Exploring Quebec Canada

Exploring Quebec Canada

A Day of Exploring…

Today was an explore Quebec day. We hopped in the car and just started driving. We started off in the cute little town where we took the ferry over towards Oka. We explored all of the little towns within about an hour of our campground in all directions. We found old churches, a Montessori, funny faced alpacas and an amazing beekeeper!

exploring okaalpacabeesjason and maryold cemetary

Old Montreal

We decided to drive in to downtown Montreal, park the car, and purchase a rail pass ($8 each person). The subway system is pretty easy to use, and gets you to 90% of the places worth visiting. We ended up in what looked like a gay pride area with pink balls everywhere. We stumbled upon this great photo concept where you hike up a bunch of steps and a camera snaps your photo. Being a professional photographer myself I thought “why didn’t I think of that”.


We also explored Old Montreal, sure it’s “touristy” but the buildings are old. The cobblestone walking streets are reminiscent to many European towns; it’s a nice escape from the main part of the city. We searched for an authentic looking café and had no luck (only cheesy tourist traps, sad I know). We planned to visit the Bio Dome, and then we got confused with the Bio Sphere (Yep there’s 2 different “Bio” buildings), so we hopped on the metro in search of good coffee instead.

old montreal

Our long (and expensive) day of walking, drinking, and eating came to an end abruptly by a crazy wind storm. We decided to hop in the car and drive back to the RV for some of Nikki’s yummy cooking. Today is Quebec Day (in addition to Canada Day in July each province has their own special day), so we’re surprised by several fireworks shows all around our campground. Not a bad way to end the day.

fireworks over oka


It’s a rainy and grey day. We are headed a couple of hours from Oka to see the Aspen of Canada…Mont-Tremblant It’s a cute mountain town and while I don’t think the skiing is near as fantastic as Colorado, it certainly has plenty of charm.

Quebec's Aspen