Virtual RV Yard Sale – Our Technology & Lifestyle Gear

Virtual RV Yard Sale – Our Technology & Lifestyle Gear

The original plan went something like this: Go to the Harbor Towne marina, dock the boat and park the RV for a few days while we unload.  As usual, nothing goes as planned.

As soon I had turned the engine off and walked out the RV door, the harbor master drove up on his cart and said “the little car can stay but the RV has gotta go”!

Moving trucks, large trucks, boat trailer…all ok, but no RV’s.  Why, oh why do marinas dislike RV’s so much!?!  It’s a land yacht, a boat with wheels, the whale of the road, a non-watertight submarine…why can’t we all just get along?

After some desperate pleading he allowed us to keep the RV parked for the afternoon while we unloaded, but under no circumstances would they allow it to stay on property overnight. In a total panic I called Fleetwood. They arranged a driver to come out on Friday night instead of Sunday, meaning we only had an afternoon to remove all the technology and get any remaining items.

Thankfully the crew at Just Catamarans was able to help, and we may or may not have bribed their master lithium battery and technology guru (Raf) to assist with the delicate stuff.  In other words, we didn’t want to royal botch the job because we were in a hurry.

installing rv technology

Why Remove the Technology?

I bet you’re wondering why we would remove all the technology from our RV in the first place.  Mostly because the technology is ours and the RV belongs to Fleetwood.  Our Bounder was a specially designed test coach that we were hoping would be the first of many.  We helped put it together with the team at Fleetwood and had a one-year lease.  You can see the full story here:

Well, things have changed over at Fleetwood and most of the people we originally worked with have moved on to bigger/better/different things.  Our departing idea was: Fleetwood would purchase the technology from us and the RV would live on the way she was designed to cruise; fully off the grid.  Then, we would share when we moved out of the RV and we could personally hand it over to the new owner. We would meet them in Florida, show them how everything worked and tell a really nice departing story.  We thought it was the perfect goodbye.

Instead the higher ups decided it would be easiest and least expensive for them to pick up the RV, let the engineers spend some time with it, then list it on auction.  Sad, but we do understand…it was a test unit and not their typical production RV so the team really wanted to spend some time with it and see how it held up against the Alaska Beating.

So, if you happen to purchase a used 2016 Fleetwood Bounder that has unique artwork on the walls, wood grain composite floors instead of the tile, pre-wired for solar and a different paint scheme than the others its probably ours (well, technically it’s yours if you bought it).  Please send us an email and give us an update on her we’d love to see how she fares.

So, here we are with a bunch of awesome RV gear on our hands and no RV.  However, there are some things that are transferring perfectly onto the boat.  Everything else…well, it’s gotta go!  So, we’re having a Virtual RV Yard Sale (and our boat now looks like a junk yard).

moving onto a sailboat

What’s for Sale?

Sure, we could have just listed everything locally and been done with it but that didn’t seem right.  Considering how many of you have reached out asking about it all…we knew we had to give you first dibs!  This is where the virtual yard sale comes in.

We’re generally listing everything at half its original price, and most of the items have only 1 year of use.  If things aren’t in perfect condition, or are used more, I’ve notated it in [brackets].  The first price you see is our asking price and the price in (parentheses) is the online price.  I’ve included links when available so you can research, see specs and details if you’d like.

We’d prefer not to ship anything so I know that rules out a lot of people but if you think it’s worth it to pay the packing and shipping cost from the UPS store then we can make a trip to drop it off.

The most important thing is we will take the requests in order. If you want something leave a comment (the exact time and day will be automatically documented). If you’ve never commented before you comment may be held for approval, but don’t stress the time-stamp will still apply.

I will reach out to you via email as quickly as possible and answer any questions and accept payment at that time.  Should you decide you don’t want the item I will move onto the next person.  My guess is the stuff will sell pretty quickly and I’ll do my best to update the post by crossing out items as soon as I’ve accepted payment.   We hate to do it like this but it seems the most fair considering the number of requests we’ve received over the past few months for the gear.

Without Further Distraction here is our RV Gear for Sale:

With the transition to the boat I’ll also be selling my Canon Camera gear.

My Canon has been great but our style of shooting has changed over time.  Our focus has shifted from primarily stills to primarily video.  Now, we are surrounded by water and having a larger, more professional camera isn’t a particularly smart idea (especially since I’ve lost 3 cameras in various bodies of water over the past few years).  We’re going need some specialty gear to capture this new lifestyle and while my Canon gear has been a beast and my go to for years…our needs have changed.  This wasn’t an easy decision but a necessary one.  See the gear here:

  • 5d mkiii – $1400 [recently serviced, and professionally cleaned]
  • 16-35mm f2.8 L II – $1,000
  • 24-105mm f4 IS L – $500
  • 70-200mm f2.8 IS L – $1100
  • Canon 580 EXII Speedlite Flash – $180
  • Rode VidMic Pro w/ Dead Cat – $150
  • Zoom H4n Recorder – $140
  • Sony UTX-B2 + URX-PT Wireless Lavalier Mic System – $400 [I have 2 sets to mic up 2 people, I also have a portable mixer if you want to buy both sets]
  • Manfrotto Monopod 685B – $50

I have hundreds of bucks worth of accessories like extra batteries, chargers, polarizers, cable release, intervalometer, etc. that I’ll include for free if you purchase the camera and lenses.

Whew, that’s it!  We’ve been going like crazy lately and we have so much we want to share, just haven’t had the time to sit down and make it happen. We’re almost settled in and organized…which means we should be back to posting more often again very soon.  Thanks for hanging in there with us!