Dear Windy, We’re Sorry

Dear Windy,  We’re Sorry.

Windy the RV

I know we’ve had you on a rollercoaster of emotions the last couple of months and for that we apologize. We have always tried to be honest about this relationship and we knew it wouldn’t last forever. We told you back in September we started searching for a new smaller home on wheels. We have this urge to live as simply as possible, leave a smaller footprint behind and explore even more. However, we need you for one last adventure.

It’s time we tell you everything. When we told you we were going to downsize and keep rolling down the road, we lied. Not only did we lie to you, we lied to ourselves. We thought we could push our long term dreams a little further down and keep doing what we are doing, but it’s just not true. You see, for a while now we have been fantasizing about rolling across the ocean and not the open road….However, we’re still not done with the highways or you just yet. We have one last year long request. Will you help us finish up our American Road Trip? We still have so much to see in 2013 on land before we go jumping in the ocean and we want to do it with you. We’ve carefully laid out our final route and a must see/do list. Before you make any final decisions we want to give you one more big surprise. Encore and Thousand Trails will be sponsoring our camping this year! That’s right, always a sturdy spot to rest your tires with ocean, mountain and even golf course views to look forward to.

So please accept our apologies and think about all of the great memories we can still have together. You’re beautiful and we couldn’t imagine our last year on land without you.

Jason, Nikki, Singa and Miss Cleo

A few of our favorite adventures with Windy:
Explore Zion halloween golf scramble yadkin valley

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Nat

    I am a first timer RV and I wanted small too – got the Jayco 26 Alante! IT is amazing. The queen bed folds which is the only down side at this point! Good Luck

  • Nate

    Hey guys,
    I’ve been watching your videos quite a bit. I noticed you swung by the “Sunset Coast” along the “Fresh Coast” — Michigan. If you make your way around there again, I do have a friend who use to be a marine surveyor and sailed an Island Packet. He’s honest and will give a no “bs” assessment of a boat. Like I said, he “use to be” a marine surveyor. He’s not going to try and sell you anything. He’s in Holland, MI right now and works in a marina. He gets pretty excited about boats and could be a good resource for you if you’re looking for one. Let me know “off-website” if you’re interested in contacting him. He’ll love it.


  • Troy

    What can one do to make money living in a rvs

  • the boat thing is best looked at with lin and larry pardey.

    But it is really great to rv, for you have many limits in boating that you do not in rving. I boated about 8 years. I did not go around the world. I flew. But as the danger of politics gets larger travel around the world is also more limited. Boating around the world is a great adventure, but it takes a lot of learning and it is just a lot easier to fly and here in the u.s. rv is best for the storing a boat is being down sized and hard to find a place worth the storing. A boat on a trailer like a large inflatable and scuba diving all over the coasts is a great way to go. light and easy to learn the boat designing and use.
    best regards Mickey 🙂

  • K M Morey

    Are you still looking for a more compact RV, and have you looked at the Winnebago Via/Itasca Reyo, which look pretty much the same to me? I’d be interested in your opinion of these two motorhomes, as I’m very interested in the Via 25P myself but am not that knowledgeable about living full-time in an RV (which is my goal).

    Thank you!

  • Drew

    When you are ready to sell please let me know. I am very patient. Stay close to the road and be safe.

    Here is downsize idea: Sportsmobile

    The Last Road Dog,

    • Cool Drew, we’ll start putting the feelers out again late this year so make sure your subscribe to our newsletter and stay in touch. We love Sportsmobile and have recently found 2 new custom RV Van companies that are also worth a look: GTRV and Outside Van.

  • YAY Windy!!!! Ok guys, I grew up in Fort Lauderdale. Yatching capital of the world. This is just a heads up. Remember all those times when something went wrong or windy got sick? When that happens in a boat you need to get a tow. A water tow for some reason cost about as much as a kidney. Boats are money pits. I will still watch you on the edge of my seat either way. We had many large boats growing up. Here is the math on one of them. 85K for the boat, 20k in extras and repairs, towing ect. 8 years later she was worth about 30K… Not every boat will be the same but something to think about.. Although if your not paying for it by all means – SUPERSIZE IT!!! Have fun and we love watching on Youtube

  • Mike

    did you guys decide on a new rig? Didn’t see what you picked?

  • steve

    You may enjoy following the site ourodyssey they just bought a trawler and are going to try the boating life-style. I went the opposite and sold the sailboat for the motorhome life although not full time, got tired of always worrying about weather and draging anchor. Best of luck Steve

  • David

    Hi Jason and Nikki; going from RVing to cruising is definitely a nice step ” no white lines” just open water. The northwest has amazing cruising waters,,, but they are cold, but it’s easier to get warm than get cool. I see you have Blaine on your itinerary, check out the Semiahmoo marina, we kept our boat there for a few years. From Semiahmoo it’s just a short trip to the San Juan Islands and the Gulf islands.
    There used to be (and may still be) a bluegrass festival in Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands , was a great time. Then there’s the July 1st lamb roast on Saturna island, lots of boats there. But if your looking for solitude and anchoring in a bay where there are no other boats , just sail north for two days. It’s amazing how desolate it gets when you go north (ie. Desolation Sound). And if you’re real adventurous keep going north to the Alaska Pan handle!
    BTW – Vancouver is Hollywood north , could be lots of work for some one that knows cameras.

    Cheers David and Dianne

    • Thank you so much for this wonderful advice! We are keeping track of Boat places to see, so this info is much appreciated. San Juan Islands, Desolation Point, and Alaska are all on our wish list…who knows where we’ll start, and when the heck we’ll end up.
      Hoping to learn a little more as we make our way up the West Coast in 2013.

  • Phil, Steve and Dakota

    Ah ha, I knew it! I had a suspicion you were going to follow through with getting a boat eventually :). My second guess was that you were going to load up Windy on a freighter, not unlike the Shulte’s did with their VW, and tour Europe before taking to the water. What do you think of that idea? Happy New Year and safe travels from your Canadian friends. Btw Dakota’s adoption has now been finalized – he’s all legal now!

    • well you guys know us too well…maybe it was the apple fritter yummy things and coffee that night in Canada? Ha.
      We have considered Europe by RV, maybe we’ll trade for a boat in FL, Sail for a while, then trade for another RV in Europe one day. Who knows, that’s the beauty of the unwritten adventure.
      Congrats on getting that darn Paperwork done! I can’t imagine a better Christmas and New Years present for such a genuine couple. You all are often in our thoughts.
      Have a prosperous 2013!

  • merriest christmas wynn’s!!! excited for you and your new venture and for your future foreign ones as well… xoxo, tiffany

    • And a Happy New Year to you! I hope we get to see you in 2013 as we crisscross the nation.

  • Dave MacKenzie

    Jason & Nikki;

    I, hope you both have a great time over the holidays and have an excellent time travelling in the New year. I might not get to say much online these days but I follow your land voyages across this great continent. I have been extremely busy the last few months with personal quests (education, music etc.) and i do not intend to let up anytime soon. I have to keep this old thick skull of mine busy, so it does not seize up on me. LOL. I wish you, your family and friends all the best over this holiday season and may you have safe and happy travels on the road in 2013. Meeting you both in Bar Harbor this summer was definitely one of the best moments on our travels this year. i hope we can meet up again sometime soon. Please, take care of yourselves, and give a premium grade quart of oil to Windy for me. LOL.

    • Dave,
      Nikki and I have been fortunate to meet such wonderful people such as yourself, Jeanne and Simon. To break bread with strangers then walk away a little richer with new friends is what keeps us going each day. Happy Christmas, and I’ll send you the bill for a quart….Windy thanks you! 🙂

  • When you’re in Mesa AZ, check out Organ Stop Pizza. It’s an experience and the food is pretty good as well.

  • Loved spending time with you all! Are you sure you don’t want to get a pontoon boat??? lol See ya in California!

  • So glad you are keeping Windy and you have another year of travelling adventure ahead for you all 🙂

  • To tell the truth my wife and I have been following you guys and were amazed at the amount of money you spend. We are retired and like a large number of Graying America we don’t have the money you folks have. We have had to and been able to travel on alot less. In one of your posts you spoke about your wardrobe and the clothing you have for different climates. Like a old song said,” I’m going were the weather suits my clothes”. Thats what we do along with using one credit card so we get rewards in the form of a price brake on gas. Well we wish you well and keep the shiny side up.

  • Monaco when sold to the new owner Navastar, this was their first creation from their engineers.
    You failed to disclose all the problems you had to address with the warranty and repairs. In scope any new unit has it’s problems. The loss in value when you parted ways was I am sure painful. It was nice of you not to complain. Buy used
    as values have dropped like a rock in the industry and their are some great buys to be had.
    Wish you the best.
    Ron H.

    • Hello Ron,
      Sorry to hear you’ve had a bunch of issues with your Vesta. Monaco is owned by Navistar now, and out of this new relationship came the Vesta. You said “we’ve failed to disclose problems” but to be perfectly honest we haven’t had many issues. Our engine shut down on us once but the issue was fixed, we had some issues with the slide not coming out evenly but that issue is fixed. Other than those 2 major issues everything else has been small and Monaco has taken care of us with no questions asked.
      As for the loss of value, it’s one of the bad parts about buying a new RV, you’re gonna get hit: expect 50% loss off MSRP in the first 2 years! I agree, if there was an RV that suited our lifestyle better than the Vesta we certainly would have bought used!
      If you’re in the market to purchase a new or used RV check out this article:

  • Jim Carpenter

    Pontoons. Really big Pontoons. Problem solved.

  • David Gardner

    Cool! We love following your adventures, and we’re big fans of Encore / Thousand Trails! We first met at an Encore in Pacifica, and hopefully we’ll see you again now that you’ll be hanging out in our TT’s this year! Any chance you’ll be putting up some kind of basic calendar of your tentative plans?

  • Don’t let not knowing how to sail stop you one bit! That’s what we thought anyway and here we are, aboard our boat in the beautiful San Blas Islands in Panama. Come visit sometime if you’d like to try it out. Or, you can always get a sneak preview at

  • Katie

    I hope you all have safe travels, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. You all should come to Tennessee in 2013. There are a lot of neat places to see.

  • ken

    Great..maybe in another year we would be able to buy windy…

  • David

    I gather you have one more year on the road… then another year or summer aquiring and out fitting and learning to sail the boat.. So july 2015 ,,,two month cruise up the coast to the hubbard glacier. yes they make life jackets for cats, if he’ll keep it on..

    • oooh, I think you may be right David. See you again in 2015! and yes the cats will be wearing inflatable harness’ ha.

  • Alfred D'Adda

    The end of the road. It may be sad to see Wendy go but she will serve a new purpose as I am sure there is a family waiting to take her on many more travels.
    I can honestly say though, when we did get rid of the green monster I was nostalgic just a bit. After all the monster did serve as a hideout for my underage drinking.

    Best wishes and good luck in finding your next adventure, you will know it when you see it.


    Al D’Adda
    San Antonio

    • Alfred I remember your Green Monster, a great love-hate affair with your old RV. Keep an ear out as we may be in San Antonio in 2013.

  • David

    There’s a 35 ft sailboat with your name on it in the northwest, there’s the hubbard glacier calling out to you. There’s lots of salmon, crab, prawns and clams waiting to meet you up the coast. See you out there on the chuck.

  • Dad

    Have a wonderful Christmas and great travels!

  • Mark

    Great news! Remember the most important rule in RVing? Flexibility. Go with the wind, that’s what you two are about. Plans change, you go with it. Lesson well learned. Have fun you two, “you’re living the dream.” Hey! “Merry Christmas.”

  • Gary

    By land or by sea, I will always support you two, you guys are awesome!

  • bruce

    “Loving your RV means never having to say you’re sorry.”

    That line never made sense anyhow – so we’re glad you’ve made up with Windy and are set for 12 more months of open road freedom!

  • Dana Marxen

    Whenever you are ready to start the sailing lessons, we can help you out. We can also help with selecting a boat for your needs.
    Keep the adventure alive!

  • Wow now that is news! Good for 2 go with the flow and whatever works!!
    big Christmas hugs – woulda sent a card but hell knows where y’all are!
    Karin & Ludger

  • Pat

    We are a 1000 Trails member too, so will be interested in your travels! Don’t forget the 1000 Trails outside of Sedona! And make your way to Jerome, if you dare…

  • Randy McCoy

    Congrats..looking forward to your insights and blogs for the next year.

  • What an adventure! Right now I am only dreaming of doing what you two are doing with my family of 7 (one of the 7 is our dog). We just arrived home less than a week ago from a 43 day trip in our converted school bus where we traveled 4248 miles and crossed 16 states. We began homeschooling our 4 children this year and it has been amazing. I can’t wait to get back on the open road. I think I have uncovered a new condition and I am calling it postravelin depression.

  • Hope she is a good sport 😛

    Good luck!! Sounds like an awesome time. I moved to Florida on the gulf and had every intention of learning to sail! Course life and job changes forced me to give up that for now 🙁
    Still plan on doing it though!

      • Yes! my aunt used to own some land on the north Bimini island. Unfortunately she sold it 🙁 Before I had a chance to go!
        Been my dream to sail over there ever since!

        I heard it is quite the place to relax and get some fishing in!

  • yay! Good for you two! Love that you are pursuing your dreams! 🙂

    • Thanks as always for the support JoAnne, I’m sure we’ll need a life coach before we take on the new adventure in 2014.

  • Bill in Wimberley, TX

    You guys need to give us followers some tidbits of information as to what your “seaworthy” plans are !

    • Well Bill, that will be the fun part! At the current time we don’t know how to sail, we’ve never been on a sail boat, and I don’t know if I’ll blow chunks in the open water! We’ve got at least another year on the road, probably a year and half… as we like to say “let the adventure begin”.

  • It’s good to see you guys moving forward. We look forward to seeing your travels through the coming year. Maybe you’ll come down to Florida and visit our dealership at

    Wish you all the best Windy, Jason, and Nikki!

    • Well Brandon maybe we’ll come and see you and the dealership can help us sell Windy and find a boat! Ha. We’ll see you when we get there in 2014.


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