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affordable rv healthcare

Finally Insured! Our Simple, Affordable RV Healthcare

December 14, 2014 53

phones, apps, emails, and computers to support long-distance clinical health care, patient and professional health-related education, public health and health administration. Telehealth is an innovative way for patients to communicate…

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rv'er mail and residency

Big RV Questions: Residency, Mail & Health Insurance

September 7, 2014 119

Health Insurance You can read all about our insurance experience here: Finally Insured! Our Simple, Affordable RV Healthcare   2. Income Taxes Some states have income taxes (some are really…

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Cost of Living full time on the Road in an RV

April 18, 2013 366

…wedding rings, computers, cameras, etc) and a renters’ policy. New for December: HEALTH INSURANCE. Health Care: $425.47 Misc. drug store expenses and our Massage Envy monthly membership…hey it’s all about…

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Sailing life Q&A

Q&A – Zombie Apocalypse, Gulf Stream & Traveling Cats

December 8, 2016 41

…   Health Insurance Jeff & Pat: How do you handle health insurance and health care? I’ve heard stories of people that set out to sail the world learning how…

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RV’in Tip: How to take care of your tires and save money

June 20, 2011 4

A little overwhelmed by tire maintenance? Proper tire inflation isn’t just for safety, it can also help you achieve better fuel mileage and a smoother ride. Best of…

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RV slide maintenance

RV Tip: Care for your slide and stay out of the shop!

July 27, 2011 5

Hey, did you know you need to lube your RV slide out? Well, its a good idea and may just help prevent any maintenance issues. Trust me you…

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Sailing & Applying for French Polynesia Visas

They Took Our Passports!? Sailing & French Polynesia Visas

April 29, 2018 36

…application form, duly dated and signed with attached passport pictures. 2. Passport, showing my travel experience 3. Proof of Health Care 4. Sail Plan for my route through French Polynesia….

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Make Money and Travel – Chartering Yachts Around the World

July 24, 2014 46

…if you can hold on you’ll be taken care of financially and spiritually. Thanks to Owen and Amanda for sharing their lives in such great detail, they don’t have a…

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Make Money and Travel – RV Geeks

November 5, 2013 51

…Six years later another cancer scare made them realize “how short life might actually be after all”. Now after Ten Years of Full-Timing and Peter’s 17th year in remission, these…

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Love camping

Make Money and Travel – Judy Kerns, still at it at 66

January 2, 2014 68

…to another and experience all the parks in their system. After just one year you are able to get health care and other benefits. As far as always having a…