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  • Bill Sargent

    October 14, 2017 Reply

    Still enjoying you vlogs. You need to write a book on how to produce good videos. Many of the other sailing vloggers could use the information. Some are BORING as hell and I think they produce their vlogs just to get patron monies.
    Recipe for your Texas Caviar would be nice.

  • John & Elaine Gittens.

    October 13, 2017 Reply

    We were told that you have tested dash cams & the info was on your site. Have NOT found it. Can you give us a suggestion for a good dash cam that does not cost a fortune?. Thank you.

    • Nikki Wynn

      October 14, 2017 Reply

      Hello, while we have used and tested lots of gear over the years, a dash cam isn't one of them. However, if you are just wanting a great action cam that could be mounted to the dash but also serve other purposes, we love our sony:

  • Arrigo Guardia Grimaldo

    October 12, 2017 Reply

    Jason and Nikki,

    I leave in Panama City, Panama and will like to show you around. Please email me so I can send you my phone number. Regards

  • Michael D Fox

    October 9, 2017 Reply

    In an earlier video you were looking at the new DJI Mavic foldable drone and even further back Jason was talking about the "new" DJI Phantom 4 as his "new wish list drone". Now that you have had the Mavic for a trial, how have your wishes changed? Is the DJI 4 still your preferred drone or will the Mavic do? Or is the fact that the Mavic is foldable and a smaller footprint your biggest concern on a boat now? We're looking at the 4.

  • Bryan Weaver

    October 9, 2017 Reply

    Here is an interesting story. My wife and I have been actively looking for a boat, and are planning a trip to Ft. Lauderdale to tour boats in Oct. 2017. There was a really nice Leopard being advertised, the same model as the one you have, and we sent an email to the broker hoping to see the boat. At the same time, I have watched most, if not all of your videos and noticed that Leopard must have purple fabric as a stock color. Then I noticed the name on the transom in the video was the same as the boat for sale. Damn, its your boat! I wish they would pull the advertising for a boat sold a year ago. I can identify with a lot of your experiences since this will be the first "big" boat we are getting into and thank you for sharing them with the world.

  • Greg Besase

    September 16, 2017 Reply

    Hey there, first off, thanks for the videos - very insightful. I have a question on proper settings for uploading videos to you tube. I have a DJI Mavic Pro drone, a GoPro Hero 3+, and an iPhone 7plus that I use for videos. After I create a video (using Pinnacle Studio 21) I upload to you tube. My issue is that when I view the video on you tube on my TV it's "grainy", where the resolution seems off. Yet when I see your videos (and many others) that doesn't happen. What resolution should I be uploading in? 1080p, 4K Ultra HD, etc? Also, is there a setting in you tube that I'm not aware of that I need to change? Thx. Greg

  • John Fulkerson

    September 12, 2017 Reply

    I want to get a short length Chevy Van and see all the presidential libraries, civil war battle fields, car museums, balls of string and old trains plus a lot more stuff around the country. So I have been doing this in a car and getting motel rooms. But they can be full up and expensive. So I will be looking at a ball of string, then driving 200 miles to an old car museum, spending the night, then driving 100 miles to a presidential library and then driving 200 miles to see an old train. You get the idea.

    I want to be very stealth to the point of not even having rear or side door glass and having a handy man sign painted on the van. No solar pannels. But perhaps a roof rack with a ladder on it.

    1. If I had the ladder on the ladder rack, could I hide a solar pannel and exhaust fan on top somehow?

    2. Could I put four big assed top of the line batteries inside the van and put on a heavy duty ambulance alternator and charge up the batteries in my daily drive to the next ball of string?

    3. Can you have solar pannels that you store in the van and sit out alongside the van if you boondocks in the desert?

    4. What companies make the highest end equipment, like Blue Sky? Etc.

    5. Any other ideas.

    • Curious Minion

      September 12, 2017 Reply

      Hey John. There's a ton of info on the web about converting vans for stealth camping - from how to insulate the walls right on up to the roof. A quick internet search of "converting van for stealth camping" should get you started.
      1. A lot of delivery vehicles (like the UPS truck) have skylight "bubbles" for lighting, so your vent might pass for that. The solar panel might be tougher to hide unless you get creative with putting "equipment" (like the ladder rack) on both sides.
      2. Certainly. If you're driving every day and your energy consumption at night isn't too heavy this could easily be an option for you. Lithium batteries are more expensive, but they will charge to full much faster, they are lighter than SLA or AGM batteries to save weight, and they are maintenance-free (so in your small space you wouldn't have to worry about accessing them on a regular basis to add water).
      3. Yes. Several companies now make stowable panels that have storage cases and this is a great addition if you're boondocking.
      4. There are a lot of great companies making solar gear these days. We have some Blue Sky gear and their customer support while we were doing our install was fantastic. If you hang out on some of the solar forums you'll get a feel for what gear is relatively trouble-free and who has good customer support (which can be important if you're mixing and matching components or are doing your first install).
      5. Used ambulances or fire support vehicles make great starter vehicles for the kind of conversion you're talking about. They'll already have the heavy-duty alternator and compartments for extra batteries, the living area box is bigger, and they have all sorts of internal & external compartments for storing stuff. Again, there's a wealth of info online about converting these vehicles and you could still disguise one as a handy-man work truck. Because they are taller and wider than a regular van I think it would also be easier to disguise a solar panel up top.
      Good luck with it!

  • Dave Cordisco

    September 5, 2017 Reply

    Hello Jason and Nikki,

    My name is Dave Cordisco and i have enjoyed your videos since watching you guys in the RV. I just want to say keep up the great work on your videos. I can only imagine the time and effort and love it takes to film and edit. Thank you for doing this, i am living through you guys. I also wanted to mention my wife makes custom shirts using vinyl and could make some swag for your guys if you need to. I have some great ideas on how we could make it work if you are interested. I know you guys travel alot and would not have the time to mail and ship everything. We could take care of all of that for you. It is just an idea, if it is not something your interested in, no biggie i will still always continue to enjoy these amazing videos. I hope you have a safe trip and i am finishing up the Panama video now. Take care guys. Sending lots of love and safe travels. Dave from NJ.

  • Jean

    September 2, 2017 Reply

    Hi guys! I just found you and signed up for your news letter right away! You are living the dream! I am a 52 year old mom with 2 kids,a hub, a lab and 2 kitties. We are an outdoorsy family that backpack, ski. Sail, row ....well you name it! We spend a lot of time out west (we live on the east coast) in the summer and are thinking of getting a 5th wheel rv and keeping it out west with a truck at our friends house. We used to backpack a lot but I had back surgery and can't get off the ground now! Haha. Do you ever recommend 5th wheels ? We have rented RVs ( mostly classics) but never a 5th wheel. They seem more economical than a class a. We want to "wild camp" with our kids and pets but we want to be stylish, eco friendly and off the grid too. Help! Ps. I really wish you guys would work with the rv manufactures and help them get more "with it" everything I looked at online looks the same. Any help would be appreciated. Our budget is around $100 or under. Cheers!J🌸

    • Jason Wynn

      September 3, 2017 Reply

      a 5th wheel is wonderful for a big family like yours. The biggest piece of advice I can give you is go with a design and floorplan you like...this is the most important part of buying an RV. Sadly unless you're spending big bucks and going for a DRV (or similar) then your not going to be 100% happy with the quality. It's impossible to build RVs that stand out a price point that's competitive with the typical brands.
      When we were RVing the 5th wheel company we featured in this video always had some innovate products at 'normal' prices:
      Good luck and have fun.

  • Irene Meyer

    August 30, 2017 Reply

    Hey, my boyfriend are getting ready to pursue our dream of setting sail on a cat in the next 2 years. I have 2 cars I want to bring with us. I have been doing some studying on the required vaccinations, mess etc. plus docs and it seems overwhelming. How did you manage this and what are you recommendations for traveling with cats? Thanks and safe sailing! You're an inspiration!

  • Amy

    August 29, 2017 Reply

    Hi guys,
    I just found you and you are amazing. Looking to buy my first RV and had a question. I am sure the answer is on here somewhere, I just haven't come across it yet. Is it a must to get a used RV checked out mechanically if buying from a private seller? If so, my next question would be how to go about doing that if I live in Indiana and the RV is in New Jersey. Should I just Google RV mechanics around the area I am buying it from, would a dealer around that area do it, just not sure what to do in that situation. Thanks in advance!

    • Curious Minion

      August 30, 2017 Reply

      Amy if you're not mechanically inclined and RV knowledgeable, then an inspection of a used RV is a really wise investment. They can warn you about things like dry rot, roof problems, and even tires that are nearing the end of their lives and will need to be replaced. If you to a quick internet search for RV Inspectors it will pull up a couple of national certified inspection programs. Good luck!

  • Evelin und Rainer Tomaszewski

    August 28, 2017 Reply

    i have a question to your boths , about your old live in the camper.
    Did you never fear so alone at the wild camping? we are a couple from Germany an we
    will go in 2018 for the second time at the usa (4 Weeks Col. Ut, Nev and Cal)
    we think on crime when we planing wild camping, but maybe is it complet false
    what we thinking? what is your opinion? Please excuse my bad english and greetings from Germany.

    • Curious Minion

      August 28, 2017 Reply

      I have several years of wild camping experience and have many friends who primarily wild camp. We all feel very safe wild camping. Think about it this way: what are the odds that some criminal will drive out to the middle of nowhere hoping they will run across someone to rob? They are much more likely to stick to crime in cities where there are opportunities everywhere. Of course it's possible that you could have a random encounter with someone who might harm you or your RV, but that is a danger any time you step outside your front door, whether that door is a city apartment or an RV parked in the middle of nowhere. Be aware of your surroundings when you park and if anything seems out of place or threatening, just move to another spot. Be smart, but don't let fear rule your life. And don't forget, when you're wild camping make sure it is legal to park in the spot you've picked out. Have a great time and enjoy the trip.

      • Evelin und Rainer

        October 15, 2017 Reply

        thanks for your nice answer. i will use your tips at the next year. Then i will start my second trip with a rental RV at the USA. my wife and i, we are so happy that we can travel in your beautiful country.

  • Glenn Adams

    August 27, 2017 Reply

    Good morning,
    Just watched what I believe is your latest video ... looks like some fun sailing time.
    Now that you've been on this boating adventure for some time, do you still feel like explorers and is it still as much fun?
    We're still trying to decide between a sail cat and a power cat ... what percent of the time are motoring or motor sailing. In the video it appears you are pure sailing a higher percentage than most cruisers.
    What's your opinion... power or sail.

  • Finlay

    August 25, 2017 Reply

    I have been wanting to live aboard a boat for years, and your videos have pushed me over the edge to live on a boat.
    I was wondering, what would be the best tri/catamaran for four people to live on?

    Thank you.

    • Curious Minion

      August 25, 2017 Reply

      That's such a tough question to answer because it depends on what kind of sailing you'll be doing, how much money you want to spend, etc. The Wynns have recommended to several other people and in a Q&A that finding a good broker is the way to go. Their broker really helped them narrow their choices and steered them toward a boat that's perfect for them. They've said that the boat they had originally picked out wouldn't have been nearly as good a fit.

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