Who knew moving houses only five feet from each other would still be so much work…I take that back, the moving was simple, the organizing (the cabinets are different sizes), purging (the toys we planned on using, haven’t, and now need to let go) and growing pains of learning a new RV (auto gen start, different slides, electrical systems…) are well, way more work that we ever anticipated!  So much in fact that we are still settling in. moving into a new rv Before we moved all our junk in, we shot this quick look so you could see our new RV just as it comes…gold bedding and all.

Your imaginations have been running wild with ideas of us becoming parents, sailors, downsizing or the worst…gasp…non-travelers.  Bad news is you are all wrong.  Good news is we have been having some very unexpected and interesting conversations over these past few weeks. gone with the wynns Here we were, in the midst of planning our next big adventure (this is where you may imagine open oceans), when we received a call from an RV company called Fleetwood.  Here is a non exact version of those conversations.