Do you ever find yourself patrolling the campground, checking out other RV’s and just dyeing to know what they look like on the inside?  Yeah, us too, especially the really expensive looking ones?

Being so close to the Foretravel factory in Nacogdoches, we had to take a tour!  We wanted to find out what goes into a coach to make the price tag go so high.

Anyone can take a tour, just show up at 10am on a Thursday.  It’s a tour, not a sales pitch, so don’t be afraid you are going to walk out with a new coach.

Foretravel started out in 1967 as a school project.  One of the Fore boys built a 29’ motorhome in their backyard.  I can honestly say that beats the pants off anything I did in high school.

foretravel past to present


The most impressive part of the manufacturing process is right from the beginning.  They don’t convert buses; they build everything in house and from the ground up!  What’s interesting is how few coaches are being worked on at any given moment.  This is not a huge production line with coaches coming off ready to go in just a few hours.  They work on only a few coaches at a time and each coach is unique.  Every coach gets a number and a manual specific to just that coach.  Because everything is built from the ground up, they can customize anything.  If you want the slide moved over or the layout changed, no problem.

foretravel factory tour

The final product is clean and of course, luxurious.  The price tag is the result of quality control and taking the time to make it right from the begging,  I do see the appeal of all the glass, mirrors and electronics everywhere you look.   If you want a 4 seasons resort on wheels, this is the coach for you!

foretravel inside

For us, these coaches are larger than we need and just ever so slightly out of our budget.

It was an interesting tour and gave us a look at a smaller, family owned and operated high end production RV manufacturer.  From a high school project to million dollar coaches, Foretravel is a great example of “The American Dream”.