RV slide maintenance

RV Tip: Care for your slide and stay out of the shop!

Hey, did you know you need to lube your RV slide out? Well, its a good idea and may just help prevent any maintenance issues.

Trust me you don’t want to be stuck at a campground for an extra day or two because you can’t retract your slide out on your RV. Follow these simple tips to keeping you slide out working smoothly.

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  • Mike

    Actually the “seal” that the tech is pointing our is not a seal at all, but a wiper. The true “seal” happens when the rubber gasket around the outside of the slide compresses against the wall of the coach when retracted, and also when the gasket on the inside frame of the slide box is compressed against the inside wall of the coach when the slide is extended. The “seal” the tech points to serves to literally wipe the side of the slide from moisture and debris when retracting the slide to you don’t end up w/ water or debris inside the coach.

  • Don

    Baby Powder
    With the slides in, get a rag and the powder, coat the inside seals.
    This prevents sticking and possibly torn, chipped rubber

    • Don

      Most will tell you to spray your seals with a lubricant, what do these attract?
      Dust and dirt.

      One full timer we ran into, has a 7 year old rig, been using b powder from start, seals like new.

      How much you spending on spray?

  • "...nice man from Germany"

    Two questions: should the tracks be cleaned with – for example an air compressor – before applying the grease? Secondly, should the coach first be leveled before moving the slide room because the coach maybe slightly torqued/twisted because of the terrain? Bernard


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