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One of the reasons we like traveling around the world with our home (even though we are boatless at the moment) is because it allows us to move slower.  To dig in and really get to know a place.  Everything from flora and fauna to the trade and infrastructure.

And here in New Zealand, sheep outnumber humans by 5 to 1.  So when the opportunity came up to join a farm for a day, we only asked one question; “can we borrow a pair of gum boots”?

Welcome to the deep south!  We’re officially halfway through our South Island road trip and we’re really starting to lean into the aimlessness.  No plans or expectations, just the open road and whatever opportunities cross our path.

We didn’t set out to learn about sheep herding or where wool comes from, but I am glad we did.  And in Orepuki of all places.  A tiny township with a goldmine of kiwi character.


Southern Coast Lodge

Ini and Joshua will soon be open for guests and you can stay with them too: 


Our South Island Road Trip Route

Our South Island Road Trip Route 


What’s With The MAP?

This is a free website and app from Roadtrippers. It’s been our go-to app for discovering weird roadside attractions (hello Cano’s Castle) and wild places to camp (Trona Pinnacles).  The free version is fantastic and packed with all the essential features.  But, we have the Plus account because it’s better for an extended trip (like this one).  Plus unlocks features like live traffic, notes for each stop, collaborating with friends, and offline maps (handy during the trip since the internet is intermittent).

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  • Pam McClure

    Another slice of life in a different part of this world of ours. Fascinating. Thank you.

  • Cindy Grijalva

    What haven’t you guys done??? I never imagined sheep shearing!!!
    My store carry’s a sweet body product line distributed in Northern California at a little sheep farm. Sheep know the voice (whistle, call) of their shepherd! They are not the brightest of animals I’m sure you learned! Looked like a fun experience!!!

  • Alan Solomon

    Hi Wynn’s. Thanks so much for another fascinating video/story.
    I find it amazing that you put 30 to 60 hours into each video. I mean you were doing videos in the Motorhome for 5 years and now the Cat for 7 years. That is a lot of time and effort you both put in on these videos. I would say you probably were always perfectionists and you both have just sharpened your perfection skills over the last 12 years or so. I am that way too so, I love your videos that much more because I am assured, I will get an incredible, amazing, realistic, honest video every week. With all that perfectionism you and we get quality, inspirational, educational, adventurous, responsibly crafted, awesome videos every week for the last 12 years or so. I/we can’t ask for more. I love it Nikki and Jason.
    Thanks for all the great work you do all these years.
    P.S. Thanks for the Sheep shots this week.

  • Michael

    As always, we really enjoyed the view of the southern part of that area. Very interesting.

    It is so fascinating to view the life of people from around the world, and especially those that speak English. One can get a real feel for the lifestyle that way.

    I think that is the most attractive part of what you do. You take us there with you and immerse us in the culture wherever you go.

    We can’t thank you enough.

  • Steve Gibbons

    Nice work folks.
    I hope Wanaka and CArdona Pub or on your list. Harris Mtn Heliski is certainly awe-inspiring.

  • Tev

    Missed you guys last week but this was for me one of the BEST videos you’ve done. Love watching herding dog work and these two were pretty good. Trev was a typical barker/driver type while Skye was the eye dog. Amazing work and so helpful to the farmer. An ATV is of great benefit but nothing can replace a good working dog. If you haven’t ever watched the videos of shepherds and their border collies working over very great distances check it out on youtube sometime. You will be astonished.
    Thanks for your hard work on these videos. I compare all other bloggers to you two. I think you’re tops.
    Keep them coming.

  • Richard Fenters

    Very Interesting. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Jeff Forgey

    Glad there was closed captioning. Very hard to understand the farmer. Looks fun.

  • Jul

    Where can shop online for your New Zealand sweater?

  • Kit Griffin

    Superb and truly amusing (love the blue marker quip).

  • James Dillon

    Hey Guys!! Thanks for taking me along for a wonderful ride!! Once Again!! Quality and quantity is always amazing !! Thanks for sharing and stay safe !! Greetings from Canada!! GIDDYUP!!

  • Roberta

    Where can we view your RV Youtube videos? Can’t seem to find them.

  • mary van

    That was pretty cool! I wonder how many they shear the butts before they sheep give birth. I will google that or look deeper into your story!

    Grandpa and I got to watch the video together today. He says you both look healthy and happy! 🙂

  • John Alex

    Lol, my iPhone’s weekly activity report text to me coincides exactly when y’all post videos. So my Sunday morning tea and news reading always gets more exciting when I get a pop up!


  • Bob Amidon

    Geesh, it’s been two whole weeks, missed my Sunday Wynns updates. Thanks for the really fascinating video about sheep farming this week. Life is about learning and the two of you are living it right. The spirit you have brought to your sea travels equally appeals on land but I am really looking forward to your returning to sea voyaging as I’m sure you are too.


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