My first time Deep Sea Fishing!  I was so excited it was ridiculous.  I had visions of reeling in some huge fish and making everyone jealous.  While that wasn’t quite what happened, I did have a ton of fun.  Jason had fun watching through his lens and didn’t throw up, Yeah.

Alabama’s Gulf Coast is big into sport fishing!  There are more than 100 captains and fishing fleets waiting to take people out.  They love to tout how they have the only trolling alley in the Gulf and the nation’s largest artificial reef.  All that really means to me is that if I pay the money to go out, I better catch my dollars worth!  Good news, I did.  When we calculated how much fish we caught vs. cost for fishing we made out better than if we would have shopped at Costco.  Not too bad right!

For me, it’s all about catching and eating fresh fish.  Funny thing is some people just went out for the sake of going out?!  It floored me.  Why would you pay to go out, catch all these great fish and then just sneak away and leave your fish behind?  I get that some people just like going out, but why not catch and release?  Anyway, that’s enough of my ranting.  The boat workers were happy to take it home and share with friends.

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