Buckland Farm Market

June 24, 2011 1

Driving along highway 29 we ran across Buckland Farm Market. It looked so cute we had to turn around and go…

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Caleb and Milo salsa

The Wynns make salsa with Caleb and Milo

June 5, 2011 5

If you know the Wynns then you know they love salsa! Today we’re invited to join Chef Chris Maher and his wife Valerie Maher on a production day at Caleb and Milo. Caleb and Milo is an all natural salsa and spread company produced in Taos, NM. Get your chips ready and let’s dive in!

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taos cooking studios

Cooking Studio Taos Thai Cooking Class….YUM!

March 13, 2011 11

Not your average cooking school, we’re hosted by clebrity chef Chris Maher who shows us the ropes of Thai Cooking! Nikki dives in on a Beef Dish (that’s right….meat!) and a Banana dessert (which she’s allegic to).