jason and nikki wynn give honest thoughts about trimaran life


Well, now that we’ve navigated the seas on a Trimaran, everyone’s clamoring to know…which is the superior vessel, a Catamaran or Trimaran?  And that’s just one of the countless queries, including the curious case of how a pooch does her business while aboard a boat.

Reasonable questions, all things considered. This was our maiden voyage as caretakers of another couple’s vessel and our first time manning the helm of a NEEL 47 trimaran. Add in a four-legged friend and it was a feast of fresh experiences.

So, we figured we should provide some insight into your most burning questions about life on three hulls.



If there is one nugget of wisdom I would give to any boat buyer, whether you seek a mono or multihull it would be to try it before you buy it.  Charter boats are a dime a dozen, from the well-worn to shiny new, high performance or coastal cruiser.  And there’s no better way to properly judge a boat than to live in it and sail it.  So, go judge for yourself (and don’t take our, or anyone else’s, word for it)!


The Rocket Scientists:


Supernova is a NEEL 47 Trimaran.  You can see a full tour of her here: and if you want to continue to follow her journey with Katy and Craig, you can find them here:




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Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Alan Solomon

    Thank you.
    Another terrific video including your insert reminders of different past situations.
    Thanks for the thorough comparison!
    I think you should make room for a 2- or 3-person dishwasher. I mean it is your baby!
    I never heard of a Berna Doodle until now. Way cute as always!
    Great olive oil selection. “6” kinds.

  • Wendy Weaver

    When dishwashers were first introduced for widespread home use, they were top loaders. As a child, our house that was built in 1955 had one. There are pluses to top loaders {even when full/family models), such as little to no vibrations, less noise, no water drips on the floor when loading, no obstacles to maneuver around when the door is open. The negatives of top-loaders versus side;loaders was top-loaders in the 1950s did not begin to have the versatile configurations that side loaders can have. (Perhaps top-loaders could have been designed to be versatile, but went out of favor too quickly).

    However, 2-person top loaders do not need versatile configurations and are easier to load than drawer styles (less bending, especially when a bottom of the cabinet location). This ease of loading and unloading makes a difference if the dishwasher will also serve as storage for dishes (plates, cups, glasses, eating utensils) in lieu of cupboard storage. As noted above, if the drawer is open for air drying or unloading, everyone must be careful not to run into the open drawer. Also, since top-loaders are next to the sink, plumbing design and execution is easier and there are less opportunities for leaks or sources of leaks.

  • Tom

    Nikki and Jason, 2 comments:

    1) You were the 1st YouTubers we watch regularly. I love your channel’s vibe & positivity and find it inspirational. We’ve since upgraded our popup –> toy hauler –> Class C, and as for the marine foray, I learned sailing 2 years ago by crewing a racing monohull and bought… a kayak. Baby steps. 🙂

    2) As far as the dishwasher, check out another YouTuber’s episode on dishwashers. (Technology Connections)

    3) It’s awesome that you watched someone else’s puppy on their boat. (3 comments – I can’t count!)


  • Steve

    Everything Michael said. Easiest thing in the world to take one leg of your 230v. and have 115v., for a couple of outlets for your legacy appliances. That doesn’t solve the 50-60 Hz problem. You can fry every thing you own with the wrong frequency. Jason knows this, because of how important it is to have a clean sine wave for your sensitive electronics. If anybody can find a solution, it is Jason. Get the dishwasher, NOW. It is very important to not have a work around, as it will always be a compromise. In 10-12 years, you can go back to Nikky’s way. You’ve been married a long while. You’ve editted out a lot of disagreements. You know how important compromise and fairness is. Unless they have already built the cabinets, just DO IT. PS. I love you guys.

  • Mary Van

    It would be boring if we all liked the same things! It is nice you were able to sail and try it out. Now, you know what you know! 😉

  • Michael

    Thanks, as always.

    There are a few subjects I’d like to address.
    Electricity: It isn’t really 220 versus 110 in the world; it is actually 50 versus 60 Hertz. I would think that any custom power system (which is what a boat uses) can be configured to provide whatever you want in frequency and voltage. Besides, a high voltage can always be stepped down.

    Dishwasher: You surely have a right to have your kitchen area laid out that way you want. Cabinetry is one of the most adaptable parts of the whole build. Just tell them what you want.

    Hulls: There is one fact that one must consider, and that is that the more hulls you have, the more drag you have. While one can always design a hull for speed, the trimaran will always be slower, all things considered. The advantage a dual-hull has over a mono-hull may be that the same amount of weight is brought out of the water (the source of drag) over that of the mono.

    When we speak about getting the weight out of the water, the ultimate will always be using some time of wing or foil. That’s just how it is.

    By the way, the tri-hull causes rocking side to side because of the big fulcrum that is the middle hull. The cat never does that. When not under way, the mono will rock side to side, and only the cat is as stable as it can be. The mono has a shape for speed when leaning away from the wind, but if speed was truly the purpose, the foils would have been used. Again, that’s just how it is. A cat with foils is always the best.

    Best of luck on you decisions.

  • Bill Berry

    Nice video of the likes or of Cat or tri. Great job in the video of a seque from the outfitting of your new boat into the promo for the SurfShark job very well done! Overall it like everything in life everyone has a difference preference. One of you prefer handwashing of dishes the other why not a dishwasher. Then Mono compared to a cat compared to a tri people will have the preference and some will or can adjust their preference depending on the circumstances. I would think a Mono a Cat or a Tri would act an perform differently in different locals just as they would perform differently with different crews. So you make your decision and adapt to it with your preference in mind. Loved watching this phase of your lives as you wait for your new vessel to be built out. Best of fortune to you both.

  • Lee Hansen

    Just saw latest video on your impressions of trimaran! Loved it!

    Dish washer! Have builder adjust cabinet width, right or left of sink, install dishwasher just below countertop! Do NOT wait, you will NEVER regret it! Find one using 220 volts so it ties into your standard power systems! Inlet water ties to sink hot/cold! Outlet water ties to sink drain!

    Recommendation on cabinet width, adjust interior support! One side larger for dishwasher, other side smaller for silverware, utensils drawer! Pots, pans on drawer slide under dishwasher! Tall storage, maybe wine rack on drawer slide under silverware! Maybe two small drawers, silverware and utensils?

    The few minutes used to load it will be better used in many ways, helping sail, sundowners, safety in heavy seas!


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