Have you ever walked in somewhere and thought to yourself, “I don’t know how this place got started and I definitely don’t know how it’s still going”? Well, that’s exactly what I thought when we walked into the Space Murals Museum just outside Las Cruces, New Mexico. space murals museum new mexico Driving down highway 70 you can spot the giant painted steel tank from a good distance away, however if we had not already had this roadside attraction on our radar, we wouldn't have known it was open for business. We were greeted by a nice woman reading a book and smoking a cigarette. She casually let us know we were free to roam and take as many photos as we like. There was no fee, just a donation box and a dusty gift shop. We of course headed straight for the outdoor rocket garden (where the murals are).

I looked around at the scattered spray cans and colored plastic tops and thought to myself, when did littering become participatory art? I really wanted my artistic self to appreciate the chaos and disregard of it all but my inner realist just couldn't let go.

Cadillac ranch texas

Outside of Amarillo, Texas are 10 partially sunken Cadillac’s near what used to be iconic route 66. Why are there sunken Cadillac’s out in the middle of an empty field?