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how old is nikki wynn

Turning 28 Again, Nikki’s Bahia Birthday

April 15, 2018 25

It’s my Birthday!  Or at least it was when we filmed this video.  We’ve sailed into a new country, cleared customs…

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approached at sea

Approached at Sea,100 Miles From Land!

April 1, 2018 44

Being approached at sea is a nerve wracking experience. Our hearts pound and our imaginations sink to dark depths. There are…

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lightning scares on a sailboat

Lightning Scares and Flying Squid! – Sailing to Ecuador

March 25, 2018 58

Out to sea we blow!  We’re sailing from Panama to Ecuador and have over 675 nautical miles ahead of us.  That’s…

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Sailing away from panama

Leavin Ain’t Easy – Sailing Outta Panama

March 18, 2018 37

You’d think something as seemingly simple as leaving a country would be, well, simple.  But, as we’re learning, nothing about sailing…

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battery powered ac on a sailboat

Air Conditioning on A Sailboat? Yes, and It’s Battery Powered too!

March 15, 2018 67

Air Conditioning on a sailboat is a luxury. Especially when we’re at anchor and running everything off solar and battery power. …

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sweet and salty, sailing with family

The Sweet and Salty, Sailing With Family

March 11, 2018 27

Our biggest fear is living a static life. We half-jokingly say we have a case of Sedentary Lifeaphobia.  Because time has…

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I Put These Pants on for Nothing – The Other Side of Sailing Life

I Put These Pants on for Nothing – The Other Side of Sailing Life

March 4, 2018 24

There are two sides to cruising life.  One side, the dreamy side, is all rainbows, fair winds and seahorses. The other…

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no agent? no problem, transit the panama canal

No Agent? No Problem! Transit The Panama Canal

February 18, 2018 32

Every sailor wanting to go from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific (or vice versa) has two options. Take on Cape…

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installing a new anchor chain

Old Rusty & Jumping The Gypsy – Replacing Our Anchor Chain

February 11, 2018 34
We moved aboard a sailboat because we wanted to travel and live around the world. We thrive on the freedom to...
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a sailors paradise

A Sailors Bliss in San Blas

February 4, 2018 44

Paradise is such a broad term. It can be found almost anywhere. It might be a cocktail at sunset, ice cream…