Test Drive the all new 2011 Monaco Vesta 32 foot RV

Monaco Vesta

2011 Monaco Vesta RV

Nikki and I have just finished the first test drive of the Monaco Vesta 32 foot RV. Good news is we LOVE it! Drives like a dream compared to our old RV. Looks as good as the pictures inside and out! The floorplan overall is pretty good however we’re going to see if we can remove the sleeper sofa and add a workstation, this will allow us to work more easily from the road.


Fuel mileage tests have not been completed as of yet so we can’t report on the official MPG at this time. This is an important piece of data for us, so we’ll keep you in the loop as we discover more about this revolutionary new motorhome.
Seems like Monaco put a lot of planning into the design of this coach, we’d be happy to call the Monaco Vesta our new home on the road! Once we purchase we’ll have to give her a special name!

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  • Cindy Mitchell

    We have a 2011 Monaco Vesta that when the slide out is in and it rains we get water on the floor at both ends of the slide out. It does not leak while slide is out. Seals look excellent. The floor also has a slight slant from the centre towards the slide out. Is this part of the design

    • Curious Minion

      I don’t know about the slant but the leaking is definitely not by design! Sounds like you need to have the slide checked out. Some of them can become mis-aligned or it might be pinching the seal when it’s closed but not when it’s open.
      Curious Minion

  • Owen McOmber

    Would like to know the weight maximum for a tow vehicle for the Vesta, I’m considering buying a preowned 2012, I want exhaust brakes. They publish 7,000 pounds but wanted to get your opinion. Would be interested on your thoughts one what a fair price to offer the dealer for a 2012? A little concerned on how in handles in city traffic, the other option in a B van. It’s reported to corner and drive like a car, your thoughts please.

  • Diane & Ed Malin

    My wife and I are big fans. It looks like you guys are having so much fun. You are very informative yet entertaining at the same time. We are about to embark on our RVing adventure. We have owned C class RVs. They suited the purpose for weekends and vacations. We are now going to be taking extended trips (3-4 months at a time) and we are considering a Class A. After much deliberation we have narrowed it down to the 32 Vesta and the 32 Breeze. I have driven the Breeze at Red Bay. I was a little intimidated at first but it was like driving a huge suv. I did not have to guess which way the RV was going to wander and adjust my steering consistently, as I did with the class c’s.

    I see your Vesta is for sale. Can you give any specific info on how it drove, tracking, wandering, hill climbing, etc. I haven’t driven one yet. I live in North Georgia and finding one available for sale around here is difficult. They must be pretty good RVs because you don’t see many used for sale. That is unlike the Breezes as they had some issues the first couple years 2011, 2012. You see many of those years models for sale at steep discounts.

    • Kimberly Brown

      I live in N. Georgia too. Did you end up buying a RV, if so, which one?

  • Debi

    I forgot to hit the send me a response by email.

  • Debi

    I am confused, I thought the Vesta was your first RV. You mention you like the Vesta better than your other RV. What was your RV? Is the vesta the ne you refer to as Windy? We just bought a 21 ft travel trailer to test the waters. We plan to go for a few monts this winter. We are hoping we love it and if so will plan for a different RV and being on the road for a year or so. I am enjoying the blog. Enjoyed it so much, not much got done today.

  • Mark

    love your site and videos


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