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Hey, we’re Jason and Nikki Wynn and this is our virtual home base. Way back in the day (circa 2011) we traded in everyday life to satisfy our wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure. Now, the world is our home and this is where we share our discoveries and lessons learned along the way.

Our first six years of travel were an epic road trip around North America with an awe inspiring highlight being our trek around Alaska.  We might live there if we weren’t suffering from Sedentary Lifeaphobia and summer lasted forever.

Now we’re on a sailing voyage about the world. Our vessel is our home and we’re always on the move with an irrefutable desire to search, explore, discover, grow, learn and share.  We’re not wordsmiths but fairly handy with a camera, the video below will offer some highlights of what’s going on around here.

Now, if we’re going to be hanging out, there’s a few things we should tell you.  We’re often accused of being overly happy (mostly by grumpy people), too clean (mostly by dirty people) and optimistically naive (mostly by dream crushers).  All potentially true except for the too clean part.  We’re really not that clean.

Neither of us are overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired. But that doesn’t stop us from reaching far flung destinations, having wild adventures, and managing everything that makes living aboard a moving vessel possible.  We’re two ordinary people that just so happen to live an extraordinary life.

We have zero shame in admitting we want to squeeze as much out of life as possible.  A life full of extraordinary moments is for anyone willing, and wanting, to go after it.  You know, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…yea, we’re all about it.

There are plenty of opinions about how one should go about life, travel, adventure and everything in between.  Variety, it’s the spice of life, right?

As for us, we like to travel with the comforts of home. It’s not like there are awards given for roughing it while exploring (don’t tell the guy on the trail with nothing but a flint knife and a canteen, he’s already in too deep). Perpetual travel is a lifestyle for us, not an ongoing vacation and having our home as the vessel makes it more sustainable long term. Vacations are short term, a means of escaping the day to day.  For us, its about creating a life we don’t need to escape.

Nonetheless, the more of our planet we see, the more we want to preserve it.  So, we try to go about it all as responsible humans.

If you’ve made it this far, you mind as well grab a drink and hang out a little longer.  Here’s a smattering of the things we like to share.  Kick your feet up and click around a while.

  • The Adventures – We’re utterly addicted to new experiences and obsessed with searching out Indiana Jones worthy adventures.  Some people collect stamps or coins, we collect pin drops.  Nothing makes us happier than adding a new story to our interactive travel map.
  • Living Off The Grid –   Because our home is our mode of transportation, being self-sufficient just makes sense. We’re always looking for and learning about ways to create, store, use and manage our resources. Batteries, solar systems, creating drinking water, managing waste and more.
  • Sailing – Exploring the world like its 1492. We want to sail across oceans, weather storms and discover adventures we don’t yet know exist.
  • Think Local – Each place we visit our goal is to support the local community, avoiding chains and seeking out local purveyors.  We’re always on the hunt for a good farmer’s market, coffee roaster, distillery, brewery, or a salty fisherman to follow into a hole in the wall.
  • Fave Gear – We’re don’t like encouraging consumerism but any grand adventure requires some gear.  Over our years of perpetual travel, we’ve purchased a lot of gear that has stood the test of time. We’ve never recommend anything we don’t personally use and love.
  • Make Money and Travel – This series exists as a source of inspiration by sharing examples of real people around the world making money from anywhere and living the lifestyle they want. It proves that where there is a will, there is a way.
  • RV’in – Hitting the road in style, RVing is ride anywhere, anytime with no flight reservations or hotels to be booked. While staying in a campground with lots of amenities has its allure, there’s nothing better than driving deep into the wild where the views are never ending and the sounds are au nat-ur-el!  We call it Wild Camping and it’s all about leave no trace and it’s as easy on the pocket book as it is on the environment. From tips and tricks to buyer beware, we’ve learned a lot about RVing!

A Brief and Incomplete History

At 28 years old we made a decision to make a major change in our lives because were craving an adventure.  Sure, we enjoyed our artsy careers (Jason as a photographer and Nikki as a makeup artist) and urban life in Dallas, TX but something was missing.  As outdoor enthusiasts we felt the need for more of a “back to nature” adventure.  With lofty dreams and chatter of cross country travel and living outdoors, came the idea of purchasing an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient RV.

With our new found excitement, we made the big decision to close the doors to our studio and say audios to our clients (big ones too like Susan G. Komen, Exxon Mobil and the CW Network just to name a few) to travel the country. So, we sold it all (and we really mean all 4000sq ft of it!), packed up our 2 cats (we’re not crazy cat people, just crazy about ours), and hit the road! Some thought we were insane, others called us genius… the debate is still going.

At first, we thought we would hit the road for about a year.  We were in search of an adventure, a new place to call home and to find our very own meaning to the term American Dream. What happened instead is one very epic, long winded and life changing adventure.

We quickly learned that the typical…boy meets girl, couple gets mortgage payment, 60 hour work weeks, 2 ½ kids, two weeks of vacation a year and if you survive, retire at 60… sounds exhausting and it isn’t our version of the American Dream.

Some call what we have wanderlust…but that just doesn’t seem to fit us. What we have is more of a phobia…a straight up fear of missing out on life and not seeing the world.  What we have is a full blown case of Sedentary Lifeaphobia (yep, we made that up) with no hope for a cure.

So, what’s the treatment you ask?

Learn to make money while we travel, keep moving and start a support group. And that is exactly what we’ve done! This Gone With The Wynns site has become our home base. A place to share the challenges, discoveries, ask questions, have conversations and all things related to this crazy un-sedentary lifestyle.

If you are a Sedentary Lifeaphobic, join us as we explore this little known, infectious and wildly adventurous phobia!

They are both rescued, (of course) and love exploring new backyards, lounging on the deck, pooping in the wild and going on long hikes. Together they keep the mouse, chipmunk, squirrel, moth, grasshopper, rabbit, snake, lizard, praying mantis, turkey and beetle population in check.  Our cats are world class travelers and their curiosity and ability to adapt never cease to inspire us.

People always ask, “aren’t you worried they’ll get eaten by a coyote or something?”, to which we respond, “the coyote is the one you should be worried about!”. Cleo has attacked more than one dog in her day….and she wins, by a long shot.

Cleo – The true essence of a woman and a cat! She’ll love you one minute and hiss at you the next! If you catch her on a bad day she’ll let you know it! Watch out boys…..this girl is trouble!

traveling cats

Singa – This cat acts more like a dog. Enjoying long walks and a good game of fetch, he’s looking for attention on the road. Look out felines, this guy is on the prowl and he’s a lover not a fighter.

sv curiosity and crew

Stay tuned for updated information!

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  • Mike Smith

    October 28, 2017 Reply

    Great videos, greater adventures. Any info on nav software would be appreciated. I can't find them on this website.

    • Curious Minion

      October 29, 2017 Reply

      Hey Mike. Route planning and weather software is listed in the post about Panama routing: http://www.gonewiththewynns.com/leaving-plan-biggest-passage

  • Rick

    October 15, 2017 Reply

    Anyone want to share some info about insurance coverage for a Class A? We are first-time buyers and would appreciate your wisdom.

  • Matt

    October 8, 2017 Reply


  • Nancy Monicke

    September 28, 2017 Reply

    Love you guys. I discovered your site when I was looking for videos on Alaska. I lived in Palmer, AK, and now live in Wisconsin. Your travels sure made me homesick for Alaska. Your travels at sea make me a little nervous for you but you always demonstrate the utmost safety.
    I would love to see more of your cats, Singa and Cleo. My cat of 18 years, Cody, recently passed so I am always looking for your kitties on your videos.
    Hugs to you all and stay safe. Looking forward to your next video.

  • tommy tompkins

    September 22, 2017 Reply

    Don't you think the kitty cats should have a preserver on while on the deck?

    • Jason Wynn

      September 22, 2017 Reply

      it's a big debate. Cats are excellent swimmers and PFD's can cause them to drown. I think it's a personal preference thing based on each cat.

  • Greg Simmons

    September 17, 2017 Reply

    Hey Nikki, Jason, Justin and Dale!! I am and ER doc here in Cali and I was contemplating coming down again and doing another trip with the Floating Doctors (I've done 3 already) from 9/24-10/1 where they will be in Ensenada de Punta Avispa, about a 3 hour panga boat ride from Bocas but for you guys a protected and beautiful bay with some of the most remote villages and breathtaking beaches/jungle in Panama. IF you were interested in really and truly seeing an untouched area along with becoming immersed in Ngobe tribe and culture for a few days, way way way off the normal tourist path then I would be happy to act as your liaison and interpreter (since I am fluent in espanol) and get you access to go with the group. I have my own group of a couple of ER nurses I would be bringing down with me. IF you guys are interested give me an email and I start the wheels in motion. The trip and medical clinics will be from 9/25-9-27/28 and the best part is you can stay anchored in your own boat in a safe harbor and get an experience you would have never had otherwise. The bay you would anchor in is the large bay (no name) by Kuaspin, and encompasses Punta Avispa, Playa Gallinazo and Punta Sirain. I have seen many a catamaran anchored there on previous trips to the area. Oh and local meals prepared by the Ngobe for lunch and dinner for all the volunteers daily. On google maps look for restaurante vista mar to see the beach on the other side of the peninsula. Hope to hear from you guys, been following since your were in Alaska. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMFLEHJRbDQ

  • Tiffany Pierce

    September 13, 2017 Reply

    Hey Wynns, here's a silly question. I don't see you wearing your wedding rings anymore. Where'd they go? Do you ever consider getting the new silicone rings? Especially with being in the salty water so much?

    • Curious Minion

      September 13, 2017 Reply

      They are too dangerous to wear on a boat - you can rip your finger off! Silicone sounds fun though...

  • ramlan

    September 11, 2017 Reply

    I love your website and videos. what i appreciate most, is both of you normally dress up or present yourself in a very reasonable and respected manner in most of your videos suitable for family viewing.

  • Rob

    September 7, 2017 Reply

    Having spent a career in the Air Force, I have travelled a lot. I enjoy your videos and story. I have done some exciting and dangerous things, but dont think i would like being on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Do you have any fears about that? Now that I am older, I seem to want to stay at home. Also, I want to see my grandchildren more, which would be more difficult travelling. Do you think there will be a time in your life when you are ready to stay in one place? Do you see children in your future?

  • Dono van Heerden

    September 2, 2017 Reply

    Love what you are achieving as a couple, as a family we too are tired of the mundane life. Instead of investing into a permanent vacation destination we want to enjoy our young boys, exposing them to adventure. Your home is built in our country, I hope South Africa is a consideration or port of call for The Wynns one day, kinda full circle trip for your boat... :-)

    • Jason Wynn

      September 3, 2017 Reply

      South Africa is on our must visit list and we're excited to visit.

  • Michael J Murphy

    August 26, 2017 Reply

    Hi Nikki and Jason,
    I have an old RV 38ft and had been living fulltime for 2 years with one of my brothers. Right now it's in storage and I'm actually thinking of downsizing I don't need as much room but that old RV brought out a lot of things I felt I needed to do to get completely off grid especially when the generator died. So after watching a few of your videos i.e. the Solar Power and the toilet compost tips I'm looking to get a Dodge Ram Pro-master High Roof and building my own little tiny house on wheels for me and possibly
    a Tibetan Mastiff I been thinking about getting. you guys are so cool to share your experience and knowledge along the way. Hug's to you both.

  • Jeff Decker

    August 23, 2017 Reply

    See your in Bocas del Toro, how is it going?

  • Bill

    August 23, 2017 Reply

    Hi Nikki and Jason!
    Love, LOVE your videos, from RV'ing to sailing. My wife and I haven't missed any, and look forward each week to watching your latest.

    We are land lovers, but watch with awe as you go scouting about on the water. But we were wondering if it's too warm in your stateroom to sleep. Obviously, an A/C system would require running the generator, but I suspect that there is no A/C unit anyway. Is that correct?

    I see the seats are often used to catch a nap on, is that because there is a breeze there but not in the interior?

    Thanks, and best of luck on your voyage!

    Your friends,
    Bill and Vivian Piper
    Raleigh, NC

    • Curious Minion

      August 23, 2017 Reply

      There is AC for the cabins. When you see napping in the cockpit, that's so that there will always be at least 2 people on deck in case of emergency. As you could tell in the last video, Dale was below and slept through the storm and all the yelling!

  • Lori Hoskins

    August 20, 2017 Reply

    Love the videos of your life. Just wondering the last video showed you being out at sea alone until you saw a ship. Do you ever come across the "pirates" or are you concerned the further south you go? Anyway, love the videos and am a fan! Be safe.

    • Nikki Wynn

      August 20, 2017 Reply

      We are not concerned about pirates. If you read the piracy reports there are very few every year. We are much more likely to get mugged walking down your average city streets, have a car broken into or about a 100 other scenarios.

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