In our years of travel and campground stays we've never experienced a place quite like this.

hot spring camping oregon Crystal Crane Hot Springs is in the middle of absolutely nowhere... Burns, Oregon. It’s not fancy, yet it’s beautiful and incredibly peaceful (even with the yipping of the coyotes around 6pm).  There’s a swimming pool size hot spring (clothing not optional) and it’s very affordable.  It pretty much sums up the kind of campgrounds we wish we could find a whole lot more of around the country (if you know of them, please let us know in the comments below).

The sunsets dazzle us in one direction and the moon seduces us in another.

Birch Bay is a tiny little community in Blaine, Washington and to be completely honest; my first impression was a big yawn. We would have never visited little blip on the map if it hadn't been for the campground we were there to film.  Birch Bay seemed like any other sleepy coastal town and we couldn't imagine why people would stay here for months on end… then we learned why in less than 24hrs. crabbing in washington Birch Bay is an escape. This is where you go when you just want to get away from it all.  It’s peaceful, the scenery is stunning and the changing tides add a nice touch of drama.

Sometimes things just work out when you travel. For us that synchronization of timing worked out just perfectly in Long Beach Washington, and what makes travel more fun that meeting up with friends!?! full time RV ers Long Beach Peninsula is famous for Jake the Alligator Man, Kite Flying Competitions, and the World’s Longest Beach, but for us this small town delivered as the perfect place for a nomadic hangout.

Halfway between Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon is the tiny town of Chehalis. The town came about in the late 1800’s thanks to the railroads and today the steam trains are still going strong. chehalis centraila railroad We're not train aficionados by any means but there was no way our inner child was going to let us pass up the opportunity to take a ride on the Chehalis-Centralia Railroad.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “if only there were a place I could go anytime of the year, with fantastic hiking, snow skiing, snowboarding, and that’s famous for scaring the pants off of millions”? ME TOO; one town to do it all!  Ok, maybe not the last part, but I’ve always wished there were somewhere I could escape to whenever I wanted to get my snow bunny fix...that wasn't an international flight away.  And had I known this perfect little town actually exists, I would have made a B-Line to Mt. Hood, Oregon a long time ago! year round ski and snowboarding at Mt. Hood Just a short two hour drive from Portland is the only year round ski resort in North America!  Now, this isn’t just another resort town…Mt. Hood has a serious amount of Cascadian charm, creepy Hollywood history and a more than respectable adventure park.

Making our way along Oregon’s central coast we had heard lots about Florence.  So, naturally we were expecting to be blown away with its small town charm, picturesque beaches and sweeping dunes...and we were. adventure in florence oregon What we weren’t expecting was a micro culture of adventure junkies!  Somehow in all my searching and quizzing Oregonians, nothing gave the impression that this was the place to get your adventure on!  Oh yes, this quiet little town is much more than just pretty beaches.

I have to admit that we’ve been to this area before, even stayed at the same campground but wow, we totally missed Temecula and what a mistake! We missed out on some serious sippin’ and swingin’! temecula Two years ago we found ourselves at the Wilderness Lakes RV Resort and Campground in Menifee, CA and made the mistake of just exploring about a 5 mile radius. In our defense, we were only staying for two days, still new to full time travel and entirely too anxious to get to the next BIG destination.