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  • Charlie Gunn

    January 23, 2017 Reply

    Hey guys, came across your site a couple weeks ago as I was exploring retirement lifestyle options. RVing has come to the forefront recently. Full-time is especially attractive to me. I'm impressed by your "glow", that is, the fun, the goodness, and the good times that you both project. Couple that with an excellent presentation and excellent content, I am now a fan. Oh yeah, your cats are super cool! My wife and I will be renting RVs this year and next to test out the lifestyle. My thoughts are that in a couple years we'll buy a used Class A and spend about half-a-year on the road. Then maybe buy a newer and better motorhome and go full-time. Being a backpacker, I'm inclined towards comfortable boondocking mixed with occasional stays in a nice RV park. My wife is in love with the Smart Car, it might be enough to persuade her to sell her 2006 Prius (w/200k miles). Just saw the boat. Watched the "piggy" episode. Haha. Love it.

    • Jason Wynn

      January 23, 2017 Reply

      Thanks Charlie! One thing to remember when renting an RV: They are basic and not always maintained well. What I mean is if you don't like the RV you have to separate it in your mind from RVing. If you buy a nice RV you'll have the one you want, with the toilet you want and the beds, etc.
      Have fun on the trip and thanks for saying hi.

  • Jay, Janel, C.J., Alijah & Moses (monkey)

    January 22, 2017 Reply

    Jason & Nikki,

    I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how awesome you two are! You two are so inspiring and encouraging and are (probably the best accolade one could receive) authentic. What a breathe of fresh air!

    My wife, two teenage sons and our marmoset monkey live on Navarre Beach, just down the road from where you two were married. We are recently retired and have been selling off everything to join the sailing community ourselves. We love the Robertson and Caine cats as well and are searching for our next home now. In fact, it was our research on Leopard cats on YouTube that led us to stumble upon your channel. Since we only knew of one other couple on a Leopard vlogging, we were curious and watched one of your episodes. And then binge watched all your sailing episodes.... and then went back and binge watched all your RVing episodes.

    I know you guys probably get tons of "high-five" emails but I also know, because you've shared, that you get some haters too. We absolutely love you guys! We love your "down-to-earthiness", your playful and fun personalities, your sense of adventure and your passion. Thank you for what you do. You truly are an inspiration!

    We can't wait to see you guys out on the water and meet you in person as soon as we lock down our "almost perfect boat." Until then, keep up the amazing work you guys do and keep smiling!


    Jay Gilkey

  • David

    January 21, 2017 Reply

    About those bikes...

    Today at the home show here in Eugene, I saw a company -- -- that makes small, packable bikes that fold up to fit in a large suitcase or backpack; some of them use a belt rather than a chain (so no grease). They can make special order changes that should hold up better to salt water and salt air on a boat. Hope that's helpful.

    • Nikki Wynn

      January 22, 2017 Reply

      Jason's mom has a bike friday and she loves it! Our folding bikes have held up exceptionally well so far but only time will tell.

  • sam

    January 17, 2017 Reply

    We are taking our first RV trip this summer and are total novices. Can you offer advice on campgrounds and how to handle all the hookups and RV particulars? I've heard that the rental companies often don't provide much advice. Thanks!

    • Curious Minion

      January 18, 2017 Reply

      Have fun! There's a lot of basic info in the "How To" section of the blog, including hooking up at RV parks and dumping the black and gray. Your rental place should walk you through the basics before you check out, so keep asking questions until you're sure. They don't want you breaking the rental unit, and you don't want to have to pay for damages.

  • Mike Keplinger

    January 11, 2017 Reply

    I baked your blueberry coffeecake a few days ago for the first time. Baking is not where I excel in the kitchen. Desserts and breads are my weak areas.
    Your recipe made my week! I gave most of it away for others to try. Neighbors, friends at work and some of my students loved it and requested your
    recipe. So, instead of giving them the recipe, I gave them your website. I figured that would be one way of thanking you for this awesome recipe!
    Do you have a bread recipe that you really like? I would love to have a sourdough recipe if you have one!

    • Nikki Wynn

      January 12, 2017 Reply

      Way to go Mike! I am so glad to hear you and your friends loved it as much as we do. Thanks for sharing and I do have a bread recipe that is tried and true as well. I share the bread recipe here:

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