Hitting the road in style, RVing is your ride anywhere, anytime with no flight reservations or hotels to be booked. From tips and tricks to buyer beware this is the home of all things RVing!

Our first introduction to the RV lifestyle was a 1985 VW Vanagon that we camped in on weekends and during vacations.

vanagon camper

Man, we were such hippies (and loved that vanagon).

When we decided to hit the road full time, we knew we wanted something with a bit more space.  Windy the Monaco Vesta was our first full time home on wheels (and our all around fave), followed Roy The Fleetwood Excursion and then the Fleetwood Bounder experiment.

We roamed North America for six years before hitting the water in a sailboat.  We experienced, learned and shared a lot during that time.  Use our nifty map to see the adventures by location, click on the categories below to filter out what you are looking for or try the search bar at the bottom of the page for something super specific.