Reflections on our 2011 Adventures Across the USA

Reflections on our 2011 Adventures Across the USA

Traveling the Western half of the U.S.A we gained a newfound pride for our beautiful country and the people who live here.

We visited National Parks that left us speechless, attended eye opening festivals and found out we love small towns!   ‘This Land is Your Land, This Land is our Land’ a quote from Woody Guthrie that makes you proud to be an American.  Here is a short adventure reel of our amazing year traveling full time across the western part of our United States of America.

If you are joining us for the first time, or maybe you missed some of our 2011 adventures don’t worry, here are some of our favorites:

Best of the Road: – A not to be forgotten experience traveling to the 6 friendliest small towns in America.  We learned to never underestimate the power of a Visitors Center!  A contest that started at Liberty Park in Jersey City, NJ and ended in Los Angeles, CA.  We visited Mt. Airy, NC / Valdosta, GA / Nacogdoches, TX / Woodward, OK / Walla Walla, WA / Lake Havasu City, AZ.  Oh…and we won the contest!  Judging was based on the quality of videos, photography, blogging, and originality.  We were awarded a new SAAB and $10,000 which we happily accepted and put in the bank to pay for our travels!

Burning Man – A festival that everyone knows or thinks they know. This experience was one we’ll never forget. A group of campers and RV’ers coming together to celebrate art, community, and flame in the middle of the desert.

Sasquatch Music Festival – More than a festival with great musical talent, you’re rewarded with beautiful vistas, amazing weather, and a community of campers like no other.

Redwood National Forest – Visit in the spring and you’ll be rewarded with the lushest forests you can imagine. Hike through old-growth trees and you’ll get lost in a Tim Burton world of your very own. As a little bonus, the rocky beaches are second to none in beauty.

Yellowstone National Park – This park was designated the 1st National Park in the US (and the world) for a good reason. No other place on earth will enchant your senses like Yellowstone, and if you haven’t visited the park yet it needs to go on your top priority list for 2012.

Lake Havasu City – We visited several small towns across America and loved each one.  Lake Havasu City holds a special place in our hearts: what is it about a small town in the middle of the desert that brings together such creative and fun people?

As we reflect on 2011 we can only imagine what 2012 will bring. What an amazing opportunity for us to share these experiences with you, our viewers, our friends, our family. We honestly hope our travels have inspired you to open your front door, hop in a car (or an RV), and explore this beautiful country.  Safe Travels to all, and have an adventurous 2012!

The list goes on and on of the great places we’ve been, so if you’re just finding us have a look around our site, visit the older posts from 2011, use the search bar for a topic you’d like to know more about; any way you do it just make sure you’re having fun….and don’t forget to leave us a comment, we love to hear from you!