don’t have some sort of personal experience with a resource, or don’t think a site is truly helpful, we don’t list it.  Of course we’re always learning, so as we discover new RV resources we will list them here…so check back every so often or sign up by email to see our new favorites.

top rv resources

Websites / Blogs

There are a ton of RV specific blogs and websites out there but only a few that we feel are true resources beyond just personal travels, experiences, fluff and advertisements.  If you are looking for fun personal RV blogs to follow, check out HitchItch because they have most blogs listed.

  • Wheeling It – Nina and Paul are fellow outdoor enthusiast so we naturally enjoy them.  They share all kinds of practical information that just about anyone can learn from.
  • Technomadia – You’ll find a little of everything from Chris and Cherie but as their name implies they’re mostly about tech, we love talking solar, cellular and lithium with these guys.
  • RV Mobile Internet Resource Center – Technomadia created this website that covers cellular, WiFi, satellite and anything signal enhancing.  They do a ton of research, share options and their give opinions to help you make the best decision for your mobile internet needs.
  • RV Geeks – These guys have been making How To RV videos for a long time and have a wide variety of simple DIY maintenance and upgrade videos.
  • Fulltime Families – Everything about traveling with kids and roadschooling!
  • RV Basic Training – The name says it all, these are some of the only guys we know of that come to you and teach you how to drive your RV.  Sometimes it’s cheaper to pay for the education than the repair bill.


Clubs / Organizations

There are a lot of different programs out there that want your money but these are the ones we have found to be the most useful.  Yes, it’s a very short list.


Camping Programs / Websites

This is another one of those things where everyone is quick to sell you on a program but not always so quick to deliver with something worth the price of membership.

  • Harvest Hosts – By far one of our favorites.  This very affordable program allows you to stay overnight at farms, wineries, preserves and museums.
  • Campendium – A Free, spankin’ new site for finding campgrounds (free and paid alike) along with user submitted photos and reviews.  I predict this will quickly become the go to source for finding campgrounds.
  • Thousand Trails  – This is an annual camping membership that can save full timers a lot of money.  Read the fine print and make sure the campgrounds are in locations you want to visit.  Some campgrounds are beautiful while the next could use some updating but it is a good program that can save you a lot of money if you use it.  We know full timers that exclusively stay at Thousand Trails parks because its so cheap.
  • Passport America – lots of restrictions here and they vary from park to park (even seasonally) but it can be worth it if you stay at a lot of RV resorts or just need a place to recharge in between Wild Camping spots.
  • AAA – We have AAA Plus RV for the roadside assistance plan and it gets us the same 10% discount at most parks as Good Sam.  It works for us and covers both our RV and tow car.


Staying Social / Apps



To be honest, we are not forum people and have spent very little time on them over the years but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great people hanging out full of useful information and helpful tips.



Our Most Helpful Pages

  • RVin Page – All of our most helpful RV specific info in one place
  • Make Money and Travel – Want to hit the road full time but not sure your current job will be travel friendly?  This series is for you.
  • Wild Camping – Everything we have on boondocking, living and surviving out in the wild, off the cord, foot loose and fancy free!
  • Solar – Everything from inverters to panels to portable solar kits.
  • Composting Toilet – Because black tanks stink!  Everything you need to know about having a composting toilet in your RV.
  • Shop – All of our favorite gadgets and gear that we use, love and recommend all in one place!
  • Map – If you are planning a trip and want to know our thoughts on a place, this map is where you will find it! Zoom, hover and click to find your next adventure!


Events / Seminars

  • RV Owners Lifestyle Seminar – If you want to learn how to use/operate your RV a seminar like this one is the perfect place to do it!

Do you have a favorite RV resource you want to share that didn’t make our list?  Tell us what it is and why you like it in the comment box below.  We would love to hear what resources have helped you along the way.

Want to say “Thanks” for all the info?  Here are some ways you can do just that!

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  • RoamerMatt

    Hey Wynns – Wanted to let you know the link to Escapees doesn’t work

    • Curious Minion

      Fixed! Thanks for letting us know.
      Curious Minion

  • Brenda

    My husband and I are soon to be full-timers but didn’t anticipate a problem with getting insurance. I have had New Jersey Manufacturers for over 35 years but they can’t cover us because we won’t have a permanent address at which to keep our new truck and RV (we are going to be travelling the US) and a PO box doesn’t count to make us NJ residents. Please help!

  • Roni Krautheim

    One great resource that I use constantly when I’m shopping for an RV is the RV Consumer Group’s Rating Guide. They’ve been rating RVs since the 80s, and their guide is a great source of very valuable info about all RVs manufactured in the past 10 years.

  • Roxy Barnes

    I have a great resource to add to this list if you’re interested. It’s a printable RV storage preparation checklist, and can be found here:–RV-Storage-Checklist-canada.pdf
    Hope this helps!

  • Tom Kranauer

    Your blog today proved my point why we love following you two. You give a lot great information without us having to plowi thru a lot of websites trying to find good information. We live thru your ongoing experiences which gives us an opportunity to pick out places that are a must see for us in the future. Love your comments and great pictures. You should have a weekly show on the travel channel. Love you guys.

  • Bruce & Melissa

    The folks at Bednars, Harvest Host, told us about you and we have signed up to follow you, and mostly to learn. Thanks for the list. Do you have a good app suggestion for a trip and maintenance log?

    Bruce & Melissa

  • Mark Elliott

    Hi Wynns – this is maybe a degree or two off topic but a little blog I visit occasionally speaks to the limitations of cooking in a small space so you might enjoy the writing there as much as I do. It’s called Small Kitchen Chronicles The writer, Christine, has led an interesting life and has a nice way of turning a phrase. Happy cooking to you!

  • Hi Guys! We love following your travels and think you always give great info and love the amazing cute pics you take! Take a look at our new site:! It’s a great resource for finding RV Parks and Campgrounds- and has Blogs by RVers, Podcasts with parks, a place for Park Reviews and a trip planner, plus a lot more!

  • Adrian

    I received my initial driver training from Gary at RVBasicTraining a couple of weeks after picking up my new (and first) RV. I got the intro from Jason.

    It was incredibly well worth it. Gary’s a nice guy and a really good teacher. And it’s not just driving, he runs through a whole presentation of how to succeed (and how not), safety checks on your own vehicle et alia. Not surprisingly he has a wealth of knowledge to share.

    By the end of the day I could parallel park a 28 foot RV better than I ever could a car! And it isn’t just practice, there’s a science to it. Who knew??!

    • Thanks for sharing Adrian, we always say a few hundred bucks invested in education could save you thousands in damages 🙂 Safe travels.

  • Mike

    We use rvparkreviews almost exclusively for locating and evaluating parks. The user interface has improved recently. We highly recommend the site.

  • Susan

    I went to the campendium site and did not find it useful. There are no links to the individual camp grounds, no prices, and no info on whether they take pets. I used my phone so it may be better on the pc but, if not, I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • Greta resources! The only thing I will dispute is Thousand Trails, free one year membership with our new coach, every park we have stayed at was so poorly maintained, we won’t stay there anymore. I just feel they are not a good value.

    • Mark Elliott

      Hi Barbara – in a previous life I worked at TT and way back then the parks were pretty great but I know things change and the company has grown by acquisition and/or been acquired etc so there are new properties I’m not familiar with. Can you tell me which TT campgrounds you visited and if they were poorly maintained across the board or if just some specific aspects of them were below par? Thanks, and happy trails to you!

      • We found (as noted in the article) that many were fine while others needed updating, however some were amazing such as Idyllwild, Leavenworth, Yosemite and a hand full of others. No matter how you break it down, if you buy the $500 zone camping pass and stay for more than 10 days, you’re basically getting the rest of your camping for “free”.

  • Nancy

    Roadtrippers tells you what to see, do, visit, and where to eat and stay along a route.

    Roadfood by Michael and Jane Sterns have been dishing on local food on the road since the 70’s. No app, just a awe site and great books.

    All stays is on lots of lists – where to camp from Walmart to national parks.

  • Hi! Just wanted to say that this is a Fantastic article! As someone who also is in the department of sharing helpful information to fellow RV’ers/Roadschooler’s, I can appreciate all the hard work you put in to create this list. Speaking of the information I share, I have a Roadschooling Facebook page and I also have a Roadschooling Blogroll Via the page with over 230 blogs listed at the moment, yours included 😉
    Below are the links to the pages if you would like to check them out. If you would like to add them to your list that would be Great too.
    Hope you come check us out and join in the conversation 🙂

  • Thanks for adding Campendium to your RV Resources page – we really appreciate your endorsement!!

    • Campendium looks fantastic, Leigh. Thanks to Nikki & Jason for turning us on to it. Not only is it a terrific resource for us to find camping for ourselves, but a great place for us to make sure that our RV park customers are listed. We always love seeing new resources for RVers, especially when they’re as well crafted as Campendium. It’s obvious that a lot of thought went into creating it. And thanks again to the Wynns for including us here, too.


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