Camping with Truckers and Defrosting

Camping with Truckers and Defrosting

For those of you who might think that all of Arizona is a safe haven from the winter (like I did), think again!

jason wynn freezing

In fact, there’s more than one ski resort and had I known about this before we got to Flagstaff, I would’ve planned on snowboarding!

We didn’t plan on staying in Flagstaff and didn’t want to book a campground for only one night, so a truck stop sounded like a good idea.  We really should have checked the weather before making that decision.

RV camping at a truck stopfrosty RV

We woke up to a very frosty -9 degrees!?!  And YES that is in Fahrenheit for all our Canadian Friends. I am starting to think we can hack a few days of camping in Siberia.

nikki wynn freezing while RVing

frost on the windshield

Luckily we knew it was going to be cold and had the little heater running in the bay so the pipes wouldn’t freeze and ran the generator to keep the engine heater on as well as the heat inside.  Normally we wouldn’t run the generator, but dry camping in below freezing temps…it’s necessary.

temps inside

With all of our normal RV winter adventure prep it still took Jason a good 20 min to defrost the windshield.  We had every heater possible running on full blast!

defrosting the windshield

All of this just so we could save $35 on a campground.  These are the days when I wonder if I have become cheap ass or finally reached the penny pinching pinnacle.

Would you do any wild camping in temps this cold, just to save a few bucks?