Sneak Peek: 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 Foot Motorhome

It’s official, our first motorhome is a lemon! The manufacturer has agreed to reimburse us the full amount we paid for the coach. They’ll send out a driver to pick up our coach in mid-January. So as you can guess we’re officially homeless! Ooops, didn’t plan for this. We’re staying in Denver, CO with friends in the meantime while we search for a new RV (and home!). If you’re wondering what our first coach was we can’t tell, as part of the Lemon Law agreement with the manufacturer we wouldn’t bash their brand. I can tell you it was a budget class A diesel motorhome; and a horrible first RV experience.

We do have some good news to report. Monaco has agreed to give us a preview of their new RV the 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 foot PBS model.

2011 Monaco Vesta Website

2011 Monaco Vesta Website

The website was recently launched for this new RV and it looks like it might be right up our alley. Contemporary design, clean lines, and wind tunnel tested in Texas for maximum aerodynamics.  Apparently it’s supposed to get pretty good fuel economy with the International Maxxforce 7 front engine diesel.  We’ll fly out to Eugene, OR for a specially arranged factory tour, viewing of the Vesta with a factory rep, and best of all a test drive of this new RV. Dealers are expected to receive the Monaco Vesta in late February, so you’ll be able to see it yourself soon. If all goes well, we might have found our new home to officially hit the road in 2011. We’ll report back after our test drive of the Monaco Vesta on January 04, 2011. EXCITED!!!!

Here’s what Monaco has to say about the New Monaco Vesta:
The game-changing Vesta confidently leads a new generation of Monaco RVs poised to reshape an entire industry. Built from the ground up on the Roadmaster™ chassis and powered by a MaxxForce® 7 diesel engine, the vertically-integrated Vesta brings together Monaco RV’s motorized RV legacy and Navistar’s cutting-edge truck industry technology, resulting in a sleek mid-sized front-engine coach with a low center of gravity, air bag suspension and wind-tunnel-tested aerodynamics. There’s also a very distinctive and stylish grille design to help Monaco-spotters identify the Vesta from across the campground.

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  • Error4030

    Question (also sent via Twitter): How were you able to convince the unnamed manufacturer to take back the unnamed RV for a full refund? Is that a typical result? Can you do a post on that process? Thank you.

    • Look up Lemon Law. Because we lived in and purchased in Texas and the state has a very good lemon law, we were able to go through that process.

  • Rvdude

    Don’t look for this kind of customer service for the average person. It helps that you were featured on a national cable show.

    • This was long before we were featured on anything. Sometimes things are really exactly as they seem.


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