national & state parks

Mother Nature creates the best eye candy and we love everything outdoors. For us, not much beats a day (or 12) in a National or State Park.

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warderick wells land and sea park

Boo Boo, Blow Holes & Drifting – Sailing Warderick Wells

April 23, 2017 30

Warderick Wells is a strong, stick-with-you kind of name.  Perhaps an English castle or dramatic film series but alas, it’s the…

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exuma land and sea park

Sugar Sands and Dinghying Around Exuma’s National Park

April 16, 2017 34

Downwind sailing is by far the most relaxing experience we could hope for while cruising, yet somehow it seems we’re always…

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largest underwater sculpture in the world

Nassau – Jaws Beach & World’s Largest Underwater Sculpture

March 16, 2017 21

Sailing into Nassau I had two things on my mind.  The first was to restock our fridge because we were down…

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sailing the abacos

Sailing North, The End of The Abacos

February 5, 2017 25

Hope Town is the end of the Abacos for us or at least as far south as we are going to…

Fowl Cays National Park

February 5, 2017
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alligator reef

Deserted Island & Hungry Tarpon in the Upper Keys

October 9, 2016 51

It feels good to be exploring again! I realize how ridiculous this must sound coming from a girl who’s been traveling continuously…

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sailing the florida keys

Shaking It Out – Sailing In The Keys

October 2, 2016 96

I try to start each day off with the “expect anything” attitude (depending on my morning coffee time, some days this…

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wynns skinny water sailing

Newbie woes of skinny water sailing

September 25, 2016 99

Like a baby in her mother’s arms, the moment the rocking stopped, I woke up.  We knew something wasn’t right.  Because…

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spectacular sunsets Biscayne National Park

Hurricane Delays & Greeted by Dolphins, Now We’re Sailing

September 18, 2016 69

Welcome to the Sailboat Shakedown Cruise Take Two. I say take two because this is indeed our second time to leave…

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tiki party boat peanut island

S/V Curiosity – Our First Solo Sail Part 2

August 28, 2016 68

I’m going to come right out and say it:  Nikki is way cooler than me. I mean, did you see her…