Fuel Economy for Monaco Vesta RV, Miles Per Gallon

For those who are wondering what the real-life Miles per Gallon or MPG on the 2011 Monaco Vesta here is the most recent update:

We have been keeping track of our fuel economy in detail using a DROID app on Nikki’s phone.  The app is called Gas Record you can view the app page and see the details by clicking on the link Gas Record Webpage.

Date Range for Monaco Vesta Fuel Economy: 06/09/2011 – 11/31/2011

States Traveled during date range: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico

Our current fuel economy average is 11.2 MPG **

Price paid per gallon  Max: $4.49  Min: $3.73   Avg $4.10

Total cost in Fuel: $2805.61   Average per mile cost: $0.39

Generator Hours Used during date range: 82

Current Mileage: 13,510

** Another item we realized when calculating our Fuel Economy or MPG you MUST keep in mind the number of Generator hours.  This point makes it difficult to accurately track the ‘real’ miles per gallon you receive in an RV.  Our Onan generator is pretty fuel efficient (“they” claim average 1 gallon every 3 hours based on a light load), however the calculation on diesel usage is next to impossible to confirm (its based on the number of hours, the amps/watts you draw from it, temperature, altitude, age of the Generator, etc….way too complicated for my pay grade!  Ha.)  If you have a great way to add generator hours into your fuel economy estimate PLEASE let us know.  The 2011 32′ Monaco Vesta PBS uses the Cummins Onan RV QD 6000 generator, click the link for the spec sheet.

Keep in mind we’ve been traveling through mountains, desert, freezing temperatures, 100+ temperatures constantly gaining and losing altitude.  We still tow behind the Smart Car and carry our two mountain bikes on a rack behind the RV (before the tow car).  We also travel around 60 MPH in most cases, so we’re not trying to get to our destination too fast.  Our on-board computer still reads slightly better MPG than we’re actually getting (on board CPU currently reads 12.5MPG).  Check back in a couple months with us for another fuel economy update.

Do you get good fuel economy in your RV?  Share your numbers with us in the comments section below.

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  • Linda Howe

    Wow – how great to find your site! I’m very interested in getting a Vesta to replace our 2002 Safari Zanzibar (love it but I’m uncomfortable driving it). I’ll go thru your other posts to glean more info 🙂


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