Toronto Island and more Dumping Fun!

Today was another day of working.  Gotta pay the bills!  We did get the opportunity to meet Cathy’s other 2 children and their families at dinner.  It was her son’s long overdue birthday party.  Yeah for us, we got to partake in birthday cake!  This is one of the great benefits of Driveway Surfing; getting to know the locals and being invited to a birthday party!  We had great conversation and they filled us in on fun Canadian politics and interesting info on the Toronto Ontario area.  It’s always fascinating to learn what others think of their city and government.

Monday June 18, 2012 – Toronto Island

We spent the first half of the day working; now we’re heading into downtown Toronto to visit the island.  Parking rates next to the ferry were $25!  We found a small parking lot 2 blocks away for $10.  Randomly the parking lot guy noticed our license plate from Texas.  He knew everything about Greenville Avenue area in Dallas (our old stomping grounds) as his cousin owns a liquor shop in the area.

Toronto Island is reached only by ferry boat, and apparently is a popular tourist destination.  The tickets are $7 pp round trip, so not too shabby.  There are a few homes on the island, a small school, and a couple restaurants……but mainly there are tourists.  We’ve come on a Monday evening just before busy season so it’s not too crazy just yet.

At first arrival the island seems a little run down; the amusement park  still has rides from the 70’s, the little animal farm is a bit depressing, the gardens seem haphazardly placed and in need of pruning.  We walked the entire island, ate at a small café built by the man who built the islands sea wall, and we toured the beaches.  Overall it was a nice escape from the city offering a park like setting with views of the lake and the uninhabited surrounding islands…..just makes us want a sail boat even more!

A few things we wish we’d known before coming across to Toronto Island:

1. There is a nice disc golf course so bring a disc or two

2. Pack a picnic lunch, the food on the island is expensive

3. Bring a swimsuit (or don’t) and a towel, the water is clear and the beaches are decent

4. The nude beach actually had nude in shape men, quite a change from the normal nude beach (and sorry guys I didn’t see any nude women)

5. Wear comfortable shoes, or bring a bike with you to get around the island

6. If you’re allergic to cottonwood you might want to bring an epee-pen ‘cause it looked like snow!

We had grand plans of visiting little India for some ethnic cuisine, but it was 9pm before we arrived back to the car.  So we picked up some groceries, an Asian bowl and ate on the steps of Toronto.  Not a bad way to end our time here, we’re back on the road tomorrow.

–          Jason


Tuesday June 19, 2012 – Depart Toronto

So, remember when we first arrived and Jason rigged the lines so he could dump the grey water?  Well, he thought it went so well he should try dumping the black and grey tank today before we left…  My suggestion was to stop at the dump station on the way but nooooo.  That would require another stop and why would we want to do something as easy as that?  This was one of those times I wish men were not so stubborn!  We avoided any major disasters HOWEVER; I nearly busted a gut when the pressure in the hose was building up!  Jason’s arms were struggling to hold his “boy scout rigging” as he likes to call it. A tiny little spray of warm water sputtered out right towards his face!  I almost lost it, it took everything I had not to just roll around on the ground giggling like a little girl.  I so wish at that moment we had a film crew following us just to capture that moment.  It would have been an instant replay in slow motion from at least 2 different angles!  Now, I am sure Jason doesn’t find this as amusing as I do but even he got a good laugh in talking about it after his shower.

With all of the excitement over, we say our last good bye and thank you to Cathy and were off.  We are on our way to surf yet another driveway in Prince Edward County.  This driveway surfing has got to be the best camping ever!  We are having so much fun getting to know people.

*Approximate campground savings by staying in Cathy’s yard 6 nights = $300

So, we just had an RV oops moment.  Driving down the road we hear a thud and Jason quickly pipes up with “there goes your plant”.  Great!  I get up and see this:

Luckily I was able to scoop up most of the soil and put it all back together.  Hopefully my basil and mint won’t know anything happened.

One quick note on something we’re lucky to have in Canada… the RV GPS works, and our RV has the conversion for Miles Per Kilometer on the speedometer!  Thank goodness.


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  • Mark

    It’s interesting to note that you’re longing for a sailboat dates all the way back to before this post.

    For some reason, (wordPress sucks) all the images from this post seem to be missing. Is it me or can anyone else see this?

    • Arg, I have had issues with this post doing that. I will take a peek.

  • Amanda

    Just watched your House Hunters episode and decided to give your blog a quick visit. This post about Toronto was great. We are born and raised here. We agree that the Island is a fun place to visit if a little run down. One thing though about that “nude” beach. You most definitely didn’t see any nude ladies – it’s pretty much unofficially a gay beach! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

  • Cathy Gunther

    I am so glad I saw you buying your RV and saying you were going on the road full-time. Also that we could follow you on Gone With the Wynns. I so enjoy following you and hearing your stories. Just love it! Happy Trails


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