You (our loyal and awesome readers) are the reason we exist, continue to gather our thoughts and create fun (or at least we hope) videos.  So, aside from our efforts to entertain, inspire and share what we learn along our journey, we feel we owe you a little something extra.thanks for followingThen it hit us, we have some pretty cool stuff lying around that you might like to have.  From the stuff companies send us to test (we’re like car crash dummies with slightly less stuffing) to the ones that get so excited when they see us raving about how much we like their product, they send us more of it; we have some pretty awesome extras!Rather than trying to find nooks and crannies to house these extras (or selling them on ebay), we thought "we should give them to you".  The only problem is there isn’t enough to go around to everyone.  So, we are running a few easy contests to give everyone a fair chance.  This is the first of many!

Our friends at Go Power are giving away one each of their portable solar panels (40, 80 and 120 Watt)  in a STICK IT WHERE THE SUN SHINES photo contest!  …and we are the photo judges!  Who are these Go Power friends of ours you ask and why are they letting us judge their contest?  Good question!

Go Power Solar

We first met Go Power at the Abbotsford RV Show.  We were speaking on free camping and greening up your RV which naturally both subjects lead to solar power