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Who doesn't dream about an Indiana Jones adventure? Instead of just day dreaming about it, the Wynn’s are out to create their own Indie adventures.

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Sailing away from panama

Leavin Ain’t Easy – Sailing Outta Panama

March 18, 2018 35

You’d think something as seemingly simple as leaving a country would be, well, simple.  But, as we’re learning, nothing about sailing…

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sweet and salty, sailing with family

The Sweet and Salty, Sailing With Family

March 11, 2018 24

Our biggest fear is living a static life. We half-jokingly say we have a case of Sedentary Lifeaphobia.  Because time has…

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I Put These Pants on for Nothing – The Other Side of Sailing Life

I Put These Pants on for Nothing – The Other Side of Sailing Life

March 4, 2018 23

There are two sides to cruising life.  One side, the dreamy side, is all rainbows, fair winds and seahorses. The other…

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transiting the panama canal on a sailboat

Locked Up, Let Down and Set Free – Transiting The Panama Canal

February 25, 2018 37

The big day has arrived and we’re all giddy like a bunch of kids on the last day of school. The Panama…

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no agent? no problem, transit the panama canal

No Agent? No Problem! Transit The Panama Canal

February 18, 2018 31

Every sailor wanting to go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific (or vice versa) has two options. Take on Cape…

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a sailors paradise

A Sailors Bliss in San Blas

February 4, 2018 44

Paradise is such a broad term. It can be found almost anywhere. It might be a cocktail at sunset, ice cream…

A Sailors Bliss in San Blas

February 4, 2018
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sailing the san blas islands

Sailing to San Blas & A Jungle River Mission

January 28, 2018 19

Pulling up the anchor and setting sail had us feeling like a couple of kids on Christmas morning. We’re on our…

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stuff breaks, we fix it, hooray boats

Stuff Breaks, We Fix It, Hooray Boats

January 14, 2018 33

It’s been said death and taxes are the only two certainties in life.  Obviously, the person who said that wasn’t a…

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Pirates, Forts and Black Jesus – Sailing Portobelo

January 7, 2018 34

Portosmello.  That’s how fellow sailors described our destination.  It seemed a harsh nickname for a place that once enticed the most…