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nikki wynn harvesting and shredding coconuts on a sailboat

Lost Our Mainsail, But Landed in Coco Paradise

October 14, 2018 26

I woke up at five am sharp with a smile on my face and a new destination in mind…but serendipity had…

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super dirty diesel

Dirtiest Diesel Ever & Our Routine in Paradise (Sailing French Polynesia)

October 7, 2018 42

We’re creatures of habit. So, it should come as no surprise how little time it takes to slip into a routine….

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first taste of the marquesas

Our First Taste of Land – A Walkabout Hiva Oa

September 30, 2018 26

I don’t know if it’s the 24 day sail it took to get here or the uninterrupted eight hours of sleep…but…

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bow and stern anchoring


September 28, 2018 57

There’s nothing like doing it for the first time, especially with an audience. The sweat stains on our brows and under…

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land ho sailing across the pacific

WE SEE LAND!!! 585 Hours Sailing Across The Pacific Ocean

September 23, 2018 63

As I sit here at the salon table of Curiosity, rocking from side to side in the ocean swell, I am…

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biggest catch sailing across pacific

Biggest Catch Yet & We Almost Sink The Drone (Sailing Across The Pacific)

September 16, 2018 41

We’ve been at sea for over twenty days now and we’re down to the last few hundred nautical miles. It’s our…

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life at sea, crossing the pacific

LIFE AT SEA: Groundhog Day or The Shining? (Sailing Across The Pacific)

September 9, 2018 11

Welcome to life at sea, where the vast time and views are uninterrupted. We’re nearing the final stretch of our journey…

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sailing across the pacific ocean

Squalls All Night, Trouble All Day – Sailing Across The Pacific

September 2, 2018 40

We have reached the breaking point.  And by that, I mean the point of this ocean crossing where stuff starts to…

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he hates sailing across the pacific

He HATES it, She LOVES It – Moody Days Sailing Across The Pacific

August 26, 2018 42

It’s day five, the seas are turning moody and so are we.  Jason is stuck in Groundhog Day while I buzz…

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Sailing Across The Pacific

Whales and Dreamy Days At Sea – Sailing Across The Pacific

August 19, 2018 25

Waking up to migrating whales, lunch with the sound of water rushing beneath me and 360° uninterrupted sunset views.  These are…