Dear Windy,  We’re Sorry.

Windy the RV

I know we’ve had you on a rollercoaster of emotions the last couple of months and for that we apologize. We have always tried to be honest about this relationship and we knew it wouldn’t last forever. We told you back in September we started searching for a new smaller home on wheels. We have this urge to live as simply as possible, leave a smaller footprint behind and explore even more. However, we need you for one last adventure.

It’s time we tell you everything. When we told you we were going to downsize and keep rolling down the road, we lied. Not only did we lie to you, we lied to ourselves. We thought we could push our long term dreams a little further down and keep doing what we are doing, but it’s just not true. You see, for a while now we have been fantasizing about rolling across the ocean and not the open road….However, we’re still not done with the highways or you just yet. We have one last year long request. Will you help us finish up our American Road Trip? We still have so much to see in 2013 on land before we go jumping in the ocean and we want to do it with you. We’ve carefully laid out our final route and a must see/do list. Before you make any final decisions we want to give you one more big surprise. Encore and Thousand Trails will be sponsoring our camping this year! That’s right, always a sturdy spot to rest your tires with ocean, mountain and even golf course views to look forward to.

So please accept our apologies and think about all of the great memories we can still have together. You’re beautiful and we couldn’t imagine our last year on land without you.

Jason, Nikki, Singa and Miss Cleo

A few of our favorite adventures with Windy:
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