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The Long & Exhausting Journey of Buying A Cruising Sailboat (Insurance, Registration & More)

We’ve received a ton of questions and we’ve had a thousand of our own about the cruising and sailboat buying process.  In short, buying a boat is an exhausting mental roller-coaster that we weren’t fully prepared for.

The ups and downs started with finding the perfect boat and continued on through dealing with a shady broker, negotiating, documenting, getting insurance and finally closing the deal.

Now, in no way, shape or form are we experts in the boat buying process.  We’re coming at all of this as newbies and simply sharing our experience. We did however luck out with a solid team of experts that helped prepare us for the long, loopy ride. I am happy to report that at the end of the ride, no one threw up…not even Jason.



The bad news is, we’re officially broke.  The good news is we are the proud owners of not just any boat but our dream cruising catamaran!  She’s a sturdy ‘05 Leopard 43 owner’s version.  We’ll document our moving-in day, share a proper tour once she’s all tidy and we’ll for sure have a Neptune approved renaming ceremony…all coming soon.

In the meantime, we’ve gone into a lot more detail on the buying process, the hiccups and successes down below for anyone interested. It is a long and exhausting process but it all comes in phases, so don’t panic or let any of this scare you off.  Like any great adventure, if it was easy, everyone would do it.


Finding the Perfect Boat

I don’t know if there really is such a thing as The Perfect Boat but finding one that fits your needs and budget is pretty darn close.  We searched, scoured and inquired about boats worldwide.  Once we saw the Leopard 43 we knew it was the best candidate for us…even though they are out of our original budget. Everyone’s idea of the perfect boat is going to be different.  Variety is the spice of life after all and what works for us, may not be ideal for you.  See our boat shopping wants, needs and experiences here:


Finding An Honest Broker

We decided to go with a broker because we wanted someone with experience on our side. Plus as buyers, a broker doesn’t cost us a penny because it’s the seller that pays the broker fees.

Kent from Just Catamarans came highly recommended as a nice honest person, someone who has done a lot of blue water sailing, specializes in Cats and is also a service guy.  So, we felt like he was our man.  He was very patient and happy to educate us along the ways.  He taught us how to spot signs of trouble in hulls and rigging, pointed out how important access was for troubleshooting and maintenance, and most importantly helped us keep realistic expectations.  He wanted to see us in a good solid sailboat as much as we did.  When negotiations got sticky, he even threw in some of his commission dollars to help with service items…and according to our other sailing friends that’s pretty rare.


Dealing With a Shady, Shady Broker

We were not the only ones who put in an offer on our Leopard 43.  There were 2 other people who also submitted offers and that created a bidding war between the three parties.  It sucked for us, but was grand for the seller.  The hard part was, one of the interested buyers was also the selling brokers client.  That means the selling broker could be the selling and buying broker, making double the commission on the sale.  So he wasn’t exactly jumping to submit our offers to the boat owner.  That was bad for us and bad for the seller.

The selling brokers job is to get his client, the seller, the highest dollar for his boat. Not submitting offers in the order they are received and in a timely manner should have been his top priority, and not his personal pocket book.

After the survey and sea trial we almost lost the boat because the sellers broker was playing games again.  The deal only went through because the owner, John, reached out to us directly after not hearing back from his broker and hearing some chatter from friends at the docks.  The chatter was about a couple who was waiting on a deal to fall through on a Leopard Catamaran so they could buy a boat and a condo at the resort in Vero Beach, a coincidence…I think not!

John’s broker was not sending over our revised offer, silently hoping the deal would fall through when our offer wasn’t accepted by the 5-day deadline.  At that time he’d be able to sell the boat to the other couple and take the full 10% commission.  What a shady punk!  Needless to say the seller wasn’t happy and I wanted to bake cookies with x-lax and drop them off as a thanks for being shi**y gift.

I won’t mention the selling brokers name because I don’t believe in publicly shaming people plus, there is no hard proof other than hearsay from people who overheard discussions on the docks. But I will say watch out…there are some shady characters out there calling themselves Brokers.  Make sure you choose a broker with a good reputation and get a recommendation from other sailors who own similar boats if possible.

This experience really gave us an insight into the sleazy part of the brokerage world that we haven’t had to experience with Kent (our broker).



Because Catamarans seem to be selling like hotcakes these days we didn’t have a ton of bargaining power.  Seriously, by the time we were inquiring about a boat it was already sold, or sale pending.  Not to mention there were other buyers lined up waiting for deals to fall through on most every quality cat out there.  Sadly, John, the owner wouldn’t meet us in the middle like we hoped, but did meet us ¼ of the way.  Sometimes, you just can’t escape circumstance.

We could have walked away and lost the survey, sea trial and haul-out investment, gave back the RV, found a rental apartment, and kept looking for who knows how long…but we felt it was a fair price and this boat was in great shape for us to move into and begin living (and learning to sail) immediately and there is value in that alone.

The original list price was $359,000 and didn’t include the dinghy.  Our final paid price was $316,000 and included the dinghy which is worth somewhere shy of $10,000. 


Way Over Budget & Getting a Loan 

We initially saved up two separate accounts for our ocean adventures: The boat purchase fund and the cruising kitty (that’s what live aboard boaters call the travel fund).  Our boat purchase fund was $200,000 and our cruising kitty was $100,000. In the end we pulled the cruising funds to pay for the boat.  Probably not the smartest idea but we’ll attempt to live as cheaply as possible over the next year to get some cash back in our cruising kitty.   Plus, we need to stick around a comfortable cruising ground the first year to get to know our boat and learn the art of sailing.

To make up the remaining amount, we attempted to get a loan to help but owning our own business and not having a stable address/income doesn’t exactly look good to a typical bank.  We were able to pull a loan from our variable life insurance policy at a low rate of 2% while keeping our policy intact.  We didn’t pull from our IRA’s or other locked investments so we still have some padding should we end up in a worst case scenario situation.



Along with the purchase of a boat comes a giant heap of paperwork.  Paperwork that if done incorrectly could be very costly.  This is why we decided to hire a Documentation Agent.  We went with Kimberly Clark at ASAP Marine Documentation and Registration Inc. as we were told she was a paperwork stickler…just the kind of person you want for this job that’s all about the details!

She wouldn’t allow us to close until she had all necessary paperwork in her hands.  She and Just Catamarans warned us how many boat sales are held up because the seller doesn’t have the dinghy paperwork or the importation documentation.  If you close without this paperwork it can be an extremely costly mistake.  Kimberly confirmed there were no liens or withstanding unpaid bills on the vessel that might come back to bite us later on down the road.

Having a documentation specialist on our side made the paperwork process seem like a breeze, but I know we’d have been pulling our hair out, stressed to the max, had we attempted to do it all on our own.



Another reason we hired Kimberly was because we had a lot of questions about where to register and what type of taxes we’d have to pay.  We also wanted to put the vessel in our company name and not our personal names.  She asked us a series of questions and then advised that registering with the United States Coast Guard for our needs would be better than Delaware (where a lot of people register boats for tax shelter purposes). Since we are travelers and will not be in one state for an extended period of time we can register with the Coast Guard and avoid paying sales tax to any specific state. When all the paperwork comes back from the Coast Guard we’ll get a nice neat binder of everything so when it comes time to sell, it should be a breeze!

Should our travels change and we decide to stay in one state for an extended period of time we will have to look into registering with the state where the vessel will be used most often.


Naming the Vessel

Sadly, we were required to name our new boat almost immediately, which is something we didn’t expect.  We’d been tossing around names for months now but not very seriously.  I had read some blogs and talked with fellow cruisers about the unspoken rules of naming a boat and they did have some advice.  Keep it short, make it easy to spell, make it unique to your story and make sure its something you want to be called over and over.  In the boat world we will be known by our peers as the name of our boat more than our actual names.  So, we tried to think quickly and the one name we agreed suited us best is Curiosity.  S/V Curiosity, I think it has a nice ring to it.  Plus, the Wikipedia description pretty much nailed it for us.

Curiosity (from Latin curiosus “careful, diligent, curious,” akin to cura “care”) is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in human and animal species.  Curiosity is heavily associated with all aspects of human development, in which derives the process of learning and desire to acquire knowledge and skill.

The term “curiosity” can also be used to denote the behavior or emotion of being curious, in regards to the desire to gain knowledge or information. Curiosity as a behavior and emotion is attributed over millennium as the driving force behind not only human development, but developments in science, language, and industry.


We (and fellow boaters we talked with) felt including the word “cat” in our name might be a little cliché, so that was out. Our website name Gone With The Wynns didn’t seem like a boat name and its too long because we’ll be required to spell it out phonetically.  So, we went with what made the most sense to us.  I hope you like it as much as we do.  You guys gave some fantastic name suggestions in our last post and we loved the creativity and excitement of it all!  In our re-naming ceremony video/post I will list out some of our faves…many are just too good not to share.

Total Documentation Cost $895 including the dinghy paperwork, USCG registration and Canadian Registration check. 



We had really low expectations about getting insurance and had prepared ourselves for the worst.  There were many people commenting with how expensive it was or how we’d have to pay a captain to sail with us the first year, or how we couldn’t get hurricane insurance and if we did it wouldn’t be affordable.

So we did some research and asked around for recommendations on which company to go with and what to look out for.  We again chatted up fellow boaters around at the docks (boat people are extremely friendly, much like RV’ers), talked to the current owner and of course got Kent’s two cents on the whole thing.

In the end we contacted two different brokers and received over 8 quotes from different agencies.

Bill Hodgens WR Hodgens of Marine Insurance Inc. and Susan Everhard at Global Marine Insurance Agency. Both agents were very pleasant to deal with, helpful and quick to respond to all our questions.

One of the Lloyds of London policies from Bill came back at what looked like the best and most affordable policy.  We informed Susan and rather than quickly brushing us off, she offered to review the policy to see if she could beat it.  After reviewing the policy, the craziest thing happened…she advised us to go with Bill’s policy! She said it was a good policy at an affordable rate.  Thank you Susan for being an honest business person looking out for the interest of the customer, even when it doesn’t benefit you!  We’ll end up calling her again when the 1 year renewal comes up.

The Lloyds of London policy we ended up with has a 2% ($6320) deductible, $1,000 of personal effects and covers our Dinghy too (we already have personal articles policy that covers our camera gear and other important personal/business stuff).

It had the least amount of restrictions and the most freedom – While we have to have a captain or a qualified sailor on board at first, we can get that removed as soon as we have a captain sign off saying we are competent sailors.  We’ve signed up for a week long intensive A+ Cat course with Bluewater Sailing School.  Once we have that certification we will then get a captain to sign off and we will be free to roam as we please, sans captain.

Sailing Locations – This policy allows us to be in the Hurricane belt, but with a $16,000 deductible if we are hit.  We can travel anywhere along the east coast of the USA including FL and Bahamas as long as we don’t go more than 200 miles off shore.  As our experience grows over the next year, we will be able to go much much further.

Cost: $3860 per year but it’ll drop quite a bit when we renew (assuming we don’t have any claims)



It’s time to spend some cash!  There really were only a few things involved in the closing at this point, most everything had been taken care of.

It was as simple as signing a small stack of papers and transferring the money by wire to Just Catamarans.  Hitting that send button was hard.  

This is more money than we have ever spent on anything…ever…including when we bought a house.  It didn’t feel like a gamble but like the biggest investment we’ve ever made in ourselves and our future.  People said we were crazy when we did this the first time with the purchase of Windy the RV. There’s no question people will doubt our sense of adventure and sanity with this endeavor.  We are confident we’ll succeed in this next phase of our journey and that is all that really matters.  

The cash was confirmed in their account with 24hrs. They transfer it to the owner and we officially own the boat and our insurance went into immediate effect.  The only additional closing costs was a $25 wire fee from my bank.

We could stay in Florida without paying Florida sales tax on our boat for 60 days or apply for a 90 extension at no cost.  However, that still isn’t long enough for us to have the service done, take our sailing classes and sail out of the state.  So, we applied for a 180 day FL Extension. Cost $425

The end…we are now boat owners!


Whew!  I don’t know about you but I feel like I need a stiff drink after all of that.  Seriously, it feels like buying a cruising sailboat is even more paperwork and hassle than closing on a house (but then again it’s been well over 10 years since we purchased our house)!


What’s Next

Since the owner took the boat back to Vero Beach after the survey & sea trial, we’ve got a ton of logistics to sort through so we can move out of the RV and into the boat, then sail it back down to Ft. Lauderdale to get scheduled for service.  Then we’ll need to remove our technology upgrades from the RV, sell the ones we don’t need and install the rest onto the boat.  It’s been an exhausting roller-coaster to say the least. However, we’re hangin’ in there, taking a lot of aspirin and looking forward to eventually anchoring out and enjoying a sunset aboard our sweet, new-to-us cruising catamaran!

We’re gonna live on a boat!


P.S.  Just in case you are wondering about my cell phone/bag in the video…it’s called a Ugo.  It’s my nifty new waterproof, floating bag that is perfect for this new lifestyle. Check it out in our gear store here:


Disclaimer: None of this is a paid endorsement. There’s no affiliation, compensation, sponsorship or discounts with Kent our broker, Just Catamarans, or any other marine product, service or sailing brand.

Hello there! I honestly don’t know what to say, so I am going to tell you a bunch of random facts instead. I'm a fish eating vegetarian who hates spiders and loves snakes. I almost never took vacations growing up. I wanted to be Pippi Longstocking (still do). I misspell about every other word I write and still struggle with grammar. I love splurging on a good high tea (which is really hard to find these days). And whatever you do, don’t tell me I can’t do something, because then I'll HAVE to do it!

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  • Traci Prendergast

    Just wanted to hop on here and thank you for this post. I read it back when it was first published, but we are now (finally!) in the market for a catamaran and I’m finding your experience to be incredibly helpful.

      • Jim Hillman

        If I can ask, how did the price go from $359,000 to $316,000 with dinghy? From the YouTube, it looks like there were some sellers concessions, but not that magnitude.

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    Up up up, good

  • Casey Brown

    Congratulations on your boat/CAT purchase and the Sailing Adventures you’re now doing. Your boat name choice is nice however if you decide to change it in the future (or get a new boat) I thought “Fair Wynns” might be a good choice. Good Luck and Fair Winds to you!

    • Sandi Bowen

      Love the Fair Wynns. Casey you are quick and ingenious.
      Let’s all agree to save Fair Wynns for their next Cat.

  • Philippe Jamotte

    The documenting lady’s website is gone Chinese?

    • Curious Minion

      Looks like it’s been hacked. Hopefully they’ll get it back to normal quickly. Thanks for letting us know.
      Curious Minion

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  • Michel

    Two years ago I started planning my own trip (travel the Caribbean for 2 years up and down starting from and back to Florida) and found your blog which has been an extraordinary source of useful tips and advices:) Thank you
    I am now at the last step which is buying the boat (I made an offer) and finding an insurance which is not easy task like you said!
    So far I’ve got a quote but it seems to be very expensive (almost $7,000) if you want to be allowed to cruise within the Hurricane belt during the hurricane season.
    In your blog you said you were paying $3,860 for a policy allowing you to be in the Hurricane belt, but does this insurance allowed you to cruise it during the hurricane season?
    Thank you

  • William Wainwright

    Hi it is nice to see what you are doing, because I am thinking of buying a boat. I am sure that you have missed something but you have done a great job so far. the question that I have is you said that had to get an extention from 60 to 180day and could not go back to Fa. what was that for?

      • Brent

        Texas charges sales tax on Coast Guard Registered boats as well.

  • Eric

    Hi, upon getting insurance and getting signed off to sail, you mentioned the 200 mile from shore, sailing for 1/year within the eastern US and Bahamas, Would your policy have allowed you to leave this area sooner(say after 8 months) seeing that your live aboard and gaining experience quickly? Thanks

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    What are you doing for health insurance now?

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    We are also RV’ers …. but this was only just to get us to Florida. That goal has been achieved and now we want to move to a catamaran. We are having huge dockage issues… any suggestions or advice ? Parking issues for 2 vehicles also ?? We are in south Florida….
    Please email us any and all advice

    Love your videos very helpful and inspirational

  • DL

    Hey guys, how do you answer insurance’s questions about your address, where the boat is stored, etc.?

  • Harvey

    Hello Wynns,
    I have followed your RV adventures and equipment commentary with interest. Then I had a period of ill health which delayed life. When I revisited your website, I was delighted to discover that you had moved to the water!
    I am currently making a decision of whether to go by land or sea, so I have spent several hours reading and viewing your new life adventure.

    Somewhat like your Documentation Processor person, I am detail oriented and I think the following paragraph from your buying the boat process contains a negative which conveys the opposite of what you intend.
    “The selling brokers job is to get his client, the seller, the highest dollar for his boat. Not submitting offers in the order they are received and in a timely manner should have been his top priority, and not his personal pocket book.”
    The negative is the “Not” at the beginning of the second sentence.

    BTW, I think Curiosity is a wonderful name. If I ever need to name a boat I might choose Autodidact.

    Harvey in Toronto Canada

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    Wow you two are like a breath of fresh air, Love your very vocal moggy, enjoy Nikki being the boss although i let my wife think on those lines until I fire back sometimes. One important aspect for me it was not a female flesh show as some other vids instead you gave very detailed info to the point anybody who watch s all your 54 vids has lived with you every moment, You two have that rare gift of being both informative and fun at the same time, I have done the RV route in europe now you have given me the thirst to follow you on water. I am retired brit with a russian wife of many years . Watching you on vids and looking at the energy needed to sail im holding back a little because at 70 things happen slower for most things. Thats enough of my thoughts for now hope you make some more vids soon cant wait to watch them . Thank you very much for the knowledge imparted . regards Misha.

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    AWESOMELY helpful article. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

  • taya

    Hi Nikki,
    I am curious, what kind of insurance policy do you have? While term with what else so that you were able to borrow against it? I hope this isn’t too personal. Thank you

    • Jason E Koslow

      I’m not Nikki, but I’m a Financial Planner. It is a whole life insurance policy, either straight whole life, UL or VUL. You can borrow against all three.

  • Your helm on the Leopard 43 is interesting. Current Leopard models have the “pop-up” helm station, which provides no protection from the elements although it might have a slightly higher vantage point. Some reading I did implies that the pop-up station is popular in the Caribbean rental market.
    I know you probably don’t have a basis of comparison, but how are you finding the helm?

  • Kenny J

    I just started shopping for a catamaran. I am also looking for a owner’s version in the 44/45 ft range. I am finding the brokers seem to push they boats they (or their company) have listed and won’t really shop around for me. Did you have this experience?

  • Augusto Martins Ferreira

    What about commission? Was it included in the price, or did you have to pay 5% to your broker?

    • Curious Minion

      +Augusto Martins Ferreira – the seller pays the broker’s commission.

  • Nikki, Thank you for such a comprehensive summary of information. Wow. Very, very helpful–we are just starting this journey. Really appreciate not having to reinvent the wheel.

    All the best!

  • Vicky L

    Hi guys…I found your website while researching our next boat purchase. The L43 owners version was high on our list..but like you..its a real budget buster for us, but a sweet boat! Before we commit to that much money, I wonder if we could ask you questions about the boat and how you are experiencing life aboard? If you are willing, please email me. Thanks

  • Is the potential drop in your insurance cost for year two based on you having a year of experience under your belt with hopefully no claims? Please tell us how much the expected year two cost will be.

    Thank You

  • Brad

    Wow. I found you guys on YouTube this morning. Great stuff. I can’t stop reading and watching!!! My biggest questions are in the financial area (of course, right?) How do you do it? I guess the easiest way to ask is what is the ball park income needed to do what you’ve done and live as well as you seem to? I understand about the initial purchases of the huge class A RV out of the gate with the selling off of all your assets and your previous savings and whatnot, but what are the yearly costs of that and now a $300k+ boat? You clearly have your stuff together financially. Can you help shed some light (more)? Seems like you’d have to be working more now to afford such high end purchases than if you kept the business in Dallas (I could be very wrong there, as I don’t know what your lifestyle was like then). I honestly really would love to get some insight to this, as I would love to live life with my family instead of living it at my desk for 40 hrs+ a week away from them.

  • Ashten

    Been watching you’re videos. Very awesome and inspirational. Just wondering for myself. My retirement will pay me $4,200 a month. Would you say this is doable for a Catamaran like yours? I would have to put down the minimum and finance.

      • Kevin H

        Nikki, how do you pay for things, credit cards, local cash? I read somewhere on your site that you went to CC without fees from other countries. When you pull in port to another country, do you have to check in with a harbor master (customs) or someone like that. I am new here to your website, found you on Going RV show. Great website and information!!!

        • Curious Minion

          Hey Kevin. If you haven’t seen it, check out this post which is all about the money!

          Yes, you have to check in with customs every time you enter a new country. Normal procedure when you enter a new port is to raise a yellow “quarantine” flag right away. This is a signal that you haven’t checked in yet. Some countries just require you to bring your paperwork to shore – they check that everything’s in order, stamp your passports etc. Other countries will come to your boat for an inspection and will do all the paperwork onboard once the inspection is complete.

          Hope that helps!
          Curious Minion

  • Ed Gribben

    My wife Michelle and I love your programs. We are currently shopping have 2 boats we are looking to make offers on. Michelle “loves” your dingy. I was able to it’s an AB but could you give the model. They appear to have several.

  • Mike

    Hello I am wondering, how you choose a Cat? Did you ever look at a monohull or even a power boat?
    Thanks for all the effort we never see.

    Mike in KC

  • Ben Zolt

    Hi Jason & Nikki,

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed & appreciated seeing your full documentary on buying a boat. I went through nearly the exact same thing a year ago when I bought my first boat, which also was a sailing catamaran. I was watching your videos going “Yup…yup…that happened to me too”. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more videos about boat ownership from you guys. Cheers! Ben

  • I found your website & videos while researching full-time RV living with my wife. We aim to hopefully do so in the not-too-distant future. However, we’ve discussed the possibility of living on a boat, which is also appealing.

    A few days ago I did find a site of an RV full-timer who then moved onto a boat for a few years, but then moved back into an RV. It may interest you if you haven’t already read about them.

    On their site they, mentioned being inspired by the book “Maiden Voyage” written by Tania Aebi who at the age of 18 set out on a solo round-the-world sailing adventure. I bought a digital copy, which I have been reading on my tablet, and can hardly put it down!

    I have subscribed to your YouTube channel and look forward to following your ongoing adventures!

  • Scott Barretto

    If you had ask a writer… I would have named her Whimsical. Which would give a slight nod to both the sound of your last name and your playful nature.

    Miss you guys – but enjoy reading about all your travels.

    XO from Dallas

    • Hey Scott, you’re welcome aboard our new home anytime! Just bring the booze and we’ll supply the mixers!
      Miss hanging with you too, we spent too many a night bellied up to the bar.

      • scott st george

        you so need a Gilligan hat !

  • Dirk

    Wife and I stared looking into boats for our round the world trip in the next ten years. I read some great stuff about the Bavaria Open 40 (formerly Nautitech). On a whim I went to look up prices. I was shocked to find a base price of just $316k. Granted, that is not probably set up for cruising for that price, but add $100k for that and your still half the price of a FP or a Leopard of the same size new. Did you look at any of those? If so what were your impressions. Reviews were really positive I’ve seen so far. We’ve got some time before we start… long enough that we may be able to find one of these used. Just wanted to see what you thought

    • Dirk

      Some more searching… boat only weighs 17,000 lbs owing to using solid glass only below the waterline. Makes it an easy 10kt average speed boat. have to look into construction methods to ensure adequate strength. Weight is 1/3ish competitors weights. Might make the boat sensitive to cruising weights.

  • Joey & Sherry

    Congrats!!! We actually live just down the Dania Cutoff Canal in Ft. Lauderdale. We go right by Harbortown on our boat all the time. When you guys get back to Dania Beach let me know my wife and I would like to treat you guys to lunch or dinner. Feel free to email us.

  • Tarikians

    Just one word: Awesome! That’s what best describes your videos and blog!!!
    Liked a lot the vessel name… Curiosity is perfect!!!
    Have just few questions:
    1) Can you tell us what life insurance you guys have? And don’t you have any “issues” with it when moving from the RV to a boat (due to possible increase in risk)?
    2) How much a capitan will charge you? Is it monthly or per trip…. ???? And you will need a capitan on board no matter the length of trip? Short or long?
    3) About the capitan giving you a “affidavit letter” (or whatever it calls) does he charge you for that?

    We are waiting to hear more and know what you thoughts after some “ruff sea” if boat is better or worst than a RV….

    Keep going guys!!

  • Jeff Lucia

    Nikki & Jason,

    I just found your site a few days ago (composting toilet YouTube video) and am impressed with your travels.

    Congratulations on making the move to a Catamaran. I did this with my family (wife, three daughters, a beagle and two cats) in 2004 (for 3 years) and we had the best time cruising in the Caribbean. You are starting out right with Blue Water. I have nothing but good things to say about the week long classes that they had.

      • Jeff Lucia

        I would have to say it was the Beagle. He would always be at one of the bows during a sail and only fell in once. The cats were mixed. One hated it and threw up and pooed everywhere on the trip down from Ft. Pierce. He jumped ship in Pompano while we were doing the final outfitting and didn’t come back. The other cat was fine with it and loved the minnows that would jump up on the ‘sugar scoops’; Another kitten (a stray at a Venezuelan Marina) was also fine with the boat.

        BTW, I would recommend picking up a book by Captain Doctor Dave LaVigne. He wrote book on sailing with pets while we were in Luperon.

        The girls (7, 9 & 12 at the time) had a ball also and were a big help. The youngest never got over being seasick when ever we moved the boat. She ended up sleeping in the cockpit when we sailed.T The oldest would take a shift at the helm during long crossings.

        They all would do it again if they could.


        • Robert Hamblin

          The part about the cat jumping ship and never came back made me near piss myself. I can hardly type this. LMAO

  • It’s “catch up with the Wynns” this morning. What a fascinating read. We just bought a house and you’re right I think buying a boat is a much bigger headache! And you paid more for your boat that we did our 4000 square foot duplex property that we just bought. Amazing! I had no idea that boats were so expensive. Of course, you’re going to have much more fun in that than you would a house! Thanks for being so open. I’d love a post on tips to save bc that’s a large sum you saved. Super impressed!

  • Dale E. Baker

    The two best days in a boat owners life. The day they buy their new boat. And the day they sell their boat. You’ll hear that over and over. The selling part is usually because you got 3footitis and need a larger boat. I don’t see that happening with you.

    Good move to DOCUMENT the boat with the US Coast Guard (you don’t register it, you document it with the USCG) which is why you needed the name. The Coast Guard will assign you a documentation number, but your official identification is you boat name and hailing port. This will make it easier for you to cruise to the Bahamas also.

    Enjoyed following your RV escapades, looking forward to your sailing escapades.

    Capt Dale Baker & Cindy Baker
    S/V Weyrling
    Sailing the Sound from Groton, CT
    40′ Holiday Rambler (no name yet)

  • Kim Nowell

    We are so happy for you and wish you all the best on your new adventure. We definetly look forward to traveling along on this adventure. Wow, never knew so much went into buying a boat. Nice to learn all about this. Thanks for sharing. But when we hit the road, you will be out to sea and sadden that we may never get to physically meet you. We thank you for all the RV videos, have learned so much to prepare ourselves and have bookmarked so many places to see from your blog. Look forward to your first day of sailing alone.

  • Scott Hinckley

    H there,
    I’m so happy for the both of you!!! The community the two of you are joining has more love, friendship, and commrade than most any other community you may have ever known (pets are precious & most welcome too!). You both are joining a truly incredible extended family. Sharing & “talking story” is a huge part of this world, I truly look forward to hearing about your’s!!!…because you’re such good storytellers!!!. Keep ‘um coming!

  • Congratulations on the boat and welcome to the Leopard family. Don’t know if you are aware, but there is a reasonably active Leopard owners group on Yahoo. Look for “LeopardCat”. You might find it helpful…I know I do. Will be interesting to see your views on the above video after a year or so.

    Good luck with the classes and maybe we will cross wakes sometime in the future.

    ThisRatSailed (blog)

  • Tom B form Tampa

    Congrats. I will be watching you… in a good way. I have retired from the Navy Reserves after 42 years, and love the sea. I am sure you will love it also.
    When my step-daughter finishes college, I plan to travel around Europe for a year and then go full-time RVing. I had thought I would sail for a few years, but I thinks the years are starting to catch up with me and RVing we be my last traveling.
    Good Luck to you both. You are my role models. When I grow up I want to be you two. Oh Wait… If I could grow up again… I would want to be your two.
    The Best to You
    Tom B. from Tampa

  • congrats on your next new adventure.. I hope it is everything you hope for. Sailing is a great way to see stuff on the water like and RV on land but you are not limited to just one land mass.. 🙂

    I can tell you as a father of 4 kids, you two are gems and I am sure your parents are very proud of you both.

    On the insurance loan deal.. you might check into cashing in the policy, it sound like a whole life (which is not a good product) and just buy term life. At your age and you seem to be in good physical condition the cost is actually real low and you can get coverage for 30 yr at the same low monthly cost.

    Thanks again for all your info and sharing you do. I for one appreciate it very much.
    I am sad in one way that we may never cross paths on the road, but glad for your adventure to begin.

    Take care, smooth sailing and fair wynns,, (wink- wink)

  • John Brunson

    The sunglasses are awesome! Cindy & I will buy you a beer or two. Here’s a little link for your enjoyment!

    All the best

  • Congratulations! What a life you will have. We just sailed in the BVI’s aboard a 52′ catamaran with captain and crew and was it ever fun. I lived aboard in these waters for 3 years in the ’70’s so I know how fabulous this life can be.
    We just went independently to Cuba! I’d love it if you would take a look at my post at and tell me what you think. Pretty soon I bet you’ll be able to take your boat there. Wouldn’t that be a kick!

  • Marco van Maanen

    Hi guys! Been following you for the past 6 months or so. Pretty much living vicariously through you! Absolute love the freedom and (relatively) stress free lifestyle you have. Your videos are very clear and fun to watch! You usually appear to be having a good time. One need a drone to take vids from above when you are sailing or anchored in a beautiful bay. Check out “SV Delos Sailing” to see what I mean. I recommend DJI Phantom. Great toy for you Jason!

  • John S.

    I was saving this for later but since there were a few posts about cats on boats I thought I’d share it now.

    Please copy & Paste into a browser as I can’t link directly on this web forum:

    P.S. Nikki and Jason – this is for your cats to look at as well!

  • Gerri Lilly

    Congrats to you both. Do this kind of stuff while you are young because the older you get, the more daunting, challenges become. I am happy for you and look forward to reading about your adventures. Meanwhile we will continue to RV in our Newmar Bay Star. Maybe we’ll run into you in Maine or Florida.

  • mandy

    I can see the way you guys “change” I liked your videos about RV stuff way better than the Boat stuff you guys are doing. Did you ever think that there is WAYYYYY more RV folks than Boat people? You will spend $$$ on just maintaining the boat, is this really what you guys want? it would be so much easier to just rent a boat for the time you want to travel on the open ocean, without all the crazy cost you will have down the road. Was it really worth to tickle of your Life Insurance policies etc? Yes, you are young and love adventures, but this journey will cost you more money than you guys having fun. I feel you guys are leaving the RV scene too soon . Be prepared to say bye to your cats, as there is no way your cats will like to be on the boat surrounded by water only. I could point out so many negatives about your decision but I will leave it be and have you guys experience it ALL for yourself. Well, good luck to you both.

  • illya

    You guys are so open with your finances, I guess the only thing people don’t know is how you earn money. Probably a story that won’t make people as happy though lol. The second i heard the name i thought of the mars rover, so you couldn’t have chosen a better one really. I can’t wait to see how you do the modifications to Curiosity, mostly the solar and electrical stuff. In your video that lady walking by was going to come up to you but i think the person with her told her lets go lol. I am so excited for you guys! Such an awesome journey, all of it.

      • illya

        ya know, i did read that lol, bad memory, So true what you said about blogging, really applies to anything online or off, don’t do it for the money, do it because you love it. Having worked building websites, i do know that after some time 99% of them the owners lose interest unless they are an instant success. I don’t know how you guys find the time to respond so much and so frequently with everything else you have to do. You guys must never sleep lol

  • Devin Reed

    Absolutely love your channel and smile and laugh watching you guys . Have you watched any other sailing channels? there a plenty but i perticulurly really enjoy watching “SV Delos Sailing ” captain brian and his brother are really fun to watch , they have made some incredible adventures along the way . It will make you want to go to Australia and Indonesia ASAP! So beutiful!

    Anyways ive got the RV itis bug now owning our first Motor Home about to go on a few month circle around the US and have always dreamed of living aboard a sail boat . So stumbling upon your channel a few years ago is a sign ! Haha
    Happy Sails!
    Devin from Las vegas 🙂

  • Steven Saia

    Congratulations, Glad you both found what you are looking for. First time commenting but I have been following you two for several years. Best of luck. Please be safe look forward to The Rest Of The Story.

  • Bob Egert

    We’re concerned about your cat’s becoming sailors, are they strong swimmers ?

  • Congrats you guys! Wow, what a ride and you still have smiles on your faces. You rock. I love the name, think it fits you and your adventure perfectly! As Doug said, Fair winds and following seas and when you are headed to St Croix please email me and I’ll send you names, etc.

  • Doug Hewins

    Congrats on being boat owners! I really think you made the right choice in getting the boat you did — seaworthy, owner’s version and in great shape. I know you will have many good times, tempered by a few no-so-good, but you’re approaching your new lifestyle in exactly the right way. As a 21-year Navy veteran, I guess I can state the obvious: “Fair winds and following seas!” Thanks for sharing your wonderful adventures.

      • Doug Hewins

        I currently live in Sarasota, FL; definitely worth a visit, nice anchorage. Was stationed for three years in Newport, RI — great place, but pricey. Worked with the Royal Navy out of Plymouth, England — another great place, but lots of water between here and there! Did the Panama Canal about 10 times; that would be fun! Moorea in the S. Pacific, marvelous; Singapore, Cape Town, Puenta Arenas (near Straits of Magellan, Bermuda, south island of New Zealand, Norwegian coast/fjords, Shanghai, Hong Kong, St. Lawrence, Bar Harbor, Crete, Haifa, to name a few. The world is your oyster. Don’t worry about the naysayers (sp?), but do remember the “boat” does stand for “break out another thousand.” Learn lots at your school, and keep having fun.

  • John S.

    It is great when a personal dream comes true; and almost as wonderful when it happens to a family member.

    For many of us you are kinda like extended family and that is why so many of us are absolutely thrilled that your dream is coming true.

    Congratulations Admiral Nikki and Captain Jason.

  • George Procyshyn

    Just a thought about Hurricane season. Your choices pretty much are put the boat up on the hard or be somewhere outside of the Hurricane belt. If by then you’re exploring the virgins you might consider spending that season in the ABC islands. These 3 Caribbean wonders are Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao, they’re located East to West, just off the coast of Venezuela. Your in Hurricane safe territory, Of course you’ll need the ability to go more than 200 miles offshore to get there. Do it though and you won’t be sorry, Bonaire is world famous for it’s diving & snorkeling sites, while the beaches of Aruba are party central. Curacao is a lot more mellow with lots of Dutch influence especially in Willemstad. Curacao is a place you just might fall in love with. Plus you get to see South America easily. … jus’ sayn’

  • M.B. Lee

    Live most people here probably, I’ve been living vicariously through the both of you via YouTube for a while now! Looking forward to hearing about this new chapter in your lives. I especially admire your strength of spirit and courage in this new direction. Takes guts to give up something that has become “familiar” and move on to something that admittedly you don’t know too much about but have a strong interest in anyway. I hope it all work out for the best, I’m excited for you!

    I apologize if I missed it in a prior video but if I didn’t could you briefly touch on the reasons why you decided on the boat you did? Can you do a comparison of the CAT vs other types of boats and how this type of boat addresses your needs as others don’t? Also, although you did a lot of research prior, you’ve mentioned that there were issues that came up in the search/buy that you didn’t expect or see coming. Can you maybe do a video on what you would have done differently knowing what you know now. Maybe a change in the order that you went about accomplishing getting to this point, or maybe not? Anyway, thanks for allowing us to follow you guys on a fun and exciting life of travel! Even in my twenties I don’t remember being as adventurous as you guys are! Bon Voyage!

  • Andrea

    So excited for you both. Can’t wait to follow you two on your new adventures. Smooth sailing!!!

  • How EXCITING! I’m very much enjoying your process of becoming boat owners and can’t wait to see more of your beautiful boat. Years ago, we went on liveaboard diving trips to the Bahamas. It’s so nice over there and we absolutely loved living on a boat, even though there were 18 of us! I get a little (lot) concerned with bad weather, so I don’t think I could do what you’re doing, but I will sure be following your adventures. We have a Rv lot in the Keys and a “Keys boat” so at least we get out on the water. It’s too bad you can’t winter this year in the Keys though. Maybe the Bahamas? We normally winter in the Keys, so maybe we’ll see you offshore at Looe Key Reef one of these days!

  • Ian

    Good for you and the best of luck. I’m very envious.

  • Andy G

    Another awesome post and congratulations! Thank you for taking us through all of the facets of buying a large boat. I am looking forward to getting my truck camper out of storage in the next few weeks and hitting the road. I have been reading your posts for several years now and always look forward to your next post. Thanks again:)

  • David Smith

    Congratulations are in order. I hope this new adventure turns out to be as exciting as you believe it will be. So much more to learn and so little time. Best of luck to both of you. Waiting to see you two and CURIOSITY sailing off into the sunset, as long as you bring us along.

  • Mike

    Be sure to look up the de-naming ceremony for the boat, you can do this in private but letting Poseidon know you are renaming the boat will please him greatly. The guy I bought my boat from did not do this and broke his hip the next week causing the wife to require the removal of the boat from his ownership.

  • Doug VanderSys

    Good on both of you. Odds are you’ll be doing budget beer reviews soon! Excited for you – have fun.

  • Paul

    Enjoy your posts and know you both appreciate good food and drink. So promise your expense cutting does not mean you’ll be drinking Bud Light.

  • Tim Smith

    Congratulations and best of luck to you both. Your both braver than I. Not the boating thing but the financial commitment and the path to the adventure you will be taking. I think RVing will be the direction for us. You will love the islands (spent a few years living in the Bahamas and traveling around the islands in the military, drug patrols) Thank you for putting all the information out like you do. Learn all you can from the classes and practice what you learn often. Most of all be safe and smart in your travels. I’ll keep watching and living vicariously through you guys while I drive around the country.

  • Diane Silverstein

    Congratulations on your ownership of Curiosity! Wishing you safe and exciting adventures and I look forward to following your sailing experiences on your blog!

  • I say congratulations to you both! We will definitely miss your RVing blogs, but looking forward to your new “water” adventures. Go for it guys!!!

  • We are a couple years behind you, have 5 kids, who are college age or older, and are as determined as youbto make this happen. You inspire. You encourage. Your live life.

    We love you both although we have not met you. We WILL meet someday, somewhere.

  • Roger

    WOW! I’ll say it again. Lonely are the Brave, and you are the Brave. Can’t wait to see you on your sea legs.

  • Mary

    Have you organized someone to help you with the logistics? You know I would love to!!! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see it and your skills!

  • Juergen

    Hi, congratulation on “Curiosity” I admire your guts to go ahead with this big step. Wishing you the very best and save sailing.

  • Martine

    Perfect name for your new boat. You guys are going to have the time of your lives
    Can’t wait for the videos. :):):)

  • Jon

    Ok Guys CONGRATS !!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks For Sharing You Story !!! we are right behind You !!! We are Currently Looking for a LEOPARD ALSO !!

    Send us a email !! We are Located in Marathon Florida !!! We are so excited for you Guys !!!

  • Chris Lassaline

    Make sure you sail all the Great Lakes sometime! Love following your blog. I’d love to see a video on navigation and communications electronics.

  • Doug

    Congrats! What a beautiful boat. Can’t wait to see where you end up!

  • Katy

    Hi guys,

    I’m so excited for you both. Welcome to the water. I’m doing the opposite trip to you. I bought the boat first time I went mobile (S2 9.2) and now I’m looking to move into an RV full time. I hope you love your boat as much as I loved mine. There is nothing quite like sleeping on water and watching the stars on deck. My first day out I had a magical night where the ocean was totally calm and a pod of porpoises came to investigate my boat, I was under sail and the moon was full. Magical doesn’t begin to capture it. I hope you find joy in this next step. Somehow I find the RV process more intimidating than the boat process was. Ah well, adventures are fun.

  • You two are crazy. That is what makes this whole thing so appealing. The crazy ones seem to get and go where they want while the rest sit in armchairs and judge. Keep being you! I speak as someone who, on purpose, sold everything, moved myself, my wife (she was completely supportive) and our four kids into a fifth wheel to live on the road while I took travel assignments.

  • T C Spencer

    You should keep your legal documents
    in a waterproof safe or in a safe on land.

  • Tab

    Congrats guys! This is awesome and the excitement has to be outrageous and scary. Hopefully you will followup in the future with info about installing the solar and batteries in the boat if you are? If not are you selling that stuff separately? You have plenty of time and things should start slowing down along with your heart beat in the next few weeks. So glad to you you got exactly what you wanted. Naysayers don’t know anything about adventure, they just live mundane. Good luck and enjoy and anticipate all your videos. Sail on!!!

  • Camille

    Unbelievable story! You two are truly an inspiration. I don’t think you’re crazy. Instead you make what feels impossible to others seem within reach.

  • Connie

    Congratulations Nikki and Jason on your new home. I don’t think I read if you are selling the RV? My husband, Tom and I are doing the opposite. Have been sail boaters for 40 years and lived aboard in the Bahamas years ago. Now we are going to be “land boaters” in an 38 ft Class A full time starting in 3 weeks. Our experience finding, buying and outfitting the RV was as foreign to us as your recent one. Thank heavens for blogs especially yours. We wish you fair winds and clear skies. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Tom, Connie and Katie the wire haired dachshund (Sailboat- Hoku-lele- 42 ft Sabre ; RV -38 ft Fleetwood Expedition; Toad – Fiat 500 Pop.)

  • Teresa

    Congratulations! No wonder why they have that ceremony at the end of all that….ya’ll need alcohol. You’ve been an inspiration to many in the RV world, I’m sure you’ll inspire many more in reaching for their dreams in sailing as well. Thank you so much for your honesty, and transparency. I admire your courage and zest for life. I look forward to following along, though happily from the ground.

  • Ian Schneiderman

    For those of us who are staying on land, do you plan on doing any more content on your RV experiences and recommendations?


  • Sarah

    ??? So happy for you two! Thank you for being so transparent! We (our family of four) will be starting our Fulltime RV adventure this summer, and we have learned so much from your thorough and honest posts! Can’t wait to see where this new adventure takes you!

  • Georgia

    Congratulations, very happy for both of you and can’t wait to follow your adventures. Would have loved to have met up with you on the road somewhere. Enjoy your new home!!!!!

  • Denis S.

    Very happy for you and, well, very jealous. Oh how much I would love to follow in your tracks…It is sad to see an end to your RV adventures, but I am looking forward to your new posts from the sea. I am just worried that you will give us ideas….

    Looks like the former owner may have been a Canadian, from the “Toronto” in its birth name…

    Be safe, and may the wind be in your sails.

  • Veronique Harris

    How exciting!!! You’ve done it and are now well on your way to the next adventure. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. I for one am really looking forward to your new adventures and plan to be there toasting with you in spirit (and with spirit!) 🙂

  • How exciting! I can’t wait for the next videos. One question, why are you not allowed to come back for another six minutes months after your extension? I thought those things only applies to foreign nationals.

  • Bill

    Wishing you both fair winds and calm seas.
    Try to get to Bar Harbor in August some day.

  • Dave Mac

    Congratulations. I’ll continue to follow you and look forward to learning all about the “living aboard” lifestyle. We’ll all miss your RV’ing adventures of course. It’s a whole new and different world when seen and experienced from the water. You’ll have a great time. And since you guys are still young, I hope you switch back and forth a few more times!

  • Arnie

    Congratulations! What a process and good on you for your perseverance to see it through. What day did you actually sign the papers? Because that will be “Curiosity’s” birthday! (The neptune christening would be like a reception a few days after the wedding.)

    Again, congrats!

  • Jeff

    So excited for you guys. I have been camping, boondocking for 45 years and now work camp. Will miss your RV stories but look forward to your adventures at sea. At first I said why in the hell would anybody want to do that curiosity (no pun) got me I went to Google, you tube etc. and found out why. Feel in love with sv Delos sv lavagabon and others now I am addicted what a great way to live made me think and dream. Learned once again such a big world and such a short life soooo enjoy and I will be following.

  • In the future, with regard to negotiating, there is a way to split the difference twice. Generally whoever offers to split the difference first is at a major disadvantage because the other side only has to say: I can’t do that but I will split the difference with you — thus splitting it twice and only conceding 25% of hoped for reduction in price. It sounds like the boat owner is familiar with this concept and used it. In the future always endeavor to come to an impasse on the price and act clueless as to how to proceed from there. When the other party offers to split the difference, simply say you can’t do that but the you would be willing to split the difference between his new lower figure and where you all were in the offer. It works just about every time and allows you to split the difference twice (gaining a 75% advantage on the difference in the price reduction). It sounds confusing and it’s designed to be — so it’s not immediately obvious to the other person as to what just happened. No one enjoys negotiating but with a little practice you’ll garner the advantage. Sometimes it makes little to no difference and other times the savings can prove to be substantial.

    Regardless, I’m SO EXCITED for y’all! God be with you in all of your nautical journeys. Thank you for allowing us to tag along with you in spirit.

  • Mark Kincaid

    Congrats! Although I was one of the naysayers, you’ve both followed your dreams successfully for years so I have no doubt that you will excel at sailing — which is just the logical progression for those travelin’ Wynns.

  • Smokin Jim

    Hooray! You finally got there! I’m excited for you and can’t wait to see the first videos. I can only imagine the hassle of the paperwork you described. You’ll have to find a treasure chest to bury on some little island somewhere and use it as a time capsule. Maybe you could blog a map on how to find it!

    And for all those people who are calling you both crazy for trying this believe me, they are trying to pull you down to cover for their own fears and inadequacies. You should know they all WISH they were you.

    Looking forward to the beginning.

  • So happy for you both! I can’t wait to read about more of your adventures and watch you sail off into the sunset. Cheers!

  • I have no intention of purchasing a boat, but I have found your latest videos to be absolutely fascinating! Congrats and I look for ward to see your progress!

  • WOW i thought shopping for the perfect Kayak was tough, Congrats on your new adventure and safe travels. Love your videos I have learned so much ( new full time RVer).

  • Crystal

    Congratulations!! I bet John was rooting for you guys to be the buyers because now he’ll be able to watch his boat have tons of new adventures! Which I bet made him EXTRA unhappy with his broker’s antics.

    I’m super excited for both of you and can’t wait for more videos about the “learning to sail” part of this adventure. 🙂

  • Frans VanLeeuwen

    Congratulations! You guys are an inspiration. Thank you for your transparancy. All the best to you, safe travels!

  • William (Bill) Weaver

    Good for you. That boat is first class and fits you guys. Now that you are boat broke, you may get a dirty look from the cats when you start sharing their food. I looked at the sailing course that you will be taking. That will up your knowledge and confidence a lot. We all wish you well and await the next chapter.

  • Congrats guys. Very excited for you and looking forward to following along with your journey.

  • Brian

    Congratulations !!!! Love the videos.

  • Don

    Congratulations! And thank you for the incredibly detailed and forthright relating of the process and costs. Even though I don’t plan to ever buy a boat [I’m looking at RV’s], your experiences and how you handled them are excellent reminders and tips for anyone contemplating a large purchase to fulfill a dream. Acquiring the boat was so much more involved than I imagined it would be. To add in the work of documenting all the details and steps and to do it so well was just amazing. Thanks again, and happy sails to you!

  • Bob Young

    When you bought the RV, I remember saying to myself “Do they have any idea what they’re getting into? I didn’t go that far this time with the boat because I’ve learned the Wynns do their homework and then some. Best of luck with the new adventure! We’ll be keeping up with you.

  • Exciting times ahead. I cannot wait to see more adventures

  • Lori N

    I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead of you. Thrilled for you (and a tad bit envious!)

  • Katherine

    What about moorage? Will you be keeping the boat at a marina in Fort Lauderdale or anchoring out?

  • Randy

    It seems like this boat buying is a lot like real estate. And yeah, there are shady characters in all facets of selling. Can’t wait for more videos on your progress.

  • Wow! Congrats! I wish I had read this in the evening instead of in the morning so I could have had that glass of wine. What an experience. Love the name!

  • I hope your choice of boat name is not an omen for your fur babies.

  • Mike Laird

    Awesome! Congrats!!!
    I am Super Excited for you guys and your boat adventures!

  • Congrats guys!!! You are absolutely amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody with your amount of self-confidence. I’m sure you will have an amazing time ahead of you!

  • Vikki Rogers

    Excellent name for your boat! It seems to fit your lifestyle and your personalities. Good sailing–we’re going to miss your tips on the RV side.

  • Marcia Jones Goynes

    Such good news on your purchase!! Your new home is so “YOU”. Just perfect. I missed, while watching the video, on why you can’t be in Fl for 6 months? My husband and I live in Florida, up around Ocala. Mostly we are in our 42′ motorhome. Don’t worry about the hurricanes. They will be some where and you can be some where else. They usually show up in Sept, maybe August, and they might not show up at all.

    Good luck and God Bless, just love you two. Marcia

  • Kathy Davis

    Congrats, I get wait for the adventures to begin! Looking forward to every detail! Cheers…..

  • Ray

    Thank you for sharing your finances, that helped a lot in my own catamaran search! Glad to hear you didn’t succumb to the temptation to name it Wynndancer 🙂
    As for living frugally, don’t forget you can eat fish for free. And craft beer.. eh, you won’t be near any such establishments anyway – perhaps time to pick up home brewing!

  • I think you were lucky to buy from John despite his broker. I hope John did not pay the crook.

  • darlene sullivan

    I have followed you for a few years now I have always wanted to live like you. something always happens to stop it so I will live life though you. blessing on your continued travels. i’m very happy for you!!!

  • VinceInVA

    Curiosity is fantastict!!
    Take care of yourself, take care of each other, take care of this place.

  • Sally & Ben

    Very Happy for you both, whether you are RVing or sailing it’s all about adventures and I can’t wait to follow this new chapter in your life…Congratulations!

  • Brad Twiest

    Congrats on the new boat. i look forward to the adventures. Have fun and live the dream.

  • Congrats!!!! What a process, but it’s finally done! I’m soooo happy for you!


  • Congratulations! let the adventures begin. Looks like a great boat and I am sure you will enjoy it. It is a huge commitment, but everything will fall into place for you as you settle into your new life aboard. The cruising community will continue to provide support and help through the challenges. hope to catch up with you on the water soon.

  • Lauren Boxx

    So happy for you guys! I’ve been nervously crossing my fingers for y’all the whole way through. I cannot wait to read all about your new adventures. It’s gong to be a grand time!

  • Congratulations just doesn’t seem to sum up the experience for you! But I guess it will have to do. As a lot of other people have said thanks for sharing your journey and watch out for those rouge waves, pirates and use sunscreen! Not in that order!!!

  • Jerry

    I’m so happy for you both! I can’t wait to watch all of your future adventures!!! 😀

  • Congratulations once again. Don’t forget to make arrangements for the cats in case of an emergency. And on a serious note, if something ever happens and you have to be evacuated from the boat, tell the Coast Guard (or whoever) about the pets. They will do what they can.

  • Lisa

    You could call your Dingy Satisfaction because it brings you back

  • John McGilvary

    We were driving on the Harley, coming back from a Cops for Kids Charity run this past weekend.
    Passing over the bridge by the Islamorada CG station, I saw a 43 leopard in the anchorage.
    Knew nothing of the name before, but could have sworn it was you two!
    Regardless, wish you guys the best of luck!

  • Joe McEarchern

    I have been following y’all for a while now. Great adventure for you both and your fans; safe sailing and good times! I would like to send “tips” from time to time but I did not see PayPal listed. Did I miss that?
    Best regards. Jmc.

  • Ellen Karp-Bendana

    Hi…I have a good friend who lived aboard a boat for about five years…she is in FL and would be happy to give you her contact info…she is no longer living that lifestyke but may have a few tips to share…let me know how I can send info…

    thanks! BTW, we still love our air compressor we bought after watching one of your videos?

  • Joe the computer guy

    Wow. I never liked sales people and this story just puts an ! on it. You lucked out having a good person I your side and decent person selling.
    Congrats. I am sure I’ll be over Fort Lauderdale way in the next 6 months (that’s where I usually cruise from) so I’ll offer (again) to treat for a drink or 3 🙂 when I’m over that way. How’s it feel to be broke again?????
    I sure you guys are going to have a lot of fun.
    We enjoy every update you post. It is appreciated!!
    Be safe

  • Shad

    Are you crazy? You can’t do that, put all your money and resources into a boat? Go get a house and a mortgage a real job and live like the rest of the drones. Nothing against American drone lifestyle. I admire your adventurous life, most of all your great ideas. I look forward to your future posts. May you have fair winds and following seas. -s

  • Huge congratulations to you guys!! And thank you so much for sharing the process (and costs and hassles and joys) so transparently. Cheers to a grand new chapter in your lives, and many many amazing adventures for you, the cats and Curiosity! (love the name!!)

  • Sheila Hagadone

    Although I’m sad to see you go from RVing, I’m looking forward to seeing/reading all about your new adventure! Have fun Nikki & Jason! I’m SURE you will! CHEERS!

  • Good for you guys!! Costco and Trader Joes wine in the box for the next year!!
    Keep on Keepin’ on! and thank you for sharing all of this. Sailing is worth it.

  • John McConnell

    Congratz on the new boat. I hope for fair winds and sunny skies for all your adventures.

  • Patrice and Kirk Wilde

    Congratulations! Had my fingers crossed that you would end up with this boat. So enjoying watching and learning from your adventures.

  • Luke

    Congrats guys! It’s been really interesting to follow your journey – particularly since I’m looking at doing something similar in a few years. I am curious about one thing: Why do you have your ‘Never been in charter’ rule? I understand that sometimes chartered boats can be treated pretty badly. However surely, the survey, plus your own inspections would turn up any problems. If you can get a boat that matches the quality you are after, at the price you want, what does it matter if it’s been chartered at some point in its life?

  • Cheri

    Congrats y’all. You deserve to live your life any way you choose. Enjoy life! Be happy!

  • Patricia Pentz

    Congratulations! ! Very proud of you! As always…Thank you so much for taking us on your journey!! Love the name you chose. Hope all goes smoothly with your transition from land to sea!! Wishing you all the best!!

  • Jeff


    • Steve

      Can you tell me how much one could expect to pay annually for boat upkeep on a 43 Leopard?
      Thank you ~ Steve

      • Curious Minion

        Surprise – they’ve done a post for that! When they were researching life as boat owners they were told to expect to spend 10% of the value of the boat/year for maintenance. In reality, I think it’s more like “put aside 10% of the value of the boat every year” because some years you won’t spend nearly that much but some years you’ll spend way more. Read all about their extensive refit of Curiosity and their thoughts on actual costs here:
        Curious Minion

  • Congratulations on your new floating home!! We look forward to your new adventures!

  • Van

    Congratulations nikki and jason..been there before…you will not regret all the effort…in a few months you will look back and laugh…i’m in marco island and if i can help give a shout…van

  • Angela Gill

    Wow, I didn’t know it was going to take so much to purchase your new water home. But I am excited to learn all the ins and outs of what you will be doing/learning. Also, a big thank you for sharing your costs and expenses. It will help in the long run for anyone who follows in your foot steps of going from land to sea living. Plus all the needs and expectations. I look forward to your next posting and videos.

  • Cindie Brandt

    I’m sorry you had such a shady time with the negotiations….People in Indian River aren’t usually like that. How long will you be n Vero, I would love to meet you in person, and maybe buy you lunch!

  • Sue and Steve

    Congratulations! What an ordeal to go through but it will all be worth it when you get out on the open sea! We are so happy for you and excited to follow your new adventures.

  • Jeff

    Congratulations Jason & Nikki! So happy for you.

  • Congratulations! And I love the name — it’s terrific! Fitting and fun and original.

  • Congrats! Super exciting shift in direction. Cannot wait to see all the blog posts!

  • Congratulations on you knew adventure! Don’t listen to the naysayers. Follow your dreams. My favorite quote? Die with memories rather than regrets.

    Dh is taking early retirement this year. We’re in the process of selling our house and have already moved into our MH full-time. Six more months and we’ll hit the road!

  • Hey guys! Congrats on your new floating home! The Leopard catamaran is one of our dream boats as well. Thank you for being so transparent on your boat buying experience and putting up REAL numbers. Welcome to the world of cruising! You’re gonna love it. Hope to share an anchorage with you down the road.

  • Roger

    Congrats! Hard work (and a chunk of luck!) really paid off!


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