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Who doesn't dream about an Indiana Jones adventure? Instead of just day dreaming about it, the Wynn’s are out to create their own Indie adventures.

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Our Windows are Falling Out & Jason’s Leaving

Our Windows are Falling Out & Jason’s Leaving

July 22, 2018 47

Exotic location and broken bits!?!  We’re living the dream.  Fixing things in exotic locations is the definition of sailing and it…

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Most Intense Bioluminescence Ever

Most Intense Bioluminescence Ever & A 42 Hour Bus Trip

July 15, 2018 12

It’s just the two of us once again and things are quiet on the boat. The seas are glassy so we…

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sailing around the world

It’s Not Goodbye, It’s Just Until Next Time – Sailing With Friends

July 8, 2018 36

I hate that looming sense of knowing that something good is coming to an end. Sort of like the last few…

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sailing poor mans Galapagos

Bureaucratic Hold Ups & Sailing The Poor Man’s Galapagos

July 1, 2018 14

We’re back on the boat and unlike the poor shoe maker, no magical elves showed up while we were gone to…

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Banos Ecuador Waterfalls

Baños, Flying High & Getting Wet

June 17, 2018 16

Baños is the adventure capital of Ecuador, so we knew it would be a good stop.  We just didn’t know it…

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adventures in Cotopaxi Ecuador

My Lungs Are Screaming! Epic Volcano Hiking

June 15, 2018 22

Stunning is one of many words I could use to describe the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. It seems with every bend…

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exploring ecuador

We’re In The Andes! The Culture Shock I’ve Been Craving

June 3, 2018 11

I never imagined my first trip to the world’s longest continental mountain range would be while traveling around the world in…

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Don’t F**** With The Locals – Carnival Road Trip In Ecuador

May 27, 2018 41

Our Ecuador road trip continues and it’s Carnival!  In short, Carnival is a Catholic holiday filled with parades, parties and general…

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sailing across the pacific ocean

We Sailed Across The Pacific Ocean! (Real Time Update)

May 23, 2018 68

Hello!  It’s been a while since our last video or post but we’re back.  At least we hope.  We’ve just spent…

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We’re In The Middle Of The Pacific Ocean

Real Time Update? We’re In The Middle Of The Pacific!

May 2, 2018 37

We’re not going to have any videos or posts for a couple of weeks and here is the scoop on why……