Why we are Downsizing

Why we are Downsizing

We have gotten floods of emails, comments and questions as to why we are selling Windy and why we are downsizing.  We have 2 reasons.  One is a personal challenge and the other is sharing the experience of buying a coach.

1.  As Americans and especially as Texans we have come from a world where more is more and we want to get to a place where less is more.  Sure our 32ft coach isn’t huge but it is still more storage than we really truly need which means we carry around more than we need.  We have challenged ourselves to live in and with what we really truly need.  Also, we want to eventually travel beyond the U.S.A. and to do that we are going to need to start downsizing now.  We have some other interesting ways we want to travel and those ways won’t allow for excess.  Let’s just say we won’t be backpacking but we will be exploring the world like its 1492!

2.  We get so many questions from newbie’s wanting to start RV’ing and need help through the process.  We figure going through the process, writing helpful articles and creating videos along the way will provide the best information.  The process can be overwhelming and we hope that by bringing you along for the journey you will be armed with knowledge bombs waiting to be dropped on that sharky salesman.

So what will be our next home on the road you ask…we don’t know 100%.  We are still shopping around and weighing our options.  The new home will not be a travel trailer but it will be something under 30ft (hopefully around 25ish).  We don’t have a truck to pull a trailer and we don’t want to purchase one right now.

If you still have questions and want to know more, post a comment below and we will fill you in on as much as you want to know.