Windy was our full time home on wheels February 2011 – December 2013

We are eco-conscious people and let’s face it, traveling in an RV doesn’t seem like the most eco-friendly way to go. But, Windy isn’t your grandparents’ gas guzzling 1980’s motorhome. Technology is changing and ever so very slowly…so is the RV industry.

windy the rv

Windy The RV
She is a 32ft 2011 Monaco Vesta. It’s a front-engine coach with a low center of gravity, air bag suspension and the first RV ever with wind-tunnel-tested aerodynamics which improved the fuel efficiency. We average around 11-13mpg (more on our fuel economy here), can run a Bio Diesel Blend of B20 (not always easy to find) without any conversions and is the most contemporary small class A we could find. So, it was an excellent start to a more eco-friendly home on the road.

It’s NOT a Contest – It’s Simple

We are experimenting in living more simply and sharing our findings. Mostly, because for us the simpler we make our lives, the more free we feel and the happier we seem to get. And then there is our planet. Oh yeah, we are selfish that way. The more we see of our amazing planet, the more we want to preserve it.

We’re not the most eco-friendly people on the planet, not even close to it, not trying to be. Shrinking our personal footprint isn’t going to save the world. Sure, our personal footprints are important but it’s not the big picture. We’re not pointing fingers at those that live differently, looking for a gold star or anything of the sort. We want to do our part to change the big picture. So that doing the right thing becomes the norm, not the gallant tree hugger exception.

Then there are those lovely unexpected bonuses of going green…like saving money and boondocking longer and more comfortably!

Here are some of the ways we have found to green up Windy and our lifestyle:


Solar Kit – A total of 600 Watts of Solar + 3000 Watt pure sine inverterGoPower Extreme Solar Kit (with PowerBoost – supercharges the batteries to 14.5 for overnight use)GoPower Portable 120 Watt Panel with 45ft of cable allows us to follow the sun for max solar input.

All American Sun Oven – Cooking with the sun keeps the heat out of the RV and requires no electricity or gas, just a sunny day!

All things USB – Solio makes a rad collection of solar lights and mini solar chargers perfect for hiking, in the car or carrying in your hand/man bag. This keeps our cell phones, cameras, tablets and etc. charged on the go. These are also perfect for over seas travel. You don’t have to worry about power adapters or burning up your gear if you bring your own power with you!

Solar Shower – a five gallon solar heated bladder with a shower nozzle. Perfect for rinsing off after a hike or washing dishes.


Composting Toilet

Separates the pee from the poo and turns waste into compost! Uses no water, no chemicals and we use Coco COIR because it’s more sustainable than Peat Moss.


LED Lights

We switched out over 40 bulbs! All LED lighting inside reduces electric consumption over 90% and produces zero heat vs. standard Halogen bulbs.


Water – Any Source

We have two goals with the investment in our RV water system: Create pure drinking water that tastes good so we never have to purchase bottled water, AND reduce the flow so we can conserve water every day. With our simple water purification system we can create great tasting clean water from any clear water source. This provides us with pure healthy drinking water whether we’re at a campground or living off the cord relying on lake or river water.

One Smart Toad

Convertible Smart Car is eco friendly and great MPG(about 40); 85% recyclable and 95% reclaimable.

It’s about more than just the RV

From growing herbs on board to sustainable clothing to supporting local breweries, restaurants and farmers markets to riding our bikes to explore nearby towns; we seek out the best eco-friendly options each town has to offer.Engine Horsepower Upgrade

Our 300HP upgrade has sparked quite the controversy on our website, on the forums, and so on and so on! So let us try and clear up some of the questions:

If you have any questions at all please leave a comment (we do read every one).

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  • Don Lane

    July 12, 2017 Reply

    We read your thread on Windy and understand what happened. And the move to Roy.😄

  • Don Lane

    July 1, 2017 Reply

    My wife Gale and I really liked Windy. Just wondering why the change to Roy. We are still trying to decide on a RV for extended vacation from the Florida summer. We are in Clearwater and maybe you will be by this coast on your new adventure. Be sure to say Hi.

  • David

    February 14, 2017 Reply

    How is the sailing going vs the rv'ing?

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