life on a Narrowboat with Jason and Nikki Wynn


We’ve moved aboard a Narrowboat!  And, even if you don’t know what a Narrowboat is, you’ve probably seen one on a postcard or in a movie.  Because there are hundreds of these long, colorful, steel hulls lining the canals that run all through Great Britain.

Living aboard a Narrowboat is a huge bucket list adventure and we’re so excited to share it all with you!  Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to be experiencing life on the canals as we navigate locks, bridges, tunnels, and aqueducts.

Lucky us, we have The Canal King himself as our Narrowboating mentor.  If you are a Cruising The Cut fan, then you already know we’re off to a good start!

Cruising The Cut

David Johns is loved by many for his videos, including us.  But let me tell you, he is even more fun in person!  We didn’t give him enough kudos in this video (we gush about him at the end of the trip) but he was a huge help in making the whole trip happen including being our taxi driver.  Next time…because there will be a next time, we’ll get a bigger boat and try to convince David to come with us for the whole experience.

Hire Your Own Narrowboat

ABC Boat Hire was David’s recommendation, and he was spot on.  They agreed to host us and the whole experience was smooth as butter.  They have locations all over Britain so you can pick up at one marina and drop off at another, make a loop or whatever your heart desires.  Aside from food, the boat had everything we needed for the trip including training on how to operate these long narrowboats.

No previous boating experience needed!  So this is truly an adventure for anyone and by the end of this series, I bet it will be on your bucket list too (if it wasn’t already).



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  • Tev

    Charming. And isn’t David a delight? Loved listening to him. This is one “cruise” I would do. Your videos are only getting better and better. Thanks for sharing.

  • Paul Reynolds

    You are visiting my country again, I am so glad you have. Jason and Nikki. I hope you enjoy your time, for it is not the hot places you have been, less bugs though !
    To travel is to learn, that is a great thing. I love you both and wish you to take something special within, from each trip you take. Is there a place you would settle, found so far ?

  • Alan Solomon

    How interesting and coincidental you know David and are starting this new adventure.
    I have watched a few of Davids videos in the past too, however, that was a few years ago. I may have even commented. I cannot remember.
    Something I saw then, caught my eye and interested me about David’s lifestyle. Probably the beauty, the landscapes from the water. The animals and wildlife.
    I may have found it very homey and cozy in the past at that time.
    I cannot quite remember what industry David was in but before he changed lifestyles, he was doing good. As I remember David wanted a change of scenery and he would then, get used to and master his new lifestyle. He probably does not remember Alan from Southern California. How funny you guys have been watching him too. Happy and Joyous,

  • J Lewis

    Been watching both of your channels for years and knew you would eventually cross paths. It’s nice to see it finally happen.

  • Colin

    Welcome to the world of single screw, low skeg design monohulls where everything happens with varying delays and rates of change neither of which is constant. Conning these to berth them especially in a breeze, used to be one of the spectator sports at the harbors and early marinas in the UK and France. Watching the charter cubs and the weekend owners bring their boats in on Sunday night was something that used to make the locals fall about. Today its a whole different story because of 2 motors, Cats, thrusters and vectored drives. Your experience as tillermen will give you a strong sense of what the old time sailing world was like.
    Nicki – did I see milk in that tea????

    • Curious Minion

      Probably! Nikki has been a tea drinker for years and always keeps a variety on hand. A cuppa on nightwatch is almost a requirement. ;o)
      Curious Minion

  • Bob Wolford

    What a delightful video. A friend of mine and I are now definitely considering a summer on the canal. Thank you for introducing us to this option. We are going to do a lot of research to prepare ourselves for a possible leisurely adventure next summer.

  • Richard Fenters

    You guys will soon be the world’s foremost experts of water travel of all kinds at the rate you are going. Next will have to be a submarine rental and adventure…. perhaps even navigating underwater lava tubes… Enjoy the life as I enjoy your videos.. Can’t wait to see your new home!

  • Steve Tannenbaum

    Thanks for another wonderful video. It made my Sunday morning.


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