It always feels a bit dicey each time I visit a place I have always wanted to see.  I build up all kinds of expectations (even thought I try hard not to).  Now, Tombstone Arizona hasn’t exactly been on the top of my list, but growing up watching old western’s does spark a good bit of curiosity. Jason and Nikki in Tombstone Tombstone was one of the last boomtowns of the west in the 1800’s.  Silver, silver, and more silver produced $40 to $85 million in cold hard cash!  Can you imagine that amount in the 1800’s?  It’s like hittin’ the big one on every state lottery combined!

Virginia City, NV is a town set in the 1800's and TNT Stagelines transports you back to that time for an authentic stagecoach ride! 

Gary and Nancy Teel are the last of their kind to operate this old school ride.  Gary (the stagecoach driver) looks like a ruff and tuff cowboy that would have been a part of the Pony Express or Wyatt Earp's crew.