Friday June 22, 2012 – Turning 31 This morning I’m woken by my mom at 6:30 am “we’re gonna be late”.  I push Nikki awake and hop out of bed.  Today is my 31st birthday, and other than a few extra hairs in my ears and a small case of moobs I feel pretty good.  We rush out of the RV and we’re off for white water kayaking. We arrive 15 minutes early and the guides look at us like we’re 3 hours early.  Let’s just say in this part of Canada it doesn’t work like the states.  Before we know it we’re joined by 100+ kids from a nearby high school.  Dang!  After nearly 2 hours of waiting around we finally gear up and head out….I could have slept in longer or had one of Nikki’s famous breakfasts!