"A vast landscape of mini cities that have been etched into the canyon walls, and over the centuries have been brutally attacked by all the ferocity that mother nature could throw at it, yet this supreme creation still stands, quite possibly more beautiful than ever".

...yep, that’s how I’d describe Bryce Canyon National Park in one sentence or less. bryce canyon

The Painted Desert is a vast rocky badlands alongside historic Route 66 that stretches from Arizona’s Grand Canyon to the Petrified Forest.  Funny little tidbit: The Painted Desert isn't a desert at all; it’s actually the largest intact Grassland in the Southwest. painted desert afternoon We had no idea the Painted Desert covered such a wide area and we weren't sure what to expect from this national park.  The park receives little to no recognition, or visitors, in comparison to its neighbor the Grand Canyon, and to be perfectly honest we weren't convinced it was worth freezing our butts off (it was 20 degrees) or the drive.